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Albus Potter and the Year of the Badger by Sly One


His fears? Flying...his own wand...fitting in...sticking out! His best friends? A passionate fire-breathing cousin, and a cool, aloof Death Eater's son. His destiny? Anything but ordinary!

Join Albus as he experiances his first year at Hogwarts and begins the journey out from under his father's collosal shadow, if he can survive it of course!

Meet the new Tenacious Trio, Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, and Rose Weasley

Ratings: 1st-2nd Years [ - ]
Category: Post-Hogwarts
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Chapters: 19 Completed?: No
Wordcount: 61027 Viewcount: 83614
Published on: 05/23/08 Updated On: 09/08/09

Story Notes: My take on the Post-Epilogue. I hope I do JK proud!

1. Chapter 1 Compartmentalized by Sly One [ - ] (2895 words)

Albus and Rose meet a friend from the wrong side of the tracks.

2. Chapter 2 Boats, Brothers and other Decisions by Sly One [ - ] (2027 words)
Can this budding friendship withstand the pressure of family?
3. Chapter 3 A Sorted Problems by Sly One [ - ] (4159 words)

Has the Sorting Hat gone daft?

4. Chapter 4 Of Badgers and Broomsticks by Sly One [ - ] (3263 words)
Getting squared away in the Cellar.
5. Chapter 5 Greater Expectations by Sly One [ - ] (4908 words)
First day blues.
6. Chapter 6 Something Happened on the Way to Normal by Sly One [ - ] (3010 words)

Ready or Not. Here Destiny Comes.

7. Chapter 7 Apologies and Mythologies by Sly One [ - ] (1632 words)

Albus has a chat with his dad.

8. Chapter 8 Mal-feasance by Sly One [ - ] (3614 words)

A situation arises. 

9. Chapter 9 The End of a Very Long Day! by Sly One [ - ] (3393 words)

Meeting with the Black Sisters, a Goblin, and a half-Leprechuan makes for a very stressful evening!

10. Chapter 10 Vampires, Roses, Wandwork...(Part One) by Sly One [ - ] (1482 words)

The rest of Albus' first week at Hogwarts. Normal...for Hogwarts!

This is the first part of Chapter Ten. I had to split it up because of the dreaded 501 message.

11. Chapter 10 Vampires, Roses, Wandwork...(Part Two) by Sly One [ - ] (2860 words)

The rest of Albus' first week at Hogwarts. Normal...for Hogwarts!

Due to that nasty 501 message I had to break this Chapter into two parts. This is the second.

12. Chapter 11 Flying Like A Dragon's After You by Sly One [ - ] (2415 words)

Flying Lessons with Uncle Charlie...will Albus Survive?

13. Chapter 12 The Choice by Sly One [ - ] (2136 words)

I know this chapter is a bit strange but it introduces an important change in Albus. So bear with me.

14. Chapter 13 Perspective Gained by Sly One [ - ] (4212 words)

Albus gets a wake up call!


15. Chapter 14 Quidditch Tryouts and Other Tragedies by Sly One [ - ] (2619 words)
Will Albus make the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team?

16. Chapter 15 Duelling Before You Know How by Sly One [ - ] (4072 words)

Albus' first taste of duelling, will he survive it?

17. Chapter 16 The Badger and the Snake by Sly One [ - ] (4639 words)

Sorry gone so long. I will attempt to be more prompt from now on so help me Mods.

18. Chapter 17 Simmering Rivalry by Sly One [ - ] (3302 words)
Understanding James Sirius Potter

19. Chapter 18 A Threefold Cord by Sly One [ - ] (4389 words)
Some believe this chapter is the heart of the book. It has become the name of the series on it's fandom wiki site. I never imagined it would have this impact but I have to say it is one of my favorites. ***lucilla_pauie to mod please***