Reviews For Potter's Bar
Reviewer: FaunaCaritas
Date: 02/16/08 3:45
Chapter: Potter's Bar

Helloooo! ....and thanks for the fun story. I loved the detail-y little bits like Fannywhacke's jowls and Snape's transfigured trophies. Spot on and highly enjoyable. Please write more stories in this style!


Reviewer: flyingpizza
Date: 07/06/07 11:36
Chapter: Potter's Bar

i always wonderd what was in those jarss

Reviewer: flyingpizza
Date: 07/06/07 11:35
Chapter: Potter's Bar

i always wonderd what was in those jarss

Reviewer: smilesallaround
Date: 12/30/06 0:05
Chapter: Potter's Bar

lol i know nothing of snooker

Reviewer: Lindriallalos
Date: 08/26/05 17:08
Chapter: Potter's Bar

Brilliant! I've never heard of "potting" things, but I have seen a game of snooker. Heehee, I'll probably be calling it "Snape's Secret Pass-time" from now on. I loved the story, 'twas truly wonderful! ^_^

Reviewer: Little Loony
Date: 07/13/05 3:59
Chapter: Potter's Bar

Really? Your Going to send Snape? You crazy? You'll never get him back you know. I'm mid-read of squidbait by the way, i love that loads too i will review i promise.

Reviewer: Little Loony
Date: 07/11/05 9:59
Chapter: Potter's Bar

By the way as of last month you owe me a hangover potion. I will of course gladly repeat my night of drinking if you don't believe me :)

Author's Response: :-O ! One hangover potion on its way, and don't you go doing anything foolish in the meantime. Wouldn't want Gerald to have to scrape you off the pavement. Snape will be over to deliver the potion (and the foot rub) directly ;-)

Reviewer: Little Loony
Date: 07/11/05 9:50
Chapter: Potter's Bar

Grannie. Now tell me honestly, have you ever been to Sheffield? Have you ever been on a pub crawl in My Home town? Because you have truly done it justice, although no one in there right mind would walk from ranmoor to broomhill. I loved it loads. 10/10

Author's Response: You are from Sheffield? Yes, I have been there--went to university there for a bit and hoofed it down Clarkehouse/Glossop road nearly every day from Endcliffe Vale to near the city centre. I developed a soft spot for the place (and its parks and pubs) and when the cracker joke bit me I knew where I wanted to set the story. Creative license was taken with the geography, as you well know! Give the place a kiss (and a pint) from me, and cheers for the feedback! To have pleased a native Sheffielder with my tale is the highest praise indeed.

Reviewer: JaxX
Date: 05/07/05 1:02
Chapter: Potter's Bar

OMG, dat was so funny. u should right a sequil(?spellinh) thinggi about how harry gets in2 trouble with mr and mrs D.

Author's Response: That is a capital idea, JaxX! I will put it into to my "fic ideas" hat. I'm a bit stuck on Snape at the moment, so I'd have to figure out a way to get him into the story...hmm. Glad you enjoyed, and thanks so much for leaving feedback!

Reviewer: QueenHal
Date: 04/04/05 11:56
Chapter: Potter's Bar

Fun! I loved the quirkiness of your writing. It was a very enjoyable quickie.

Author's Response: Cheers!

Reviewer: redvelvetcanopy
Date: 03/22/05 10:13
Chapter: Potter's Bar

This was a great chapter--I love envisioning Severus as a pool shark. Somehow, it suits him quite well.

Author's Response: Cheers! I thought the man could use a break from the dunderheads, and I agree, "shark" suits him just about as well as "snake." Your feedback is much appreciated!

Reviewer: Laudomia
Date: 03/12/05 1:27
Chapter: Potter's Bar

Beautifully written and nicely in character. Bravo!

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to leave this review--glad you enjoyed, Laudomia!

Reviewer: Kira
Date: 02/15/05 16:38
Chapter: Potter's Bar

Lovely storie. I Love Snape 10 10 10 10 10 !!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback--especially such lovely feedback! I am glad you enjoyed this little bit of silliness.

Reviewer: Masked One
Date: 01/26/05 18:20
Chapter: Potter's Bar

I was just wandering around the humor section looking for things to laugh at when I stumbled across this. Iím not entirely thrilled with the concept of Harry getting drunk, but the story was very well done and funny. You have to love old grumpy Snape and his secret collection of trophies--I donít think Iíll ever be able to read another scene set in Snapeís office without cracking up over that.

Author's Response: Believe you me, I don't think Harry is entirely thrilled with the fact that he got drunk either...but regardless, I appreciate your taking the time to read and review. I am so pleased the humor came through, even if this Harry isn't the one you know & love. Cheers!

Reviewer: mala
Date: 01/25/05 20:46
Chapter: Potter's Bar

I absolutely loved it. It made me laugh outloud, especially all of Harry's slurred words--very funny. I love that you didn't just string a bunch of "drunken Harry" jokes together, but actually gave it some structure. And the part about Snape's trophy closet was very clever. He's actually one of the most in-character Snape's I've seen. Great job! I give this a very strong ten!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and taking time to leave such lovely feedback! (In sloshed Harryspeak, that would be, "Tanksoverymushferthat, Mala.")

Reviewer: Magical Maeve
Date: 01/25/05 7:58
Chapter: Potter's Bar

Amazing. Very, very funny....a convincingly drunken Harry, Snape with a cue in his hand, Marge married to someone called Fannywhacke and all written so well. Thank you for such a great one-shot!

Author's Response: Thank YOU for popping over to "Potter's Bar" and leaving me feedback. (I thought a great big Mr. Fannywhacke was exactly what Aunt Marge deserved) Cheers!

Reviewer: innocence_wasted
Date: 01/21/05 13:25
Chapter: Potter's Bar

I highly enjoyed that. I love a good Snape story..even when harry is the main character. I can actually imagine Snape having a hidden hobby that he doesn't want anyone to know about. Sarah

Author's Response: Cheers for reading & reviewing! I am glad you enjoyed. Although this story was intended in fun (and bad pun), I do think Snape is the type to have hidden talents, and even greasy gits have their pride.

Reviewer: Orlaith
Date: 01/18/05 10:20
Chapter: Potter's Bar

I'm afraid that was bloody brilliant!

Author's Response: (Please, don't be afraid...) Cheers for reading, reviewing, and being a responsible consumer of bad snooker humor!

Reviewer: Vocalion
Date: 01/12/05 13:17
Chapter: Potter's Bar

I'm delighted to find this posted here. You write a drunken Harry quite convincingly. I hope that Squidbait will soon be following. Welcome, Grainne!

Author's Response: Thank you, Vocalion! (and we'll see about the latter). You make me wonder, though, can anyone truly be in character when they are "rat-arsed"? Hmmm....

Reviewer: Zetera
Date: 01/12/05 11:22
Chapter: Potter's Bar

That was beyond excellent - I loved it. It was great how you brought in Snape's jars in his office and made them out to be transfigured trophies! I laughed so much at this, I'm surprised you don't have more reviews, it was brilliant! P.S: Thanks ror the review!

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! I'm brand-new to Mugglenet & this was just posted the other day, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But if I've made you laugh, then my mission, as they say, is accomplished.

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