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Name: whichone (Signed) · Date: 03/26/17 19:46 · For: Queenie
So, can I do this twice? Can I submit two reviews? I guess we'll see. This piece makes so much more sense after seeing the movie. Not that it didn't make sense as a standalone. I was just curious where you'd gathered that idea.

Well, I kind of read the screenplay before watching the movie. I have this unspoken law about that - I read the book before watching the film, so this was like seeing it in a second written form. Another medium, since I finally got round to reading that book.

Question: Can Ms. Rowling write a screenplay? Answer: Yes, that woman still knows how to play her own game. And she apparently knows who Deliverance Dane is. Or was. She dead, Respect.

I like your interpretation of this scene. Maybe it was more than one scene? Probably. I dunno. You use a lot of quotes from the text. Or the film? Or the text? Ah, a chicken-and-the-egg thing. Given your word count and your references, the me in me would have liked to have liked to seen that cited differently. But this is fan fiction and I don't know if that fundamentally matters. I don't know. That's a difficult bridge to cross. I studied English - it's a soft spot. Again, given this is fan fiction, we're stealing an idea, anyway. These building blocks are not our own. That's worse than the chicken-and-the egg thing.

Anyway, the teddy bear analogy was nice. I didn't know until the film that Mr. Kalowalski was chunky, so I get the reference now. Can I just say that I LOVE that that man is a baker? Like, not a sweets outta the box man, but a baker. Respect.

I didn't know the cocoa mugs were stirring themselves. That was a touch I missed from JKR. I love that the baker himself regrets he missed out on the cocoa. HAHA!

I love that you have the sisterly relationship and I actually understand it this time around. I like that Queenie sees that the sister - the sister - Tina likes Scamander. Is that a love interest? Is that in canon? Probably.

If so - I missed that, too. The scientist isn't alone. That's funny ... and cute. :) The scientist and the investigator ... haha. Way to go.

Thank God they only call her Tina in the films.... and the screenplay.

Newt Scamander reminds me of a zoologist. I love and admire the respect he has for those creatures.

Oh, the end of the movie. Duh. I get the romance now.

Uh huh. Still funny.


Author's Response:

Yep, it's canon that Porpentina is the future Mrs. Scamander. Porpentina is like Nymphadora--who could blame either woman for wanting to be called something else? :D I prefer cute and cuddly to "chunky", but I'm glad you liked the Teddy Bear analogy. This is a behind the scenes story, showing Queenie's thoughts, so I used memorable quotes from the film (6) and cited them in the end note:

Tina, you brought men home . . . This is Mr. Scamander . . .Fine . . . Aw, don’t worry, honey . . . You prefer strudel . . .But we made ‘em cocoa . . .are direct quotes from the film that I found inspiring, along with the mutual attraction between Jacob and Queenie. It was fun to write what was happening in certain scenes from Queenie’s pov, and I hope readers enjoyed reading it.

Name: whichone (Signed) · Date: 01/16/17 17:40 · For: Queenie
Sorry Paige I started this review and then hit the wrong button on my iPad and had to start again because I hit the wrong button.

I have not read the script or watched the movie of this. (I know.). I only know that Redmayne is in it and I cried during "Theory of Everything". So, it was nice to read this without anything attached.

I did not know that Tina and Queenie were sisters; I did not know that Tina wasn't that girls real name. Apparently the odd name thing continues on the other side of the pond, too. That's a chacteristic of JKR.

I like that teddy bear reference because it takes me back. I both a ftiend of mine, a hugger, a shirt that says, "I want to cuddle you so hard." Jon literally comes home and hugs me so hard I can't breathe. This reminded me SO much of that.

I like that, given this is the 1920s (I know stuff, okay? I just haven't seen it.) the one sister is focused on her career. The, oh, I don't even know what to call this - the old housewife mentality continued way past that, so well done, Tina.

The crush? Yeah, that's a cute sisterly thing. Maybe I should look into this "Fantastic Beasts" and grab dome cocoa. I have some, I think.


Author's Response: Nice to read this and not cry? :D Yep, JKR loves her "unique" names. I'd call myself Tina if my parents named me Porpentina too. It's old English for porcupine, for Merlin's sake. I remember it from Hamlet: Like quills upon the fretful porpentine. The actress who played Tina did a great job of making her determined to do her job and then determined to do what was right instead of "fretful." I think it helps that she's got her dad's (Sam Waterson from Law & Order) serious brown eyes. Please do watch Fantastic Beasts if it's still in theaters, with or without cocoa, and thank you so much for your lovely review! :)

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 01/13/17 9:46 · For: Queenie
I read this last night and immediately got up and made myself some cocoa. It was very tasty but it only came from a pouch. I did add some milk and whipped cream to the cup though. That somehow made it more "real." i think Jake and Queenie are the cutest couple. Will we ever see them again or do they live on in our fantasies? Was is always illegal for Magical and Non-Majs to marry? Was it like that in Britain? For some reason this reminded me of my own parents who were a "mixed" marriage in the 50s. I think I would've chosen pie over strudel--warm with ice cream if possible. I wonder if we'll see a whole new generation of Potter stories. You will be at the forefront.

Author's Response: Fantastic Beasts is set to be a five film series, so we should see Jacob and Queenie again. I agree, they're the cutest. LOL at you wanting cocoa after reading. Absolutely, this is a "mixed" couple. It wasn't illegal in the UK, which is why Newt called it "backwards" in the film. It's like fashions. It takes the US a while to catch up with Europe. :D

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