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Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 03/18/16 13:44 · For: Chapter Thirty Two: At the Edge of the Forest
Neville turned into such a hero at the end.
Ginny was ultra nice to Polly. I don't know if I could've done that. It must have been tempting to blame her and have those be the last words she heard.

Author's Response: Thank you :)

Name: SpellWitch (Signed) · Date: 03/18/16 12:13 · For: Chapter Thirty Two: At the Edge of the Forest
So Polly was the one.... And yet you can't even feel angry with her... Did McLaggen at least protect Polly's mother? I mean, I know he was an annoying jerk, but I wouldn't think he'd be THAT horrible. :( I'd feel better if he was at least genuinely trying to help Polly. :(

You've really done a great job with all your original characters. :)

And oh, the way they feel for Harry! :(

I can totally imagine Ron and Hermione suddenly realizing Harry wasn't there with them and looking for him frantically because they KNOW him, they KNOW he'd rather sacrifice himself, and Ron, especially, already burning with rage because of Fred's death, he'd be even more upset/angry/worried/scared that they can't find Harry. I love how the rest of the family has to physically restrain him so he doesn't go after Harry; even though the Weasleys themselves feel horrible (because obviously, by now, Harry is a Weasley, just not by name).

And then McGonagall and Ginny and everyone shouting for him. That was such a touching moment in the books (to see how much Harry means to them, and not just as a symbol), and it's even sadder here, even though I know Harry's coming back. :(

Author's Response: Thank you for all your lovely reviews :) McLaggen's actually going to pop up soon in my other fic, so I can't give too much away! But Polly's mum was all right :) I'm so glad you liked these chapters, it sounds horrible but I actually really enjoyed writing them. I really miss this fic.

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