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Reviews For The Road to Delphi

Name: the opaleye (Signed) · Date: 09/10/17 1:13 · For: Chapter 1
This fic really made me look at this particular Cursed Child plot point in a new light. Despite my reservations (and dislike, to be honest) of Delphi's existence in canon, this fic gives a damn good backstory as to her origins. Your Bellatrix is gloriously unhinged, and your take on how Dementors can interact with humans was completely new to me. Not a pleasant read by any means, but completely engrossing. Congrats on the QSQ awards, Paige! Very well-deserved!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I had a gut "no way in hell" reaction to Voldemort being human enough to do the deed to impregnate anyone, so of course I had to come up with a way for him to do it/not do it, lol. "Gloriously unhinged" has to be my favorite description of Bellatrix ever. I'm going to treasure it like the award. Thanks again!

Name: Oregonian (Signed) · Date: 06/06/17 18:03 · For: Chapter 1
A marvelous piece of work, Paige. (Though I must confess I read it twice in order to fully grasp it.) You have wonderfully captured Bellatrix's obsession-to-the-point-of-madness and have gone a long ways toward erasing the impossibility of there being a sexual relationship between Bellatrix and Tom Riddle. (I say 'gone a long ways' because it's still a bit of a stretch, but I can't imagine anyone's depicting it better.)

A great job in depicting the horror, depravity, and suffering inside the walls of Azkaban. Other authors depict Sirius's experience there also, but not so degradedly, owing, no doubt, to the moral difference between Bellatrix and Sirius.

Some of your stories are quite different from the topics and scenarios which are written so often, and I really enjoy/appreciate them for their freshness and originality. Vicki

Author's Response: Is it sad that when I see a review, I'm surprised when it's actually a review instead of spam? :D Thank you so much! I'll admit, I was one of the people crying "bs" about Delphi being the Dark Lord's daughter. Voldemort didn't need a child to carry his name. He planned on being immortal! And since he considered himself so far above mere mortals, how could he stoop, to, well, schtupp? Inspiring thoughts, lol. I think you're right about the moral difference between Bella and Sirius, and he also had the advantage of being an Animagus. Dogs can be content with simple things waiting for people to come home from work and let them out, while humans go bat guano crazy cooped up. Thank you for enjoying my stories. I really appreciate the compliment. :)

Name: tilli (Signed) · Date: 01/03/17 12:29 · For: Chapter 1
It was very different from your other pieces. You make everything canon appear more connected and add layers to the stories that others or at least I never would have thought of. Work of pure genius. Would love to read your non fan fiction stories someday.

Author's Response: I'm so happy you gave this story a chance! It is very dark, because that's Bellatrix; her idea of a happy ending is getting to shag Voldemort when he's using magic to take the form of a Dementor. Thank you for liking layers in stories! I will definitely be hitting you up to read my original fiction. ^_^

Name: Dad (Signed) · Date: 12/19/16 12:00 · For: Chapter 1
Pretty dark and certainly not for young children, but could not stop reading it.

Author's Response: Aw, that's the loveliest compliment (that you couldn't stop reading, heh)! Thank you!

Name: whichone (Signed) · Date: 12/15/16 8:08 · For: Chapter 1

I read this out of pure curiosity because I didn't understand the Delphi angle in the Cursed Child. I haven't actually finished reading the piece because I thought it read like bad fan fiction by a self respected playwright. Delphi just seemed like a poor connection staining an already good enough tale that could have survived without an Epilogue. That's a personal opinion.

However you bring up fair points. This is gonna sound bad but I never thought about the prisoners associating, or being assisted by potions or even having the time to stroll around the fortress. Shame on me for that cruel and unusual punishment thing and forgetting Death Eaters were human, huh? Bad me.

The beauty of this thing is you don't overdue it. You invent spells and charms yes but you make them work. I think I tell you every time you beta for me that I don't initially agree with you. And I don't. And then I read the damn thing. (Yeah, that's me. Hello.). I am sitting here thinking "Why is the Dementor talking? Why is it talking, Kerichi?"

Oh, YEAH! You're secretly brilliant. I get it, continue. I love the comrade relationship between the prisoners and Bellatrix's humor. It just I never would have thought that. And the poor guard. Is that an Auror who drew the short straw?

I felt bad for Bellatrix when I read she got landed with Delphi in the Cursed Child.
I mean, Voldemort loves nobody. Yes I felt bad for Pettigrew once upon a time, too.

This piece made me seriously think. You have a gift hidden among fluff here. Should we mention you're right in closing? Ha!

Well done, Paige.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely review! Muggle prisoners get to trudge around a guarded courtyard for exercise, so I gave the Death Eaters (after years of behaving themselves) the same privileges. The answer to why the Dementor talked to Bellatrix is because she drove him to it by "starving" him of the emotions she felt when experiencing one of her fantasies. Dementors don't need to talk to each other to communicate, so it took some effort and was only a whisper, but it was worth his trouble. It's interesting that you used the word fluff, which has the connotation of something light or trivial, without a lot of substance. I think humor (even dark humor) has a way of giving that impression, but it's really like Merry Poppins' spoonful of sugar helping the "medicine" of deeper meaning (how Bellatrix survived in Azkaban, the depth of her devotion to Voldemort and his--however limited--regard for her, even her "addiction" to the visions she experienced with the Dementor's power) go down in an entertaining way. Thank you for seeing beyond Bella being Bella! :D

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