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Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/04/15 18:32 · For: Chapter Four and Three-Quarters: Olivanders
I'm so excited that Ginny found a wand. I wonder what kind of wand I'd get. I'd have to get a pretty strong wand because I think I'd be kind of sloppy with my wand movements. I think I'd keep asking myself--is this for real? Will this really work? Great chapter.

Author's Response: Thank You. I really wanted the Olivander's scene to be nothing but POSITIVE. I also still needed a place for Ginny to meet Colin, a reverse echo of Harry meeting Draco in Diagon Alley. Then *spoilers* she will meet her "nemesis" on the train. Haven't quite worked out those details yet though. I have LOTS of amazing idea regarding this "nemesis"!!! I can't wait to bring them to life. Still working on chapter five!!

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/03/15 14:42 · For: Chapter Four: Diagon Alley
I really liked this chapter. That was nice of Harry to give Ginny his free copies of Lockhart's books. I think Ginny isn't swayed by a pretty face that isn't backed up by substance. I liked the Weasleys' idea of birthday presents. It gets harder and harder to buy gifts for people, not only the cost but choosing the gift.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/28/15 14:14 · For: Chapter Three: The Burrow
I wonder if the boys got a lighter sentence because Harry was actually in trouble and they rescued him, while Ginny was flying around for the heck of it with no real mission.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/27/15 15:18 · For: Chapter Two: Ringlets and Freedom
So it was Ginny's idea to use the car to go after Harry, although she probably didn't expect anyone to listen to her at the time. I'm still surprised that Molly didn't know her three noisy sons were gone but I suppose that was the chaos of the moment in the household. Luna sounds good.

Author's Response: I somewhat answer that question about whose idea it really was in the beginning of chapter three. Did the twins get quiet because they were working out a great idea GInny gave them, or did they get quiet because she had the SAME idea as them and they didn't want her to realize that? The difference being she was only joking of course. I thoroughly decided to leave that up to the readers to decide since the entire scenario is only plausible headcannon anyway!!! The way I see it as the author, given the right sense of need and urgency, any of the Weasleys' true Gryffindor colors would have shown through and could have presented the idea to any one of them really. However, since this story is from Ginny's point of view, it made sense to voice her thoughts on the subject.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/22/15 14:52 · For: Chapter One: Broomsticks and Fireplaces
I really liked this chapter. It was long though. I guess if you take the time writing that much then we should take the time to appreciate it. It always surprises me as to what people think of to write. I'm reading a story right now from Ginny's viewpoint, but during the time the Trio was out looking for Horcruxes. This will be fun to read. We do always think Ginny started to like Harry as a little girl crush but you're showing there was more to it than that. She wanted to use his Nimbus 2000. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you! Chapter is already uploaded and just waiting for approval. I did notice that my chapters were considerably longer than most fanfics, but if you look at a Harry Potter novel, the average word count is 250ish per page. Chapters are between 15-20 pages usually. This is an average word count of 3750-5000 words. And yes anything over 8000 words is generally 32+ page chapters which from what I've found so far is way over JKR's usual page number. So I am trying to cut down. I just feel like, there is SO much going on in the background that Harry never gets to see. I like that you like my idea that Ginny falls for Harry Potter over time. Yes, absolutely little girls can fall for a guy on sight but in my nearly 30 years I've noticed those attractions don't usually last that long. It's the unexpected, grows on you over time, type of feelings that persevere and I want to show that she is more than a boy crazy adolescent as many see her in her youth. I can't wait until you read chapter four!!! That is the chapter where Ginny really begins to see Harry as a person and not a famous person, and this is where she really begins to see that there are multiple sides to every version of a story. I do apologize that I always overwrite. If I ever wanted to condense this down to a real novel, I would probably take out much of her memory to Romania, and a few other back story lines. However, I only had TWO chapters to get into her backstory before Harry Potter shows up at their house and invades her life if I wanted this project to be able to be read in tandem with the original. So, we'll see I guess!!

Name: arwen85 (Signed) · Date: 10/22/15 9:22 · For: Chapter One: Broomsticks and Fireplaces

Author's Response: Thank you! I have chapters 2-4 done as well and am currently working on chapter five. I'll get them submitted as soon as I can so the story can continue!

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