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Name: whichone (Signed) · Date: 12/27/16 17:25 · For: That red lip classic thing that you like

So this was so refreshing. I don't know if it's just that I am reading through a slew of really, really bad fanfiction or what on certian sites. It is rather nice not have to pick through a Harry/Draco piece or something for the pure not really "shock and awe" of the story. This was a nice nod towards canon.

Thank goodness. If you couldn't actually tell, I'm slowly picking and choosing as I read through your vast collection. There's a 102 of these things. Really, Paige, really, it's what it says! Like, it's staring at me in the face. :).

I like that Draco seems doubtful here. I really, really started to feel for Malfoy after HBP. And then, apparently, Astoria dies in "A Cursed Child" and I sympathize with the kid Hermoine once punched in the face ....because I'm me ....and Draco ain't that bad.

I always wondered how the Malfoys got money. I mean, I know they had dirty, pureblood money, or whatever, yet the business on the side seems to clear that up for me. I can like Draco. However, this does not put Lucius good ol' boy Malfoy off the naughty list.

Wanna do that for me Paige? Haha. I am kidding. I already feel sympathy for Pettigrew and crazy female Lestrange.

I LOVE that Astoria has these legs, as my brother would say "the damn things go up to Avalon". (He stole that from a song - the first time I got that and understood it, I was like, "Oh! I get it!"). Any way, and the Narcissa playing the annoying mother angle? And the fact that Draco is failing, he has failed and he acknowledges it? I want to hug yhis man.

Mind you, Draco always reminded me of like an annoyingly annoying little brother. My little brother? He's a weakness.

Well played, Paige, well played. 102, Paige, REALLY .... really. Well played.


Author's Response: 102 and this site is just Harry Potter! I've written Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Captain America and even Suicide Squad fan fiction too! Whatever made you want to read this story, I'm a happy writer that you read and enjoyed it. Lucius Malfoy will NEVER be off the Naughty List. Unlike Buddy in Elf, though, neither Draco nor Scorpius would feel any shock or horror over it. :D I'm practically an Irish triplet (I'm a twin and have a brother 15 months younger), so I've never had an annoying little brother and can't imagine Draco that way, (which is a good thing since I write Draco romances, lol) but I'm glad you want to hug him, and sympathy for "bad" people is a good thing. Makes you a better writer! ;)

Name: Misshogwarts1125 (Signed) · Date: 02/13/16 20:48 · For: That red lip classic thing that you like
I appreciate your nod to Taylor Swift

Author's Response: Thanks! I changed the original titles when I kept singing the song while editing. Malfoy men appreciate women with style. :D

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 06/18/15 18:47 · For: That red lip classic thing that you like
I don't think I know enough about Astoria so this story fills me in a little bit. You make Astoria sound so beautiful, upper class, elegant--she sounds perfect for Draco. I love how Draco keeps adding to his vocabulary in describing her. It's funny how his mother uses words like wanton, greedy, using them as insults while Draco seems to think they are complimentary. One day I kept using the word 'parameters' and decided that was my favorite word.:D

Author's Response: I think you were subconsciously desiring to widen the "parameters" of your friendship with a certain scrummy teacher, but I've been writing a lot of romance lately, lol. Thank you for reviewing! Since you're so far above everyone else on the prolific reviewers list, I know you just review because you're an awesome person and want to encourage writers (even those who have known you so long you're now friends). :)

Name: Misshogwarts1125 (Signed) · Date: 06/16/15 21:56 · For: That red lip classic thing that you like
I am very much enjoying your Draco/Astoria fics. I always wonder if Draco got the love he deserved from someone.

Author's Response: I was glad to read that Jo said Astoria taught her son not to think Muggles and half-bloods were scum, and Draco might have secretly agreed. It made me think yes, Astoria married Draco for love, and she made sure he came around to her way of thinking. ^_^ Thank you for reviewing the story!

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