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Harry Potter and the Hero's Lament by L A Moody

Summary: With McGonagall firmly entrenched as Hogwarts’ new headmistress, Harry is enticed to return for his seventh year under unique conditions. Aided by Ron and Hermione, he embarks upon a Horcrux search-and-destroy mission using the school as the base of operations. Recognizing that saving the wizarding world from the ultimate evil is a rather daunting task for a seventeen-year old wizard, the Order of the Phoenix steps in to assist Harry on his journey. It soon becomes clear, however, that not everyone has the same lesson plan in mind for our hero. As the headmistress attempts to lay a clever trap to reveal hidden agendas, Voldemort waits in ambush at the one site that Harry is sure to visit.

But before Harry can face his nemesis, he must face down the inner demons that plague his own life and truly grow into adulthood. His activities are punctuated with school pranks, Quidditch, parties, and the requisite amount of rule-breaking that readers have come to expect from the trio.
Ratings: 3rd-5th Years [ - ]
Category: General Fics
Characters: None
Canon Compliance: None
Warnings: Character Death, Substance Abuse, Violence
Serie: None
Chapters: 73 Completed?: Yes
Wordcount: 376268 Viewcount: 307686
Published on: 05/01/08 Updated On: 08/04/09

1. Chapter 1 The Secret Life of Hippogriffs by L A Moody [ - ] (5047 words)
The story begins during the height of the summer after Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts. The trio embarks on a daring reconnaissance mission with startling results.
2. Chapter 2 - Findings by L A Moody [ - ] (2966 words)
A hasty escape plan leads to unexpected discoveries for everyone involved.
3. Chapter 3 - The Endless Possibilities of Floo Powder by L A Moody [ - ] (2368 words)
While the Dursleys make plans for Dudley’s future, McGonagall presents Harry and company with a unique proposition that may allow them to enjoy the best of both worlds.
4. Chapter 4 - All Aboard, Again! by L A Moody [ - ] (2523 words)
The trio board the Hogwarts Express and discover old friends with new responsibilities; Hermione receives an offer she may have to refuse.
5. Chapter 5 Tonks Triumphant by L A Moody [ - ] (3227 words)
A few surprises as Tonks recounts her adventures over the summer.
6. Chapter 6 Lupin's Career Advice by L A Moody [ - ] (2208 words)
Lupin teaches Hermione the rudiments of compromise; Ron and Harry are recruited for an unexpected assignment.
7. Chapter 7 Privileges by L A Moody [ - ] (3071 words)
The trio plus Neville settle into their new digs in Gryffindor Tower and experience the first wave of changes that the new headmistress has implemented.
8. Chapter 8 The New General by L A Moody [ - ] (3486 words)
The trio plus Neville attend their first class as official seventh year Gryffindors; Ron discovers that learning can be fun.
9. Chapter 9 - An Issue of Privacy by L A Moody [ - ] (3456 words)
An unplanned first lesson; Harry learns that there is much to be accomplished by questioning authority – as long as the proper boundaries are maintained.
10. Chapter 10 - The Annex by L A Moody [ - ] (4532 words)
Harry gets a taste of Lupin’s rather unorthodox teaching style; roles are reversed when Hermione presents a lesson in Muggle slang.
11. Chapter 11 The Vanishing Cabinet by L A Moody [ - ] (3089 words)
Haunted by memories of Draco Malfoy’s perfidy, Harry presents a bold plan to the headmistress that will require Hagrid’s assistance; a simple action starts them on a path of suspicion.
12. Chapter 12 Mad About Muggles by L A Moody [ - ] (3154 words)
Great enthusiasm greets the headmistress’ announcement of a new school event; Harry voices his suspicions only to be echoed by Neville.
13. Chapter 13 The Doyennes of Disguise by L A Moody [ - ] (5407 words)
Harry finally gives in to the Halloween frenzy that had taken over the entire school, teachers included; Ginny agrees to help Harry train for Lupin’s class.
14. Chapter 14 A Last Minute Reprieve by L A Moody [ - ] (3224 words)
A last minute trip to Hogsmeade village in preparation for the Halloween Ball; Ginny identifies the shape of her Patronus.
15. Chapter 15 Transforming the Great Hall by L A Moody [ - ] (3001 words)
The Decorating Committee runs into some last minutes challenges; Ron volunteers for a practice duel in Gryffindor Tower.
16. Chapter 16 Costume Check by L A Moody [ - ] (2613 words)
The doors to the Great Hall finally open as students gather for the start of the costume contest; Harry notes that even the security guards are in costume.
17. Chapter 17 A Night at the Opera by L A Moody [ - ] (3477 words)
The presentation of costumes begins on the stage; Harry encounters Ginny at the refreshment table.
18. Chapter 18 The Bewitching Hour by L A Moody [ - ] (2183 words)
The last group of costumes is presented and the dance portion of the evening begins.
19. Chapter 19 Just Like Family by L A Moody [ - ] (2365 words)
The long awaited practice duel between Harry and Ginny leads to unexpected revelations.
20. Chapter 20 Souvenirs and Conspiracies by L A Moody [ - ] (2726 words)
The first batch of photos from the Ball are posted; Harry presents an innovative plan to Lupin.
21. Chapter 21 Dueling Partners by L A Moody [ - ] (4619 words)
The awards from the Ball are announced; Harry turns the tables on Lupin and issues the challenge to a wizard’s duel.
22. Chapter 22 Answers and Still More Questions by L A Moody [ - ] (4565 words)
Harry does a bit of reconnaissance with Ron; in the process, he overhears some pretty startling facts from the headmistress.
23. Chapter 23 Banishing Boggarts by L A Moody [ - ] (3534 words)
Harry and Lupin examine various possibilities as they search for the key to the enigma.
24. Chapter 24 Debriefing by L A Moody [ - ] (3284 words)
The headmistress initiates a subtle plan of action; the other seventh-year Gryffindors seek Harry’s assistance.
25. Chapter 25 The Victory Party by L A Moody [ - ] (4243 words)
The first Quidditch match of the season is followed by a party that is attended by most of the school.
26. Chapter 26 Locked Out by L A Moody [ - ] (6218 words)
Harry learns that the events surrounding his parents’ deaths were more complicated than he ever imagined; Harry and Ginny have their first dueling lesson with Lupin.
27. Chapter 27 Wolf Among the Flock by L A Moody [ - ] (3316 words)
The match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff draws uninvited spectators as Lupin and Tonks unabashedly support different teams.
28. Chapter 28 A Celebration of Sorts by L A Moody [ - ] (5440 words)
A post-game party gives rise to Harry’s inner phantoms; gifts from Lupin provide cheer and laughter.
29. Chapter 29 Tea with Hagrid by L A Moody [ - ] (3533 words)
Harry listens to Hagrid’s version of the events of that fateful night and receives insight into the Fidelius Charm from an unlikely source.
30. Chapter 30 Perceptions and Reality by L A Moody [ - ] (3459 words)
Ron has some unique ideas for decorating their common room for the holidays; Ginny takes similar initiative with the Room of Requirement; Harry’s objections to being left alone with Ginny perplex Lupin.
31. Chapter 31 A Different Perspective by L A Moody [ - ] (4116 words)
Harry and Lupin confide in one another over supper; Tonks retells a funny story from her youth; Lupin fears he may have grossly overstepped his boundaries.
32. Chapter 32 Through the Looking Glass by L A Moody [ - ] (3737 words)
Lupin makes his loyalties clear; Mr. Weasley and Bill provide Harry with additional insight about the Fidelius Charm as well as the night that James and Lily were killed.
33. Chapter 33 The Best Laid Plans.... by L A Moody [ - ] (5016 words)
Harry chafes at the Order’s safety restrictions; Lupin and Tonks arrive to take Hermione and Ginny Christmas shopping in London.
34. Chapter 34 Coming in from the Cold by L A Moody [ - ] (5756 words)
Hermione tells a harrowing tale; Harry is included in a unique planning session among the men.
35. Chapter 35 The Greenhouse by L A Moody [ - ] (4814 words)
Harry considers that he may not survive an encounter with Voldemort; pent up frustrations explode as Ginny steals a few moments alone with Harry.
36. Chapter 36 Neville's Nemesis by L A Moody [ - ] (7338 words)
Returning to school a day earlier than the others, Harry finds that things have become much more complicated in his absence.
37. Chapter 37 So Much Passion by L A Moody [ - ] (9336 words)
An impromptu joke on Ron and Hermione is turned on its head; Lupin lends Harry a sympathetic ear; Harry is cheered by Tonks’ and Lupin’s animated retelling of their recent exploits.
38. Chapter 38 The Golden Library by L A Moody [ - ] (6821 words)
Harry uncovers more about Horcruxes as Hermione’s preparations for her first session with the headmistress get a bit hectic; Harry is surprised at the wealth of information that he discovers in preparing for Lupin’s assignment.
39. Chapter 39 Surviving the Gauntlet by L A Moody [ - ] (6174 words)
Harry assists Tonks’ students with the Patronus Charm; Lupin invites him to take afternoon tea in Tonks’ rooms.
40. Chapter 40 Quicksilver by L A Moody [ - ] (7056 words)
Harry and Ginny cross more than wands at the next practice session; Lupin attempts to unravel the prophecies based on their wording.
41. Chapter 41 Searching for the Truth by L A Moody [ - ] (6195 words)
Luna’s addition to Harry’s dueling group proves invaluable; Tonks makes a surprisingly frank confession.
42. Chapter 42 The Prize or the Pawn? by L A Moody [ - ] (6948 words)
Lupin and Harry attempt to reconcile different conclusions about Voldemort; Harry feels that once again he came out the loser after a different battle of wits.
43. Chapter 43 Sunshine and Shadows by L A Moody [ - ] (4855 words)
A valuable clue about the Horcruxes; Harry is surprised that Lupin does not chew him out when he learns of the Sectumsempra incident with Malfoy; Tonks hosts a workshop on advanced Apparition techniques.
44. Chapter 44 The Treasure Room by L A Moody [ - ] (4909 words)
The trio mounts an expedition to the Room of Requirement to search among the discarded objects.
45. Chapter 45 Friends by L A Moody [ - ] (4426 words)
Harry and Luna plan to attend the upcoming Hufflepuff party as friends; the Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin match resembles a wind-surfing event.
46. Chapter 46 The Center of Attention by L A Moody [ - ] (8779 words)
Harry has a difficult time dealing with his jealousy; wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes.
47. Chapter 47 The Power of Silence by L A Moody [ - ] (7720 words)
Another foray into the Treasure Room; Harry’s chivalry gets Ginny into trouble with Lupin; Tonks is recruited to provide an extra dueling challenge.
48. Chapter 48 Moonlight's Spell by L A Moody [ - ] (7189 words)
Lupin changes training tactics; Harry convinces Ginny to take the scenic route home giving rise to complications and unexpected discoveries.
49. Chapter 49 A Bit of Rain by L A Moody [ - ] (6839 words)
Revealing conversations all around; a search for the perfect birthday gift results in more pieces of the puzzle falling into Harry’s lap.
50. Chapter 50 The Fires of Hades by L A Moody [ - ] (8720 words)
Harry researches the past in the headmistress’ library; for more current issues, he seeks out Lupin’s assistance.
51. Chapter 51 Pandora's Box by L A Moody [ - ] (8094 words)
Harry and Lupin laugh off their troubles while an avalanche lays in wait to engulf them all; Snape’s rare cooperative mood is unsettling.
52. Chapter 52 The Contingency Plan by L A Moody [ - ] (8201 words)
The deputy headmistress enlists help from Harry’s closest circle to create the illusion of normalcy; McGonagall fails to fully anticipate how popular some of the new lessons will turn out to be.
53. Chapter 53 Poisons by L A Moody [ - ] (7978 words)
A cursory review of the Prince’s book reveals disturbing implications; Harry races against time to find reliable answers about Lupin’s condition.
54. Chapter 54 The Circus Maximus by L A Moody [ - ] (9099 words)
The teachers get creative with the staging of the Grudge Match; a daring plan pits the trio against Snape.
55. Chapter 55 Tonks' Tea Party by L A Moody [ - ] (6653 words)
Harry concludes he’d rather have the Gringott’s goblins working for him and not the other way around; Harry helps Tonks through a stressful time; Tonks agrees to test the latest Weasley product.
56. Chapter 56 A Trail of Umbrage by L A Moody [ - ] (8621 words)
Two more Horcruxes give up their secrets; emboldened by Hermione, Harry presents the product of his late night musings to Lupin.
57. Chapter 57 Infiltration by L A Moody [ - ] (4789 words)
Determined to conquer the final Horcrux, the trio embark upon a daring mission that has them wandering the castle after curfew.
58. Chapter 58 Unlocking the Locket by L A Moody [ - ] (5630 words)
The destruction of the final Horcrux leads to a risky consultation with Snape.
59. Chapter 59 The Longest Night by L A Moody [ - ] (3666 words)
Despite the secrecy surrounding their activities, Hermione takes a decisive step by seeking out Lupin's assistance.
60. Chapter 60 Parlour Games by L A Moody [ - ] (5049 words)
The Headmistress weighs in; Lupin’s cover story convinces everyone except Ginny
61. Chapter 61 An Intimate Soirée by L A Moody [ - ] (7032 words)
Harry shatters a number of school rules to redeem himself with Ginny.
62. Chapter 62 A Tale of Two Sisters by L A Moody [ - ] (6097 words)
Harry's sentence is handed down; Lupin includes Harry and Neville in a novel experiment.
63. Chapter 63 Neville's Invaluable Testimony by L A Moody [ - ] (6579 words)
An unplanned domino effect leaves Neville as the only key.
64. Chapter 64 Facing the Music by L A Moody [ - ] (7856 words)
Both Lupin and Hermione are called upon to support their conclusions step by step.
65. Chapter 65 Field Trips by L A Moody [ - ] (5693 words)
The Headmistress solicits Harry’s honest opinion; everyone jumps at the opportunity to be treated like an adult; Lupin demonstrates a new technique with the Pensieve in preparation for their field trip.
66. Chapter 66 Sortie by L A Moody [ - ] (5932 words)
Neville’s unique skills facilitate their clandestine approach.
67. Chapter 67 Engagement by L A Moody [ - ] (6624 words)
An encounter with the welcoming committee; the group splits up with Ron and Hermione being sent on an auxiliary mission.
68. Chapter 68 Search by L A Moody [ - ] (6686 words)
Ron comforts Hermione as miles away Tonks gives Harry a reason to not despair.
69. Chapter 69 Reinforcements by L A Moody [ - ] (6113 words)
With help from Mad-Eye Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt, Harry devises a desperate plan to spring the trap; Ron returns from Hogwarts with Poppy Pomfrey in tow.
70. Chapter 70 Retribution by L A Moody [ - ] (5427 words)
Harry welcomes assistance from all sources; Ron and Hermione are barred from joining the main battle.
71. Chapter 71 The Bureaucratic Response by L A Moody [ - ] (6111 words)
The survivors of the day’s skirmish are brought before the Minister for Magic; Hermione is in top form.
72. Chapter 72 Wheels within Wheels by L A Moody [ - ] (4493 words)
A few surprises as plans are made for the last remaining weeks of the school term.
73. Epilogue: The Hero's Lament by L A Moody [ - ] (767 words)
When I originally outlined this story, it was my intention to end it on a happy, playful note like the previous chapter. But then the publication of Deathly Hallows gave me a poignant way to integrate my tale into the canon universe.

And so, at last, the meaning of the title becomes clear.