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Name: Dad (Signed) · Date: 07/08/15 14:33 · For: Lumos Duo
Definitely one of the most interesting stories going at the moment.

Author's Response: Thanks, Dad! (Couldn't resist, you have such an awesome name)

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 07/07/15 18:33 · For: Lumos Duo
Scorpius is so Slytherin but in a good way. His grandfather must be proud. I loved the image of Marianne arriving at the same time as the MLE do to enforce evictions then giving the unfortunate families a basket of flowers (flowers, really?) and produce. At least the produce makes sense. And she said all this while eating heritage lamb and declaring it delicious. I guess I loved the sarcasm in that statement. It shows what Marianne is really like. I chuckled a little bit over Terry's using too many tanning spells. How do you think of all these things? You are so creative!

Author's Response: It's my Slytherin tendencies. I thought I'd be Sorted into Slytherin, but say you like to read and would do something to cheer someone up and off you go to Gryffindor. I felt like the kid who crawls up the slide to tell Santa that he wants a BB gun, not a football (in my case it was "but I said I'd leave the kid I'm babysitting in a closet and not go looking when it was my turn to seek!") and gets nudged away by a boot to the forehead. Good times. Toast. Thank you!

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