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Seasonal Suffering by DoraeAzure

Summary: When Hermione falls in love with her red-haired best friend, she comes to realize that holidays are no help at all. Features secret agent Hermione (theme song included!), semi-psychotic Ginny, smugly smirking Harry, Quidditch kit Ron, snowball fights, breaking and entering, presents, stolen clothes, owl poop, broken platters and a truly spectacular hexing of Malfoy.
Ratings: 1st-2nd Years [ - ]
Category: Ron/Hermione AND Harry/Ginny
Characters: None
Canon Compliance: None
Warnings: None
Serie: None
Chapters: 6 Completed?: No
Wordcount: 26228 Viewcount: 18950
Published on: 05/16/07 Updated On: 04/24/12

1. Decorating Dilemma by DoraeAzure [ - ] (3096 words)
Much thanks to my wonderful beta: loonyloopylupin
2. Girls' Day Gainsay by DoraeAzure [ - ] (5296 words)
Thanks to my beta, loonyloopylupin. Also, sorry to those of you who were wondering about the trailing sentence earlier. I didn't realize there was a length issue. But I fixed it!
3. Present Prank (Part 1) by DoraeAzure [ - ] (3935 words)
Much thanks (as always) to my wonderful beta: loonyloopylupin
4. Present Prank (Part 2) by DoraeAzure [ - ] (3295 words)

5. Quidditch Quest by DoraeAzure [ - ] (6139 words)
Super Important Note!!!: The theme song in this fic is vaguely related to (meaning entirely based upon) the tune of that age-old classic, the Darkwing Duck theme song (which I also do not own), so yeah. You’ll want to know that later.
6. Nap Necessity by DoraeAzure [ - ] (4467 words)
Disclaimer: once again, I don’t own Harry Potter, or anything that involves Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling, and the fun movie-maker people at WB do). I’m not making any money from writing about Harry Potter, nor am I getting any other reward of material value from the creation of this fic containing Harry Potter. I am, as always, entirely broke due to paying for school; my only reward is the joy of my reviewers.

NOTES: Hello dearest ones! Here’s the next, long-awaited chapter. Wow, it’s been a long time, no? I felt so bad, because you all kept giving me these amazing reviews, and then I didn’t have time to write anything. But you all have been wonderful! I am so lucky to have such great readers! Now, I know several of you had concerns that maybe I’d given up on this fic and wasn’t going to write anymore. Let me assure you that I will not stop writing until it’s finished. This thing is my baby. I will not give up on it! (He he. So dramatic!) Anyway, I just wanted to address that issue real quick, so that all of you are aware that, even if takes me awhile to update, an update will come. Speaking of updates! Check my bio page for updates on updates! That’s right, if you want to know how a chapter’s coming along before I upload it, check my bio page, I’ll let you know what’s going on there. Also, my best friend has just started writing for Fanfiction.net (what? Me get her hooked into it? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I would never do such a thing), and you should check her stuff out. Her pen name is Gratia. She hasn’t written much yet, but she will, so keep an eye out for it. Sirius is her specialty. Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now, so read away and enjoy!