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Name: iheartsirius (Signed) · Date: 01/08/05 18:25 · For: Now It's Forever
I luuuve the ending. So ingenious. But anyway. I love the story! The plot, the characters- everything! It's awesome. I'll be sure to look for more of your works ;)

Author's Response: you won't have to look too long i plan on putting it up...now...

Name: team_chee (Signed) · Date: 01/06/05 22:28 · For: Now It's Forever
i may have already reviewed this, but i don't care, i'll do it again if i want to! i finished reading your completed masterpiece a while ago, and've been sifting around through the other stories on this here website since then. while reading, i was really amazed by your talent and your writing style. now, after seeing so many other stories, i appreciate yours even more. i guess what i'm most impressed by is the way you worked out both james and lily's relationship and the beginning of pete's path to the dark side. the way you worked out those high school-hormone-confused-related feelings between j and l was really fun to read and it's great how you did that avoiding all that mushy stuff that i constantly see and hate ("___, i love you with ALL of my heart!"). peter's jealousy and feeling of being second-rate to his fellow marauders, all culminating up to his happiness at being able to decieve, was also really genius. although i've become attatched to one or two other fictions on muggle.net, yours is definitely my favorite! i keep on going back and forth between re-reading your story, because on one hand i really want to, but on the other hand i want to avoid a reoccurrance of the -skipping studying for finals and staying up 'til 2am to read your story- thing. (oh yeah by the way i'm that ap government guy who reviewed your previous chapter. i aced the final without studying!) here's to a 2005 filled with harry potter, no more writer's block, and (hopefully) a sequel by you!

Author's Response: amen to that! and hey, i'm also in ap government (and should be studying for my blue book final....) so i feel your pain, and congrats on acing the final!!!! without studying!!! lucky. thank you so much for the review. (i dont really care if you review more than once it makes me feel warm and fuzzy ;) ) im really liking how people are latching on to the peter thing, thats a more important deal than, really, any other story line. it's like lex luthor in smallville only he's not likable and he's not bald. i mean, he's slowly being pushed over the edge, and these little things keep adding on, until he finally breaks. unlike lex, though, we dont really care for him at all before, so we just hate him even more once the big break occurs, but you see my meaning. and yes, i also get kinda sick when i read mushy mushy love stories (though a REALLY well done one make me feel quite pleased after reading it, but there aren't too many "good" fanfic love stories that i've read, at least with lily and james. i suppose im very particular about the marauders) i think im rambling, but i got up late this morning and am not thinking coherently. good, my big word vocabulary is coming back ;) but thanks for sticking with it (and reading it over and over lol)! i really appreciate your review!!!!

Name: Zetera (Signed) · Date: 01/04/05 10:33 · For: Now It's Forever
O.K erikthephantom, here it goes. This is it, my review for the entire story!( I hope you get to read it as it's quite long and wow you have so many reviews...see? I'm rambling, please forgive me.) Anyway, this story, wow was it good. I'll have you know that I was on this site everyday checking to see if you'd updated instead of doing my assignments! Let the reviewing begin.......... I loved it from start to finish,10 out of 10 and I don't often give that. I felt like I was reading Rowling ( siriusly...) I thought the conversations between Remus and Snape were extremely well written and realistic, I'm sure something like that could have easily happened. The whole thing started to go wierd in A Place To Bond, but my confusion ended by the end of the chapter and I thought it was really well done - it drew the reader in. My absolute favorite chapter was 17-Freedom - I loved it, I keep reading it over and over, the emotions are so well expressed, you can really feel their pain. It's great to see Remus like that sometimes. I loved the chapter summary conversations, they were hilarious! I loved Sirius taking points off himself - I was on the floor laughing at that! I think getting Lily and James together was very nicely done, the way you did it makes so much sense. It was great when Sirius and Remus banded together to kick James' ass when they saw him with Bethany. McGonagall was so funny the way she was so angry at Sirius' prank! (Dear God this is a bloody list, not a review, you must be so bored). Your characterisation was perfect, you captured everyone just.....perfectly! The NEWTS were well done, except that the Polyjuice Potion takes a month to brew...but who remembers everything? I certainly don't, I've forgotten my next point. Oh yeah...you set up really good grounds for Sirius feeling that Remus might be the spy, and I loved Moody's bigiotry towards Remus, it gave an insight into how the rest of the world treats werewolves. A strange thing - Remus' eyes kept switching from grey to yellow, did his wolf's eyes come out when he was mad or something? The whole Death Eater invasion - it could have been so easy to screw that up but you kept everyone in character and it tied in well with the story - well done. I loved the end, it was so sad to have James thinking about his future when we know he is going to die in five years. Peter's growing deception was very subtle - nicely done. I almost cried at the end, I loved the emotion so strongly and so clearly felt by all of them. As you may have gathered by now, I loved your fic and I can't wait to read more of your stuff. You truly are an amazing writer, one of my favorites on this site. I could write more, but you're probably asleep by now. Thank you for such a great story, and you're my hero too, erikthephantom.

Author's Response: OK! sorry it took me so long to respond, i wasn't technically allowed on the compy so i had to print your review and read it (it's 1 full page long and that's with less than 1 inch margins). I was not bored AT ALL reading your review. As a matter of fact i was extremely pleased with its thoroughness. I was so happy that you waited until the end, I thought it was so much more pleasing for me to read it. Plus, as I said, it was so thorough. :) Chapter 17 is actually one of my all time favorite chapters, too. It actually used to be my least favorite when I wrote it. I thought it was terrible because nothing really substantial happened and it was short. As I reread it, (and i did MANY times) it really grew onto me. THat is basically the feel of the sequel so far. More of that feeling and less of the structure. im really happy you liked peter's subtle change, that makes me happy coz i really wanted to work that in somehow, even if he doesnt actually betray them until the last year of their lives, or the first year of harry's (quite ironic if you think about it). i cant BELIEVE i forgot about the polyjuice potion!!! im going to remedy that in my sequel somehow, i dont know how, but i will! And I'm honored the way you viewed Moody's bigotry. There's more to it than is just the surface. And "A Place to Bond" HA I think I weirded everyone out with that one, but it was actually necessary to the plot and, (if i may say so myself ;) ) a reative way of figuring out the spy's identity. Well, at least the first way. I'm really glad you liked the summary convos - i LOVED writing them, i had an absolute BLAST doing it each time. i think i'll have to read them again...and about Remus's eyes: that was a typographical mistake. i had originally had his eyes as the color grey. this was changed for 2 reasons. 1) i found out that wolves have yellow eyes, and i really locked on to that idea when i saw a fanart picture and 2) Sirius has grey eyes. I tried to go back and fix as much as I could, but it was getting lengthy and hard to completely change. I'll have to work on that. his werewolf eyes DID show through, but the color thing was a mistake in the typing. I really appreciate how closely you paid attention and how thorough this review was and, again, how you waited in the end so you were impartial. :) THANK YOU AND YOURE MY SUPERHERO!

Name: KiwiChi6 (Signed) · Date: 01/03/05 23:33 · For: Head Boy, Head Girl
That was fantastic! Thanks for sharing your exceptional writing talent! You captured Jo's style wonderfully, but still kept your voice in there. I love how you portray the Maurauders, especially Sirius and Lupin. Please keep writing . . . I can't wait to find out what happens to them!!

Author's Response: yay! im so glad everyone is liking sirius and remus. it really makes me happy because they're my favorite to write, any day of the week. and dont worry, as soon as my budding sequel gets a title, i'll have it up! thanks for the interest! :)

Name: Master_of_12 (Signed) · Date: 01/03/05 23:00 · For: Now It's Forever
Wow. That was such a good story!!!! All i have to say is WOW!

Name: Master_of_12 (Signed) · Date: 01/03/05 22:58 · For: The Cloak Strikes Back
I would just like to say that I love the story and look forward to more stories from this writer. Its that good!!!

Author's Response: thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it!!!!

Name: lilynpotter (Signed) · Date: 01/03/05 22:23 · For: Now It's Forever
haha, your response to my last review was funny. sniffles. (sirius: snuffles?) hahah that was great!!! sigh ... write more and more and more stories ok? then you will keep me happy, and ... i'll be happy! :D

Author's Response: we'll do our best to keep you happy (and no, i'm not crazy, i meant "we" because of me and the marauders)

Name: arielsong (Signed) · Date: 01/03/05 22:05 · For: Now It's Forever
omg...I can't believe it's actually over! The ending was so well written, my eyes were filling up with tears! This was one of the first stories I started reading on Mugglenet and it has been by far the best. I think you really just had all the Marauders characters down exactly right and Remus and Sirius are the best!!!! (That's right, I know I am feeding your egos guys, but heh...I luv ya!) Can't wait until part two comes out!!! This could totally be the prequel to the whole Harry Potter series, great job erikthephantom!!!

Author's Response: (Remus laughed. "Oh don't worry. I hope I'm grounded enough in myself that my ego is not filling...but Sirius on the other hand....." Meanwhile, Sirius romps around the Hogwarts Express telling everyone that someone on MFN said he was the best.) Thank you arielsong! I always enjoy reading your reviews! I really appreciate it, and what a compliment that this could be considered a prequel, plus that you said it was one of the best! thank you!!

Name: harrys_gf (Signed) · Date: 01/01/05 13:51 · For: Now It's Forever
Wow, this is incredible. I nearly cried at the end. It's like I was right with James, Remus, Sirius, and Peter ( TRAITOR! Dam* him!) through the whole thing. Siriusly. (Please note, Padfoot, that I put that note in there for you! ^_^ You have always been my fave charie, Prongs and Moony coming in tied RIGHT behind ya! But you're my fave, and always will be.)

Author's Response: Sirius actually took a step back, the flattery even too much for him. "Well, hey," he smiled. "I'm glad I'm your favorite! It figures that Prongsy and Moony would be behind me, I mean SIRIUSLY. I'm just so darn good looking. But why do you get so angry about little Peter?" The Sirius of the Future groans... ;)

Name: creativemuggle (Signed) · Date: 12/29/04 18:13 · For: Now It's Forever
omg!!!! you have unlimited talent!!! i sobbed at the end of the last chapter!!!! amazing!!! incredible!!!! i have never been so moved!!! keep writing!!! by the way, im a friend of your cousin Sara.

Author's Response: AHHH are you serious?!?!?! (sirius: no, i believe the proper spelling of that word, erikthephantom, is 'sirius'. remus: please shut up, sirius....) yay!! nice to meet you! i'm so touched that you actually cried at the end! sob. that makes me so happy! and im so proud of dear little sara for spreading word of this story! i will have to give her a high-five when i see her tomorrow! thanks for reviewing!!!!!!!

Name: PeregrinWallace (Signed) · Date: 12/27/04 18:43 · For: Now It's Forever
Wow. That was amazing. I couldn't stop reading it, I've just been sitting on my butt in front of the computer for hours now. Se- erm... siriusly, that was one of the best fanfics I've ever read. The last chapter got me all emotional and stuff (honestly, it reminded me of watching RotK in theaters, sitting next to my brother, trying not to start sobbing, because I felt so dumb... it didn't work of course, I cried my eyes out. But that has nothing to do with anything.) Anywho... yeah, that was great, you're very talented. Keep writing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! And I TOTALLY know the feeling about crying during ROTK...omg, that was depressing, and there's me and my sister with my little brother and his 3 friends, and the two of us girls were sobbing our hearts out, and the 3 guys were like, 'yeah, the fight scenes were awesome'...it's tough... ;) Thanks for reading!! :)

Name: ghetto_dumbledore (Signed) · Date: 12/25/04 10:58 · For: Now It's Forever
aahhh!!! That was incredible! I can't believe its over! And I can't help but feel empty at the conclusion of such a wonderful story. Atmittedly I never used to read fanfiction under the premise that you can't beat the real thing, but you have demonstrated in every single chapter that you can get damn close. In the long wait until the release of the half-blood prince, its a tremendous relief to have your story to fill the hole that the end of a hp book leaves you with. I'm afraid I'll have to insist that you PLEASE hurry with the sequel! I shall be putting myself under the cruciatus curse daily until you post it! (kidding ;) so no pressure! ;) I'll probably be mobbed for saying it but your 'episode I' was way better than george lucas'. Ooops, better hurry writing or I may not be alive to read it! Incredible, thy name is erikthephantom!!!

Author's Response: FRAILTY THY NAME IS WOMAN!!!! YES HAMLET!!! (Actually i disagree with that quote, but i love hamlet so we'll forgive him ;) ) you CANT put yourself under the cruciatus curse that long, or you'll end up in St. Mungo's unable to read the sequel!!! I would be very disheartened if you were too crazy to read it! siriusly, tho, thank you so much such a wonderful compliment! i cant believe you said i came "damn close" to the original! what a compliment!!! (but it's not too hard to beat lucas's episode 1 - he's lost his magic....) BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT!!! thank you for reading it and sticking with it, that's absolutely wonderful!!!! THANK YOU AND I WILL SEND THE SEQUEL TO ST. MUNGO'S AS SOON AS I'M FINISHED WITH IT!!!!!

Name: Hedwig22 (Signed) · Date: 12/24/04 15:15 · For: Now It's Forever
That was by far the best fanfic i have ever read. The end made me cry. I loved how u made the end quote, it was sad and everything but it briught you back to reality. *sigh* your such a good writer! I am really really REALLY looking forward to a sequal!!!!

Author's Response: ahh you cried!!! :( thank you thank you thank you for reading it and reviewing it!! huzzah!!!! i really should get to work on this.......................

Name: padfootprongs4eva (Signed) · Date: 12/23/04 22:10 · For: Head Boy, Head Girl
i know that i already put in a review about this chapter, but i didnt think u would mind if i put another one. i love this chapter sooo much, but it actually makes my heart hurt. im afraid to read it because i was really sad the last time i read it mainly becasue my favorite fanfic is over, but i herd that your goin to do a sequal and i am very very happy. im pleased to make u laugh and i hope to read your later things.

Author's Response: and i humbly thank you for your many reviews. they are absolutely wonderful and i greatly appreciate them! you'll be one of the first to know when the sequel is up, i promise. thanks again. :)

Name: wrathofdead (Signed) · Date: 12/23/04 18:54 · For: Now It's Forever
An amazing chapter and an amazing story. I can't belive that it is over. I look foward to reading the next one!

Author's Response: thank you so much for reviewing! i can't believe it's over either! lol.

Name: aniki (Signed) · Date: 12/22/04 20:45 · For: Now It's Forever
:) (i wish i could reply directly to your posts. poo.)

Author's Response: i wish you could, too. but oh well, i suppose that's what e-mail is for, isn't it aniki?

Author's Response: remember our old message board.....oh that was fun, if only it hadn't been infected by KRYPTONITE!!!! okkk... sorry... my brain is fried, but thanks to an AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL author i just met online, my brain can slightly regenerate. more to come on that after christmas:)

Name: Maggie (Signed) · Date: 12/22/04 15:35 · For: Now It's Forever
That was really really good! Just one little thing when you were doing the flashback with the Sorting Narcissa Black should have come before Sirius since N comes before S in the alphabet.

Author's Response: hahahaaaa.....well, in the sorceror's stone/philosopher's stone movie McGonagall's list was SO screwed up that it wasn't even funny! I am allowed artistice license on behalf of my many brain freezes ;)

Name: MLJ_4_9_90 (Signed) · Date: 12/22/04 12:47 · For: Now It's Forever
I think that was an amazing chapter!!... I absolutely adored it!... Just one thing though.. when you do the flashbacks you do the lettering italic, well you didn't change it back to normal when the flashbacks were over.. which was kinda confusing.. but that's probably cause I'm dumb too!.. lol.. but EXCELLENT STORY!!... You're my favorite author on this site!.. And I definately think you could give JK a run for her money... you definately have talent! Keep up the great work! -Amanda

Author's Response: agh you are TOTALLY right! darn! and since the wonderful staff of mugglenet is, rightfully so, not taking submissions, i can't edit it until after christmas. oh well. i'm sorry for the confusion, and THANK YOU for telling me!! stupid me, i completely forgot!! thank you thank you!! and thanks for reading!!!

Name: Anira (Signed) · Date: 12/21/04 17:04 · For: Now It's Forever
absolutely wonderful. what a fantastic ending. you must write another fic. well done.

Author's Response: thank you so much! im so happy that the end is not a let down to most of you! yay!!

Name: trevorthetoad (Signed) · Date: 12/21/04 14:34 · For: Head Boy, Head Girl
This is the best story EVER! But why must it end? WHY? I can't wait for the sequel! Will it be soon? Please. :) This last chapter was awesome! The Sirius joke truly was classic. Tear. But the ending was so sad.... I'd give you higher than 10, but sadly, I can't.

Author's Response: yes yes, the sirius joke was one of my all time favorite moments in the story. poor little remus! thank you for attempting to give me higher than a 10!! haha. that was funny!

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