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Reviews For Blaise Inglorious

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 05/10/15 15:44 · For: Blaise Inglorius
That was new and interesting. Although you had me feeling sorry for Blaise even when I knew he was just trying to get information from Ginny.

Author's Response: Thanks.
Although I’m not sure how much sympathy Blaise deserves.

Name: minervassister (Signed) · Date: 05/10/15 12:39 · For: Blaise Inglorius
Great story with a great ending, nice to see Blaise getting his comeuppance.
So true to Ginny's nature, glad they had some good times in year 7.

Author's Response: Thanks.
I’ve seen a lot of stories where “year seven” is full of torture and violence. I see it differently. We know that Snape acted to “reduce” the punishments on Neville, Ginny and Luna. We also know that, apart from Snape and the Carrows, the other teachers remained.

Name: BrokenPromise (Signed) · Date: 05/10/15 11:17 · For: Blaise Inglorius
What a story! The plot’s clever and the dialogue witty. The characters we know are spot on, and the characters we don’t are well written. Blaise’s character, in particular, felt so self-confident; it was pleasing to see him get his comeuppance for being a slimy git. I love the contrast between Ginny’s reflection and the conspiracy going on around her -- the story is so well paced. Finally I think that the ending delivers the core message very strongly indeed, and the varying images of Draco throughout the story really put a smile on my face. Thank you for brightening my afternoon.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
I’ve met a few Blaise’s over the years, constantly assessing women, boastful about the girls they’ve had, and ultimately interested only in themselves. Using Blaise as an unreliable narrator was useful. Hopefully seeing Draco from the perspective of Blaise, the DA and the other Slytherins helps to round him out.

Name: Oregonian (Signed) · Date: 05/09/15 19:19 · For: Blaise Inglorius
Hi, Neil. A new story about Blaise Zabini, that great enigma of the Potterverse, the student whom we never really know, who keeps his own counsel, never showing his hand. We authors have written him at both ends of the spectrum, as favoring the Death Eaters and as not favoring them, as opposed to and as sympathetic with Dumbledore’s Army, as returning to fight on Harry Potter’s side, or on the other side, or not returning at all.

In your story, you keep him as enigmatic as ever, pretending to co-operate with Draco, but sitting in the back row of seats, wearing his Inquisitorial Squad badge only when necessary, and, along with Theodore Nott (Mr. Enigma #2), managing to avoid committing himself publicly to the Dark Mark. In his relationship with women, as in his relationship with Draco, he is focused on looking out only for himself.

So his campaign to get information from Ginny by romancing her arises from two impulses; the desire to keep Draco mollified, and his actual attraction to Ginny. But he overestimates himself and underestimates her, with completely amusing results.

One wonders why Draco, with all his emotional instability was made Head Boy instead of Blaise, who seemed to have much better self-control and objectivity. It was probably because of Draco’s whole-hearted allegiance to the Dark side, and Blaise’s persistent refusal to commit himself. We have heard from Jo Rowling in an interview that some unnamed Slytherins did come back to the battle along with Professor Slughorn and Charlie Weasley, but exactly which ones did so is a matter of speculation. I wonder if they included Blaise and Theodore.

One wonders, also exactly what the administration of the school hoped to accomplish by having all those posters printed, only to be torn down within the same day. It seems that the hi-jinks were simply amusing to the younger Slytherins rather than a trigger for indignation or retaliation. Only Draco and maybe Pansy were taking it seriously. And Crabbe’s and Goyle’s opinions don’t count.

This was an evocative glimpse into that shadowy, murky milieu of the 1997-1998 school year at Hogwarts. I enjoyed reading it. As always, thanks for writing.


Author's Response:

Thanks for the epic review, and apologies for the response being months late.

So far as I know, the sole bit of canon we have about Blaise is that Ginny thinks he’s a poser (according to Pansy). Pansy may be lying, but why would she? For some reason the few paragraphs of HBP in which he appears made me think that Blaise did fancy Ginny.

For some reason I can’t see any of the seventh year Slytherins fighting with Harry (except, possibly Tracey). I’ve written a few stories about Theodore, and I “know” more than I’ve revealed. This, however, is my first attempt at placing Blaise centre stage.

I’m sure that Voldemort, although he trusts Snape, would have appreciated a Death Eater as Head Boy. Also Draco was always Snape’s favourite. I really can’t see anyone else as Head Boy.

The posters were based on ones the Nazis used. I see them as being everywhere across the Wizarding world during “that shadowy, murky milieu” as you so nicely put it.


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