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Harry Potter and The Process of writing Fan Fiction by Purplemage

Summary: A hilarious ride inside an author's head as he tries to write the best fic ever written by a fan. Unfortunatley, things don't go as planned and the author must get himself out of a sticky situation before he ruins the joy of writing Fan Fiction forever.

WARNING: Random and Bizarre humor ahead.
Ratings: 3rd-5th Years [ - ]
Category: Humor Fics
Characters: None
Canon Compliance: None
Warnings: None
Serie: None
Chapters: 1 Completed?: Yes
Wordcount: 2243 Viewcount: 1348
Published on: 07/19/06 Updated On: 07/22/06

1. Harry Potter and The Process of Writing Fan Fiction by Purplemage [ - ] (2243 words)
Thank you so much to Maia and Kasey who were beta readers of this crazy fic.