Dictionary of Fan Fiction Terms

A/A (Action/Adventure) : Simply denotes a story with a lot of action.

A/N : Authors Note, generally occurring before or after a story, but occasionally interjected into the actual story.

Adjective!Character : I'm not sure where it comes from, but it's basically used like this: Confused!Ron, Angry!Harry, Dooting!Luna, Sleepy!Snape. It's used to denote the basic characteristic of a player in your story.

AR/AU : Alternate Reality/Alternate Universe, Essentially, the author is warning you that there are major changes to the story line. One of the most popular ones is the plot where Lily is not killed, but manages to take off with Harry to safety. Another one is where Sirius is found innocent, and Harry is taken to live with him at some point. It's a drastic change to canon.

Americanisms : Terms and slang used only by Americans that pop up in the Potterverse. They don't belong there, folks, so try to avoid them.

Angst : A story with a lot of melodrama.

AD : Animal Death. The fiction contains themes or a plotline including the death of an animal. A trigger warning will be applied.

Beta : Someone who reads your story after it's first written, to double check for unintentional errors. Also called an editor.

Beta Version : A rough draft.

Blackcest : Occurs in stories that have members of the Black Family (Sirius, Regulus, Andromeda, Nymphadora, Bella, or Cissa) in a romantic relationship with one another. Some earlier fics contained Blackcest unknowingly, because they were written before OOTP, or by people who don't know the meaning of the term "family tree."

Britpicking : Betaing a fic so that Americanisms are removed and the story kept in accordance with British stylistics.

Canon : Canon is factual events and, well, facts, from the HP series. Examples would be: Harry has green eyes, Ron is gangly, Fleur comes from France, and so on - canon can be verified from the books. Movies are not considered canon - only the books.

Challenge : Challenges can be issued by individuals or groups; they're essentially basic plotlines given to writers online, with the challenge to write a story. Occasionally, a song or a picture is used as the challenge.

Example: I challenge anyone to write a story, HP/SB, based after Hogwarts but Pre Last Battle, where Harry has insomnia and Susan is the person who nurses him back to health.

Character Study/Character Exposition : A story, generally a one-shot dedicated to exploring elements of a particular character's personality.

Character Death : A story where a character (blinding flash of the obvious, folks) dies. Major character death features the death of a main character, minor character death has the death of more minor characters.

CH : Chapter.

Cliche : An overused plot or character description.

Cookie : A short story or prelude to a longer story. Often used to entice other readers.

CoS : Chamber of Secrets.

Crossovers : A fiction where one universe crosses into the Potterverse. The most popular is probably Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but we've also seen Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars, and X-Men.

Darkfic (Character Torture) : Dark fics explore the darker elements of the story. Often times, the main character is insane, or has gone totally evil. An example would be if Harry overthrew Voldemort, only to take his place as a Dark Lord. Other times, dark fics highlight a depressing moment in time for the characters, when all is lost. They're depressing and tend to have a lot of death in them.

Deathfic : A fiction centred around a character dying or their death. Generally depressing.

Disclaimer : A way to prevent from getting sued. All fictions will have a basic disclaimer; if you choose to borrow a line, song, poem, basically anything that's not yours, additions will be made to the basic declaimer.

Drabble : Drabbles are very short stories, often barely more than 100 words, and are oftentimes written more as a stream of consciousness more than anything else.

DAA : Drug/Alcohol Abuse. All fictions with a theme of Drug/Alcohol abuse will have a trigger warning on it.

ED : Eating Disorder. All fictions with themes of eating disorders will have a trigger warning on them.

Elitist Snobs : The entire Mugglenet Fanfiction Staff. All shall love us and despair.

Epic : A long fiction.

Fanon : Fanon are ideas that are generally accepted by the fan base to be authentic, or the most realistic. Fanon includes the previous notion that Lily Evans was a Ravenclaw or Slytherin, before JKR told us that she was a Gryffindor, or that Ginny's first name was Virginia, when it turned out to be Ginevra. Other fanon includes Draco being handsome, Ron having blue eyes, or Hermione being Catholic (I have yet to figure that one out.)

FBWTFT/FB : Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them.

FB : Feedback.

Femmeslash : Femmeslash is a fic that features or is based around a romantic relationship with two females. Examples would be Ginny/Hermione or Bella/Minerva.

FF : Fan-fiction.

FILK : A song parodied for the Potterverse.

Flaming : A rude review with no other point than to insult the author or other posters. Please note : All flames will be put out, and flamers shot on sight.

Flangst : A strange combination of fluff and Angst.

Fluff : Fluff is a cute, saccharine story, usually short and romance based.

First-Time : A fiction that includes the first time two characters have sex.

Founderfic : A story set about and/or during the time of the Founders.

Frammer : A person who uses bad grammar and/or spelling in their fictions.

Friendship Fic : A story centred around a friendship between two or more people.

Het : A heterosexual pairing.

Gary Stu(e) : An obscenely perfect male character, like Lockhart, only with more magical and generally physical abilities, and with twice the ability to irritate. They're to be handsome, charming, and mysterious, often with a tortured past.

General Abuse : Stories that have a theme of general abuse in them. All stories with General Abuse will have a trigger warning on them.

GI : Graphic Imagery, generally violent.

GOF : Goblet of Fire

Hint : A fic that has a hint of a relationship means that there are overtures to a percieved romantic relationship, but nothing set in stone. It might have Ron holding Hermione for a long period of time, hinting at a relationship, but never stating it as fact.

Hurt/Comfort : A fiction where one character is hurt, and others have to comfort them.

HP : Harry Potter. And if you didn't know that, you probably shouldn't be here...

IC (1) : In character; a story where all characters remain canon.

IC (2) : IC's, or illegal couples, are based off of stories in which one person would normally not be allowed to be in a relationship with the other. The most popular by far is Hermione/Snape.

Invisi-Girl : There are two girls in Harry's year, Gryffindors, who are never given names or physical/personality descriptions. The Invisi-Girls (also known as the Invisi-Gryffgirls) are generally added into parodies on introduced as OC's.

Last Battle : Fics surrounding Harry's final showdown with Voldemort.

Love/Hate : A fiction that contains a love/hate relationship, or where characters start out hating one another and end up in love. Most popular with D/G, D/Hr, H/D, and L/J.

Manon : Story derived from information from a movie or based around a movie moment.

Mary Sue : Female version of Gary Stu(e), or Fleur Delacour on literary steroids. She is perfect in every way - beautiful, smart, athletic, and everyone loves her. She is often given a tragic "imperfection" (such as suffering from SI) to make her character seem more romantic. Unless you're writing a comical fic, your best bet is to stay away from Mary and Gary.

Menage-a-Trio : A story based around the romantic relationship of Harry, Ron and Hermione as a solid pair, not R/Hr and H/Hr, but R/H/Hr.

Missing Scene : A fiction that's written as a moment between characters within a series; it's meant to be inserted into the canon storyline as a missing moment.

Modernisms : Modernisms are a sticking point for a lot of fanfiction writers. Modernisms are essentially time errors, but they're generally applied to objects. This includes things like James Potter wearing Tommy Hilfiger or Rowena Ravenclaw sporting a Timex watch. Use your common sense, and do a little background check before applying brand name labels to characters.

Mol : Molestation. All fictions containing molestation themes will have trigger warnings on them.

MPREG : A story where a male character is impregnated. Don't ask us how, it defies all laws of human biology.

MWPP/MWPP-era : A fiction set in the Marauder's Time : MWPP = Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs.

Non-con/NC : A story that has an element of rape (non-consensual sex.) All stories with a theme of non-con will have a trigger warning on it.

OC : Other/Original Character's are characters created for the story. OC's give a lot of freedom to the story - they can be minor characters (Ron's new boss or Theodore Nott's mum when she was alive) or major players (Harry's wife, Draco's sister, ect.)

Old School : Rarely used, it's a term for fics set in the Marauder's Time or earlier.

One Shot/One Off : A story contained entirely within one fiction; will not be continued.

OBHWF : One Big Happy Weasley Family. Stories centred around the Weasley family, and the relationships between Arthur/Molly and their children with their romantic pairings. Generally speaking, Harry often gets paired up with Ginny, and Ron with Hermione.

OOC : Out of Character. This is used to denote that a character will be acting in a manner unlike that of which they are normally portrayed in. OOC is a double-edged sword; used correctly, it can be used to explore and expand a characters personality. An example would be where Snape, alone, weeps - something he never does in the series. But if built up properly, it can work very well. On the other hand, badly written OOC's, like Draco being nice for no reason, are usually considered annoying.

OOTP : Order of the Phoenix

OTP : One true pairing, meaning your preferred or only pairing/ship within the Potterverse. Does not have to canon based.

Parody : A fiction written as a mockery of a pre-existing story (A Parody of "She's All That," or "Cheaper by the Dozen", for example.)

Plot Bunny : A story idea.

POA : Prisoner of Azkaban

Poemfic : A fiction centred around a poem.

Post-Hogwarts : A story set after the Trio or the main characters leave Hogwarts. Generally also Post-Last Battle.

Post-Last Battle : A story set after the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort. Generally Post-Hogwarts.

Preslash : A story with a prelude to a slash relationship.

Prequel : A fiction takes place before another story, but is usually written afterward.

PWP : Plot? What Plot? - Although it's often used for smut, it can also be used for meaningless fluff stories.

POV : Point of View is merely who's telling the story. It's generally pretty obvious.

PS/SS : Philosopher's/Sorcerers Stone

QTTA : Quidditch Through The Ages

Rarepair : Another term for Unusual Couple, merely indicating that a couple not normally found in fanfiction is contained within.

Rape fic : A Fiction with mentions or themes of rape. All fictions with these themes will have a trigger warning on them.

Rating : All fictions are rated by US general standards. G (Safe for everyone), PG (Usually for stories with a little sadness or some kissing scenes, mild swearing) PG-13 (Some scenes are not suitable, usually some violence or references to sexual activites, some cursing), R (graphic violence and sexual situations, a lot of cursing with many mention of the f-bomb) and NC-17 (for stories of an overt sexual nature.) Please note that NC-17 fics are not permitted on Mugglenet Fanfiction.)

Resurrection Fic : Fictions that are based around or are centred around a plot where a dead character (like the Potters or Sirius) is brought back to life.

Round Robin : A story that is passed from author to author until complete.

R&R : Read and Review.

SC : Sexual Content. The story has insinuations, allusions, or mentions of sexual activity.

Self-Injury/Self-abuse/SI : Fictions that include themes of self abuse, like cutting or burning in them. All fictions with these themes will have a trigger warning on them.

Sequel : A fiction set after another story.

Severitus : A fic where Severus Snape turns out being Harrys father

Ships : Ships (short for relationships) are essentially slightly organised groups of fans who follow a particular relationship. It can also be used to name the relationship - possibly the most popular universal one is the HMS Pumpkin Pie, the H/Hr ship. Ships can also be denoted by using initials. Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Ron, and Draco, are popular enough where instead of using their initials (such as HP or DM), they are often denoted by one letter (or in Hermione's case, Hr.) So Ron and Hermione would be R/Hr, and Ginny and Harry would be H/G. For other characters, initials are used : Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang are CD/CC. The only problem arises when more than once character shares initials; four characters share PP, for example - Padma Patil, Parvati Patil, Peter Pettigrew and Pansy Parkinson. In that case, you want to spell the name out : Draco/Pansy.

Skit/Script format : A fiction that's written in the form of a skit or play, generally for satirical purposes.

Slash : Slash is a fiction revolving around or including a homosexual relationship. While slash technically can stand for male/male and female/female, it is mostly commonly used with male/male relationships.

Sparklypoo : A House created entirely for the masses of Mary-Sues that are written into fan-fiction. Their House colour is pink, and their mascot is a unicorn.

Snapshot Fic : A snapshot fic is essentially a story that, instead of being written cohesively, is written as a series of moments, generally not directly connected, as a story. An example would be if someone were to rewrite an HP book, but only highlight certain moments.

Smudge : A 'smudge' of a relationship means that the relationship is mentioned, but not focused on. So a story about Luna's adventures her sixth year that occasionally mentions her romantic relationship with Harry has smudges of H/L.

Smut/Snoglet : Smut is a story that revolves around sexual activity, sans plot. A Snoglet is essentially fluff without plot, but a lot of making-out.

Songfic : A style of fanfiction centered around, based on, or inspired by a song; usually a one shot or collection of vignettes. They can have the lyrics dispersed throughout the story, have them at the beginning or end, or the author can put the lyrics in the thoughts/voice of the characters.

Spoiler : Warns the reader that there are spoilers for certain books within. Although really, you should have already read all the books if you're here.

Squick : To squick is to gross someone out.

Suicide Fic : Fiction that contains themes of the carrying out of suicide. All fictions with a theme of suicide will have a trigger warning on it.

Teaser : A brief summary to give readers a taste of the story.

Timeturner Fic : A fiction, generally revolving around Hermione, where the character goes back in time with the aid of the time-turner and strange things ensue. Often used as justification of a romance between an older and younger character.

Time-Error : Time Errors are inconsistencies in a story. It's a common problem, although rarely a big issue, mainly in song fics where the song is played and not just background. However, in stories where the wizards go out and intermingle (especially when the Trio are still in Hogwarts), there tends to be a lot of time errors as well, as the author writes in present time, and the series is written for the 1990's. Some authors will alert you before hand to the time errors.

Triangle : A fiction where two more people are vying for the affection of a third character, or where everyone is in love with someone, who loves someone else, who loves someone else, who loves the first character.

Trigger Warning : Some fictions have themes that can trigger certain behaviours in others. These include self-injury, molestation, eating disorders, and rape. All fictions that contain these themes will have a trigger warning beforehand.

The Trio : Terrible Trio, Golden Trio : A nickname given to Harry, Hermione, and Ron, as friends. Also referred to as the Dream Team, or the Bane of My Existence, if you're Voldemort or Snape.

Twincest : The term used to describe a plot situation involving romance between twins in the books (most commonly Fred and George Weasley, but sometimes Padma and Parvati Patil).

TBWL : The Boy Who Lived, or Harry Potter.

UC (Unconventional Couple) : Unconventional Couples are couples that would normally never happen in the series. The most popular ones are Hermione/Snape, Harry/Draco, and Draco/Hermione. There are varied reasons for a UC pairing being labeled as such; age, blood status (with regards to some Slytherins), sexuality. Other UC's include Bella/Arthur and Ginny/Remus.

Vignette : A very short story, generally internal dialgoue. Often done in a series. Generally drabble.

Weasleycest : A story centred around or containing romantic pairings within the Weasley family.

WIP : Work In Progress - simply means that the author has not yet finished the story, but that it will be continued.

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