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Not Harry by Hanabi

Summary: Ginny has just recieved the shock of her life. Harry and Cho? It shouldn't have been a shock, but it was. Do old flames really ever die? One-shot from Ginny's POV after that fateful night in the Room of Requirement during Order of the Pheonix.
Ratings: 1st-2nd Years [ - ]
Category: Harry/Ginny
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Published on: 04/21/07 Updated On: 05/01/07

1. Not Harry by Hanabi [ - ] (1411 words)
A/N: I wrote this about a year ago and went back to look it over. I thought it’s just kind of fun. I was about to leave for school when I came up with this idea for Ginny to see what went on in the Room of Requirement on that fateful night. Will Ginny discover that some flames just never really die?
The wonderful and all-powerful J.K. Rowling came up with the world and the characters. I promise that if I kill anyone, I will resurrect him (or her) before I return him (or her). All of the dialogue coming from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter 22, "The Eye of the Snake" is in bold.