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Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 04/15/17 11:34 · For: Myron Wagtail
I liked Donaghan a lot. What a way to go. So does he wander around homeless now? I agree, they should've just killed him and got it over with.

Author's Response: Fynnsmom Thanks for the review. I could tell when I wrote this that I didn't want to kill that character. I didn't. But then I actually felt bad for Barty Crouch Jr and I wondered what would a Dementor's Kiss be like? In reality, that scene in POA never should have happened with Gary Oldman's should going out of his body and then back in. What contained it? So, yes, he just kind of wonders around lost. Thanks for the review.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 04/15/17 11:11 · For: Donaghan Tremlett
I kind of remember that song. I wasn't listening to music that much then. I did like this chapter until Ted died. But that's canon for yah!

Author's Response: Fynnsmom I don't ever deviate from canon. Even when I try I don't know it just personally feels really, really wrong. A lot of people do, which I get, but I feel as though you're disrespecting the story if you say, have an alien date Harry Potter or something. The story should be woven into the story. It's just respect. It should. I'm glad that you liked the piece. Sorry Ted still, you know, died. Thanks for the review.

Name: Dad (Signed) · Date: 04/10/17 13:35 · For: Merton Graves
It was fun and different, but at the end I cried for Jericho.

Author's Response: Dad Thanks for the review. Yeah, I know this is sad and I need to start picking it up a little. Jericho was one those things I wasn't going to do but I did anyway. Didn't mean to make you cry. Thanks for reading. And the review.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 04/08/17 4:38 · For: Merton Graves
I really like the name Jericho. That was too bad but stuff happens. I really like the character of Donaghan Tremlett. I could imagine Gideon in full Highland dress and his bagpipes. This was an unusual story in that I've never read a story about the Weird Sisters before. My only negative comment is that I wish you had more about the Yule -- just a tiny bit more. But maybe that would've been too much.

Author's Response: Hey. I actually plan on doing a part about the Yule Ball in another chapter. I tried to do it with this character and then realized he was much too green. So that will be in a chapter or one-shot that will be posted about one of the more senior band members. Thanks for reading my mind. Actually thanks for helping me decide who that will be. I like the Donaghan character, too. He was really fun. I have never read anything about the Weird Sisters either. They are briefly mentioned and advertised. JKR was the first to bring to my attention that a cello/violin could be used in a rock band. You totally didn't ask for too much. Haha. It was in the works. Glad you like it. Thanks for the review.

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