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Parley a Future by greengecko

Summary: Post Deathly Hallows speculative one shot. The final battle is over and Harry has abandoned his friends to think things over. Only his worst enemy knows where and how to seek him out.
Ratings: 3rd-5th Years [ - ]
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Published on: 04/09/07 Updated On: 04/14/07

1. Metamorphosis by greengecko [ - ] (13702 words)
This bears only a tiny resemblance to what I had initially set out to write. I had a metaphor attack and this story came out instead. The canonical end to such an era certainly deserves more than 17 pages (even as sweated over as these have been) but real life made that impossible. It's been quite a ride and a joy to share it with you all. These have been some awfully long coattails we've been riding, haven't they? It's going to be odd to have canon firmly defined; anticipation and speculation have been such a part of the magic.

And a call out to my intrepid betas: Ally, Amy, Bettina, and Nana.