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Without you, I'm nothing by Clare Mansfield

Summary: "It didn't mean anything...how could it mean anything to me..." Remus returns from his trip to Hogwarts feeling desolate and confused. In his grief are all the things he is remembering about his sixth year at Hogwarts help him to understand? Has he realised too late the true nature of his friendship with the one he has lost? RL/SB slashy undertones. Post OotP. MWPP 6th Year. No HBP Spoilers.
Ratings: 3rd-5th Years [ - ]
Category: Remus/Sirius
Characters: None
Canon Compliance: None
Warnings: Slash, Violence
Serie: None
Chapters: 31 Completed?: No
Wordcount: 56687 Viewcount: 73614
Published on: 01/26/07 Updated On: 03/05/09

1. Prologue by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (882 words)
Although this story is set post OotP, it does not interrupt, or contain any spoilers to HBP. Through Remus' memories we are also taken back to the past and the Marauders 6th year at Hogwarts. This story not only is an attempt to explore Remus' feelings for Sirius, when he was alive and now he is gone, but also will shed some light on alot of other things along the way.

This does contain definate exploration of slash, but it is not your typical fluffy/graphic story. I have attempted to remain true to the characters created by Rowling as much as is possible.

So, all that remains to be said is I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.

2. Chapter 2 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1521 words)
Hopefully this story will be recieved here how it has been elsewhere. I hope so anyway. Let me know what you think xxx
3. Chapter 3 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (2015 words)
Remus waits up in the common room for his friends to return from their night's escapades


4. Chapter 4 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1787 words)
Tension as Remus and Sirius attempt to do their Transfiguration essays.

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5. Chapter 5 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1888 words)
Thank you for reading and for your encouraging reviews.

James and Sirius are up to something and Remus can no longer hold his tongue about their treatment of Peter.

6. Chapter 6 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (2100 words)
Change is in the air as Remus talks to Peter about being afraid.

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7. Chapter 7 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1743 words)
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As it begins to rain James and Sirius go in search of their favourite victim in the form of Severus Snape


8. Chapter 8 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1689 words)
After the altercation with Snape James is un-nerved and Sirius snaps


9. Chapter 9 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (849 words)
Thank you to those who are reading this and enjoying. Remember to review and let me know what you think!

We return to the present now as Remus tries to make sense of the things he is remembering.

10. Chapter 10 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1491 words)
Back into the past now and Sirius receives an unexpected letter...

11. Chapter 11 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1862 words)
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Gryffindor's first Quidditch match of the season. Will the mysterious letter affect Sirius' playing?

12. Chapter 12 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1861 words)
Remus goes to the Astronomy tower to escape but there is no running away from Sirius this time. Will Sirius admit that what he has done is wrong?
13. Chapter 13 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (2081 words)
In Sirius' absence James gets into a spot of bother, resulting in a trip to the Hospital Wing, Meanwhile, Remus speaks to Eleanor again for the first time since the accident.
14. Chapter 14 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1945 words)
As the full moon approaches, along with the Halloween Feast, can Remus continue to ignore his attraction to Eleanor? And in Sirius' absence how will Remus cope with his impending transformation?
15. Chapter 15 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (2410 words)
Remus awakes and Sirius explains what happened at Grimmauld Place.
16. Chapter 16 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1792 words)
At the Halloween Feast and as Remus' transformation approaches he struggles to understand the significance of this wizard, Voldemort, and what happened at Grimmauld Place. James flirts with Lily as she asks Remus about Eleanor and Sirius' moods causes James to loose his temper.
17. Chapter 17 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1967 words)
The night of Remus' transformation is upon them.
18. Chapter 18 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1791 words)
In the hospital wing James questions Remus about Eleanor. Sirius looses Snape on the Marauder's Map.
19. Chapter 19 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (892 words)
Back in the present and Remus' grief causes him to think of the past but never the future.
20. Chapter 20 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1723 words)
Back to the past now and the Marauders discuss Christmas and their love lives rather than concentrate in Potions.
21. Chapter 21 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (2217 words)
As the Marauder's depart on the Hogwarts Express for their Christmas holidays Remus suddenly finds himself very alone with a certain Ravenclaw Chaser...
22. Chapter 22 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (2761 words)
New Year's Eve at the Potters. Peter's swiped some Firewhiskey, Sirius is determined to have a good night but James is more keen to get Remus' help with Potions...
23. Chapter 23 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1736 words)
It's New Year's Eve and a lot of Firewhiskey has been consumed. As the Marauders start to quiz each other will James be able to make his friends understand the strength of his feelings for Lily?
24. Chapter 24 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1840 words)
Moony and Padfoot see in a new year
25. Chapter 25 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1655 words)
It is New Year's Day. What better way to celebrate than with a friendly game of Quidditch?
26. Chapter 26 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1596 words)

27. Chapter 27 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (773 words)
We return to the pesent and to Remus' attempts to control his grief.
28. Chapter 28 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1791 words)
It is the first day back after the Christmas Holidays and Sirius decides it's time to make every day count.
29. Chapter 29 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (1873 words)
Sirius' flirtations with The Fat Lady come back to haunt him before the Marauders are interrupted and things take an ominous turn...
30. Chapter 30 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (2921 words)
The Marauder's and Lily confide in one another about their fears, the growing influence of a wizard called Voldemort, the part the can play in the future - and, in the process, the Marauder's begin to discover Snape's secret.
31. Chapter 31 by Clare Mansfield [ - ] (3235 words)
Remus' nightmare returns but when he awakes he finds he isn't alone...and neither is James.