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Seeking Glory by megan_lupin

Summary: “Outside the doors, at ten tonight, with skills yours, your glory will shine bright.”

Upon receiving a strange invitation, Lucius Malfoy experiences one of the weirdest nights he’s ever had. He strives to reach glory in the end, but on the way he must deal with plants, teachers, riddles, and other obstacles that might not be so pleasant.

Written for the "Gauntlet Challenge I" by megan_lupin of Gryffindor.
Ratings: 1st-2nd Years [ - ]
Category: General Fics
Characters: None
Canon Compliance: None
Warnings: None
Serie: None
Chapters: 1 Completed?: Yes
Wordcount: 7968 Viewcount: 899
Published on: 06/12/06 Updated On: 06/17/06

1. Seeking Glory by megan_lupin [ - ] (7968 words)