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Name: dreamsnape (Signed) · Date: 11/20/17 0:07 · For: Chapter 8
I liked this story. There was a lot of detail in Draco's experience with Muggle medicine, and I liked seeing his reactions and feelings about it all. It was nice to see him as a loving husband and father, doing his best to raise his son well. Then finally we see him on the platform, knowing what he was thinking and feeling. It was good.

Author's Response: Thank your for your review. We really needed a story about Draco that led from the beginning of the post-war period to the moment on the train platform, and this story was my take on that period of his life. Doubtless other writers have a different take on what led up to this moment and what Draco's state of mind was -- he could have gone in several different directions, but I like to think that he made the best of what was the rest of his life, difficult though that was.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 09/14/17 19:10 · For: Chapter 8
This is such a good story. It was interesting and realistic. Most importantly it involved one of my favorite characters and his necessary foray into the Muggle world. It was well written, as always with your stories. I think it also sends a message. When something appears wrong don't be afraid to go in and get information and do something about it. Draco was told that if he waited longer the outcome might have been worse. I think people need to be aware of that sort of thing and to act accordingly.

Author's Response: Hi, Liana. Yes, the story does send a message, and it would be nice if it educated some of our male readers about something they need to know. I used to give literature on this subject to the young husbands of women who delivered babies at our hospital. But first, it was about Draco and about how he had changed and continued to change after the events of the war. JKR gives us such a tiny glimpse of him in her epilogue, just a couple of sentences, and all from the point of view of Harry and his friends. Draco needed more than that; he needed to have his story told.

Thank you so much for reading to the very end and commenting on every chapter, as is your much-appreciated custom.


Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 09/14/17 11:52 · For: Chapter 7
This just goes to show how much damage stress can do. I have Crohn's Disease and I know it came from a stressful point in my life. Thankfully I'm away from that stressful situation. I would probably have died had I stayed.

Author's Response: Yes, I think that serious stress is responsible for the unnecessary shortening of many lives. Hundreds, probably thousands, of lives were affected by the first and second wizarding wars, but Draco's experience was unique, as he said. He was the only child who was so closely caught up with Lord Voldemort himself.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 09/14/17 11:46 · For: Chapter 6
Going into surgery is stressful enough and Draco must have been terrified. I wish we could go to a Healer after surgery or an accident and have them use their magic to heal the pain. Could Healer Wattles maybe heal the scar later when all of Draco's Muggle Doctor appointments are over?

Author's Response: Hey, that's a good idea, one that I didn't think of. By the time that the formal follow-up is over, a timeline of five years, perhaps Draco will be so accustomed to the scar that he doesn't mind keeping it, or maybe he actually wants (or doesn't want) to keep it as a badge of his participation in the war. I have some scars that I wouldn't mind having Vanished, such as the ones on my chin, reminders of various face-plants that I have done during my lifetime. :)

Name: Dad (Signed) · Date: 09/14/17 10:01 · For: Chapter 8
If only everyone could turn into such nice people.

Author's Response: Hi, Dad. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my story.

During my years as a public school teacher of students the age of Hogwarts students, I saw a few examples of students who were total jerks (or maybe the British term is ‘gits’) but who eventually grew up to be decent citizens. I supposed that they had not been properly brought up at home but had eventually learned, from the larger world, the standards of decent behavior and social truths.

My take on the Malfoy family, as I have said before in regards to Dark Enough To See The Stars, is that the members of that family formed a continuum of decency: Lucius did a lot of really bad stuff, Draco had personality and behavior flaws as a boy but was mainly the victim of terrible circumstances (his upbringing and his forced involvement with Lord Voldemort), and Scorpius was the most well-adjusted member of the lineage, having been brought up by Draco, who had made a specific decision to turn his own life around, and Astoria, about whom we never saw anything negative in the seven books.

Still, it may be impossible to root out totally the prejudices that were instilled in us during our earliest youth, and I have written Draco and Astoria as still choosing to associate with wizards (although they have stretched their boundaries of acceptability to include half-bloods) and as still displaying automatic negative attitudes toward Muggles and Squibs. I know, from my own life, how these deeply ingrained feelings are hard to eradicate, even when we make a concerted effort to do so; the change of behavior comes first, but the change of feelings takes years (decades?). Perhaps by the time Scorpius is thirty years old, Draco will be able to accept, with no outward sign or word of disapproval, Scorpius’s marriage with a Muggle-born, but probably never with a Muggle.

The image of Draco that sticks in my mind is the movie image of him staring at his tormented, desperate reflection in the mirror just before Harry skewers him with the Sectumsempra curse. This image illustrates his understanding of how horrible the forces were that he was caught up in and how desperately he needed to escape. Re-reading the seven books, I get the impression that Draco is depicted as a cardboard villain, automatically fulfilling his role as one of the bad guys, although by age seventeen most kids are beginning to question or even reject their parents’ values in favor of developing their own character. For this reason, I enjoy finding and reading fanfiction stories that explore the characters’ inner selves in greater depth, either as prequels, sequels, or missing moments.

I'm glad that you enjoyed this story. As Professor Dumbledore said, love is the strongest force, and I think that Draco finally came to believe that also.

Name: Dad (Signed) · Date: 09/13/17 16:57 · For: Chapter 7
This is a really well told, unique story.

Author's Response: Yes, unique it is. Thank you, Dad, for saying that it is well told.


Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 09/11/17 19:08 · For: Chapter 5
I was so happy to find another couple of chapters between yesterday and today. Now I'm sad that there aren't many more chapters left. This is so good. Draco is doing a remarkable job with his cancer. He's trusting Muggles and finding out they're not so different from him and his family. His father would never understand.

Author's Response: Ever since I first read the Harry Potter books, I have been struck by the great gulf that JK Rowling posits as existing between the Muggle and wizarding cultures, with so little communication between the two, and have wondered how possible it would have been to maintain such a state of affairs. I tried to think of groups, such as those here in America, that existed like that — perhaps the Amish, or some odd, polygamous cults — but Great Britain is much smaller, geographically, and the Ministry of Magic is located smack dab in the heart of the metropolis of London, so it takes a stretch of faith to accept that Muggles and wizards were so isolated from each other.

Thank you for continuing to read and to comment on each chapter!


Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 09/11/17 18:56 · For: Chapter 4
Draco is being so brave. I know he has no idea what's going on. I love this story even though it's about a sad situation. It looks like you've done a lot of research on the topic. If Lucius finds out about this he'll be horrified.

Author's Response: Yes, I'm afraid that Lucius is a lost cause. Draco was young enough, when the wizarding world was upended by the Second Wizarding War, to learn a new way of thinking (although traces of the old prejudices still remain), but Lucius had spent too many years in the old culture to be able to change.

My background in health care makes it easier to write this type of story, but there's still plenty of dipping into the internet to get the details more or less correct. Thanks for your comments.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 09/09/17 16:42 · For: Chapter 3
I always believe that one's attitude strongly influences the healing process. I wonder what effect Draco's attitude will have. He seems to have some faith in Muggle medicine. This is an unusual story in that it focuses on a Wizard with a Muggle disease and the wizard is Draco Malfoy, not known for his sympathy towards Muggles.

Author's Response: Sometimes you don't have a choice — fate propels you and you must go in that direction. Thank you for reading and for leaving a review for each chapter. :)


Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 09/09/17 16:22 · For: Chapter 2
I'm sure Draco was very shocked to find out that he had a Muggle illness in the first place, and then, to realize his Wizard doctor couldn't heal him. I can't wait to see what happens with the Muggle doctor.

Author's Response: It all makes sense in the end.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 09/08/17 19:06 · For: Chapter 1
was really good. I'm glad there's a second chapter. I think you really had the characters written well. I think you captured Draco's feelings exactly when he discovered a mass. Also the crying baby. My oldest cried a lot--probably because of her stomach. She was always waking up until she was about six weeks old. We didn't have to suffer for too long:D

Author's Response: Thanks for writing a comment, Liana. There are eight chapters in this story. So many of us writers write stories about Draco, there must be a hundred concepts of what he was like in the post-Hogwarts years. This story is my vision of one series of events in his young adulthood.

Name: Dad (Signed) · Date: 09/08/17 15:33 · For: Chapter 1
I am hooked.

Author's Response: The story is complete, and chapters will be posted steadily. :)


Name: whichone (Signed) · Date: 09/08/17 6:45 · For: Chapter 1
This was really well written. The flashback might have been more effective if presented first; I am always curious as to why writers choose to go back instead of following Order. JKR usually went in order. Maybe that's hust a thing. Even if Draco were remembering something, you can still step back without going back. Does that make sense?

I like that Draco remembers while it's a new experience for his son. Maybe the flashback is there to give Astoria life on the page? Maybe that's it. I appreciate that you actually take the time to illustrate scenes instead of doing a one-liner or a zinger, which is what I have seen in fanfiction of late.

The shower scene is common place, which makes it relatively relatable..the only thing is you mess up on the words "though" and "thought" so one more read over ought to do it.

The illustration of time on the platform is done with a master stroke. I like how Draco is momentarily annoyed and recovers..that's awesome so the son can enjoy the experience through fresh eyes.

Well done.


Author's Response: Hi, Jenn. Thanks for commenting! Actually, the opening paragraphs of this chapter are a flash-forward, rather than the final paragraphs being a flashhback. As the further chapters are posted, you will see how this works out.

I got a new textbook at the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, Oregon, about a month ago. It is entitled The Emotional Craft of Fiction, and I am trying to incorporate its lessons into the writing of this story.

I re-read the shower scene, looking for the place where I had made a confusion of 'though' and 'thought', and I didn't see it, so maybe you can send me a PM citing the specific sentence. It's so hard to catch all the typos, and I really try to create clean copy.

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