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My Name is Draco Malfoy... I Think by mooncalf

Summary: The whole wizarding world is in uproar after the death of Dumbledore. All Death Eaters have a price on their heads. During these troubled times Hermione finds Draco Malfoy practically on her doorstep- with no memory of who he is or what he's done. Why is he there? Why does he wake screaming every night? And how can she deal with a Malfoy who regards her as his best friend... or maybe more?

Ratings: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 305]
Category: Hermione/Draco
Characters: None
Canon Compliance: None
Warnings: Character Death, Violence
Serie: None
Chapters: 13 Completed?: No
Wordcount: 35394 Viewcount: 39447
Published on: 11/18/05 Updated On: 11/28/07

1. Memories by mooncalf [Reviews - 1] (3078 words)
This chapter has been edited to include new plot information. You have been warned.
2. The Dark Mark by mooncalf [Reviews - 0] (1866 words)

3. A Warm Welcome by mooncalf [Reviews - 0] (2683 words)

4. Dreams by mooncalf [Reviews - 0] (2079 words)

5. Monkey Mayhem by mooncalf [Reviews - 0] (2598 words)

6. Decisions, Decisions by mooncalf [Reviews - 0] (3333 words)

7. Revelations by mooncalf [Reviews - 0] (2293 words)
Sorry everyone for yet another long wait.This is going to be the last chapter until at least June. I have exams coming up and also this story is driving me mad at the moment, so I'm going to give it a rest for now. I will continue it eventually.

8. Flying, Falling by mooncalf [Reviews - 0] (2708 words)
Sincere apologies for the long wait; it was caused by a combination of post-exams exhaustion, writer's block and laziness. Unfortunately, updating will now be even slower (yes, that is just about possible), because I have started another fic, Let A Serpent Sting Thee Twice. I will also be away for the next few weeks, and won't be able to reply to reviews or update.

As some of you may know already, this story was plagiarised by someone on HarryPotterFanfiction. Do not plagiarise my fics. I work very hard to write these, and I don't appreciate other staking the credit for it. If anyone sees another version of this elsewhere, please tell me. Mugglenet is the only place I post this.

9. Vile Visit by mooncalf [Reviews - 0] (3249 words)
Six months. I can't believe it's been so long. I wholeheartedly aplogise to the few readers I might have left. I plead only long computer-less holidays, crippling writer's block and (I must admit) a certain amount of laziness. However, I'm now back on track, and I've developed a clear idea of where the story is going.

Oh, and thanks a million to my amazing beta, Hatusu.

10. For Whom The Bell Tolls by mooncalf [Reviews - 0] (1745 words)
Apologies (yet again) for the long delay. I have done some reconfiguring of the plot, and there is something in the first chapter you must read if this one is going to make sense. Thanks a million to Hatusu, my wonderful beta. If you want to keep an eye on future updates, see where I'm at with all my fics, or just confirm I haven't abandoned anything, you can have a look at my LJ. The link is on my author's page.
11. It Tolls For Thee by mooncalf [Reviews - 0] (2831 words)
Apologies for the umpteenth time for the long wait. It's been written forever, but after DH I had to change some things. I'll try to be more punctual, I promise!

12. Spiderweb by mooncalf [Reviews - 0] (3025 words)
This chapter is dedicated to Jairah, who managed to predict the story to this point way back at around chapter four.
13. Nightmare by mooncalf [Reviews - 0] (3906 words)
Apologies yet again for the long delay, I was struck down by a most dreadful bout of writer’s block, something I’m very prone to. Thanks as usual to my wonderful beta, Hatusu.