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Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 06/30/15 21:22 · For: Couple Talk
I can't believe I forgot to comment on my favorite part of this chapter: Scorpius" embarrassment over his dimple. That is so hysterical. i mean, to feel bad over something like a dimple--there are so many other worse things, although Scorpius is so perfect that I can see him embarrassed by this one thing that might mar his face:D I can't remember if he was embarrassed about his dimple in the two stories leading up to this one. I suppose I'll have to go back and read them again to find out. Too bad:P

Author's Response: You don't have to go back, I was happy to go copy the first mention of his dimple for you. It was chapter four of Our Little Secret when Rose is pestering Scorpius to decide on a favour so she can pay him back and stop having it hang over her head. Rose admits Albus was impressed with Scorpius's notes that she copied and: Malfoy laughed. It was a huff of sound, barely audible. Rose stood close enough to hear it and see a flash of white teeth along with something that made her stare. “You have a dimple!” His eyes became hard as grey slate. “No, I don’t.” “Yes, you do.” And it was wrong. Dimples were for nice boys, not Slytherins. Malfoy backed away. “You need glasses like your uncle.”

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 06/30/15 20:56 · For: Couple Talk
Well, it was hard to imagine Harry with a full-blown mustache. I think I got a bigger smirk thinking about Lucius having snakelets. You are so clever. I would've said kittens and left it but you had to push it further and make it perfect. It sounds like Ron and Hermione don't want to admit their little girl is growing up. And it doesn't sound like Scorpius is going to give up until Rose is ensconced in his flat--or should I say their flat.

Author's Response: It is funny thinking of him with a Gary Oldman/Commissioner Gordon mustache. :D Aw, thanks. Ron and Hermione probably wouldn't be as concerned if Scorpius had "normal" wizarding parents. Lucius complicates things.

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