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Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 09/29/15 13:02 · For: Oedipus Tyrannos
Hermione seems so cranky, like she's one of those people who finds fault with everything. Her sister seems the opposite. I think Hermione might be the more interesting one though.

Author's Response: Yes, Simaetha is the sensible one. Her dress sense isn't as good as her sister's, though.

Name: Kerichi (Signed) · Date: 09/29/15 11:53 · For: Oedipus Tyrannos
Apollo might reveal pieces of the future, but was it not still left to mortals to assemble them?

That sounds like a quote about writing! Inspiration is awesome, but stories are still left to mortals to assemble. I'm glad you found time to find your way to writing and posting this chapter.

Ollivander is so amusing, wanting to make sofas for the rich and famous instead of being a "small fish" wand maker. The fact that he told that to a friend whose father is a maker of fine wands makes me wonder if his unthinking honesty is going to get him into trouble one day. Preferably with Simaetha. :D Better a barefoot girl with ADD, eidetic memory and allergies (joking, Hermione only sniffed twice, but one of them was a dialogue tag that made me imagine her sniffing constantly as she spoke--which I should have noticed in beta mode, heh) than a high maintenance witch with boots lined with cat fur (which made me wonder how Ollivander knew at a glance that the fur was cat's fur. Was it orange? Tabby patterned?).

Although the beginning of your story establishes the time and setting brilliantly, I have to say that this chapter immerses the reader even more completely. It's like a film. The establishing shot draws you in, but then the story visually unfolds and either makes you feel like you're experiencing the story through the characters, or feel like you're part of a Greek chorus, observing and commenting on the action in your mind (or out loud, sometimes accompanied by throwing popcorn).

You bring readers into the story, and although the story path is unclear, readers of worth will rely on their author to reveal all in due time.

Here's hoping "due time" is sooner rather than later. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks - a big part of why I wrote this story is its unusual setting. By now you know how the pieces of Ollivander's future began to come together. Next chapter is finally submitted, so should be out soon.

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