Reviews For Beaten and Blown
Reviewer: rosemerta
Date: 01/27/14 18:52
Chapter: Chapter 2 Devotion

i remember the whole time I read the series, I wanted to hate Snape. I truly despised him and thought him awful. Upon completing the series, I fell in love with him and had a great respect for the kind of man he was. If ever anyone deserved true love, it was Severus Snape NOT James Potter. Without Lily & James, there would be no Harry but despite his fun, cleverness, and handsome face, James didn't truly deserve Lily. His only redeeming qualities were his deep loyalty to friends, his courage, and his love for her. The truly admirable one was Severus, studious, kind & gentle with Lily who was just a shy lonely boy who fell in with the wrong crowd because he was so lonely, when being sorted into a different house caused him to lose the only true friend he ever had. Sure, he insulted her with a derogatory comment but he was also angry at the time. What he did to atone for his mistake in revealing the prophecy proves how much he loved her and the great lengths he went to to protect her ungrateful son showed how loyal he was to her memory. If only he hadn't been reminded of James everytime he looked at Harry, he could have become a surrogate father figure for Harry. As it was, Harry's resemblance caused Severus' distaste for him and cemented the ongoing animosity of Potter versus Snape. You wrote a truly moving piece about what could likely have happened before their deaths that raises a lot of 'what ifs' and 'if onlys'.

Author's Response: Thank you. I had very similar feelings about Snape as I read the stories, but I also began to think that there was some reason besides disliking Harry that made him act as he did. It seemed to me that he was acting a part, like he wanted people to think he was into the Dark Arts and that he favored Slytherin kids like Malfoy, even though his true feelings were quite different. Like you, I loved him in the end because it turned out that his true motivation was love.

Reviewer: nborchers
Date: 12/07/13 23:05
Chapter: Chapter 1 Deception

This is a neat addition to the story! Really liked the way it was written, especially the dialogue. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks Neil! I just now found this review--I didn't realize that you'd posted it before.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 11/05/13 14:24
Chapter: Chapter 2 Devotion

I'm happy that Severus was able to see Lily alive for one last time and talk to her. I'm also happy that Lily was able to explain things, in a way, to Severus before she died. I wonder how things would've been if Dumbledore hadn't meddled when he did meddle in other people's relationships. I can't believe I forgot to read this chapter before.

Reviewer: SilverDoe_IsoBell
Date: 10/30/13 18:37
Chapter: Chapter 2 Devotion

A brilliant take on Lily and Severus' last moments together, which is both touching and realistic.

Reviewer: Nagini Riddle
Date: 10/28/13 13:19
Chapter: Chapter 2 Devotion

Plot twists! :)

I rather liked his, because I think it would fit into the books rather well (then again, I am a sucker for Sev/Lily). I love that in this story, Lily was able to find out everything Severus did, and how he was now trying to save her from Voldemort, because I would hate for Lily to have died and not known the truth about Snape. But knowing the type of person Lily is, she probably understood a lot more about Severus than other people did, and I am willing to bet that she thought of him often.
Thanks for a good read. Good luck with the challenge!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 10/25/13 11:29
Chapter: Chapter 1 Deception

That was pretty dastardly of James. I think that whenever any of us does something like that it comes back to bite us. I'm sure that's what will happen to James.

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