Reviewer: Wolfsbane394
Date: 09/17/13 20:48
Chapter: Chapter 2

This story is very interesting. I wasn't sure about it at first, I thought a story about wands would be rather boring, but this certainly is not. I'd never given much thought to how the wand chooses the wizard, or whether or not they have a conscience, but I really like the way you describe their thought process. I hope you write a few chapters from the Yew wands point of view. What made him chose Tom? How does he feel about being used for Dark magic? I'm really looking forward to reading more, especially the part where the Holly wand chooses Harry. Please keep writing! This is a great story! :)

Reviewer: Dad
Date: 09/17/13 5:14
Chapter: Chapter 2

It needs the scene when the wand first meets Harry and a description of what happens when the wands meet again. Better get writing.

Author's Response: Well, Dad, you obviously see where I'm going with this story. And, while you said nothing positive about my little tale, you also said nothing negative. And I'm going to choose to infer from your comment that I should "get writing" that if I write it, you will read it. And, if you will read it, you must like it. So ... heartfelt thanks. I'll keep writing, and I'll do my best not to disappoint.

Reviewer: Oregonian
Date: 09/06/13 22:52
Chapter: Chapter 1

Hi, Valerie,

This is Vicki of Slytherin House. I certainly enjoyed reading the opening chapter of your new story. I can't remember reading a story about the wands' having personalities, although we all know that "the wand chooses the wizard", implying that wands do have some sort of consciousness. (And I used that concept briefly in my own chaptered fic when I dared to say that Harry's wand chose a particular book for him.)

Your story posits that 1.) the wand's "brain" is in its core rather than in its wood, and 2.) wands are remarkably sentient beings, able to see things, feel emotions, ask themselves questions, and so on.

I checked out wands and wandlore in Harry Potter Wiki. It was stated there that wands do not think, although in your story they do. Since we can all agree, at least, that wands do not talk, who really knows whether or not they can think? As we are all free to form our own opinion on this point, I vote for yours!

This is an utterly charming story, at least in its opening chapter. And I see that it could be a very long story, given that Voldemort possessed his wand for a long time, through many momentous events. The wandmaker (Ollivander, I presume) is well characterized and well described. We can see his actions, through which we can judge what kind of person he is, but we can only guess (as the wand guesses) at his thoughts. Your description of the wandmaking process is both simple and fascinating. And through the careful details of the workshop and the garden outside, as glimpsed by the wand, we can easily envision the scene.

Your writing is smooth and graceful, with a tone of innocence well suited for a newly-created wand. The colorful story-telling draws us in, and the brisk pace keeps us going. I am looking forward to the coming chapters!

Author's Response: Wow! If I had known my little backstory about these two wands would bring about such a heart-warming review, I would have posted it years ago! I wasn't sure anyone was interested in my writing, so I stopped altogether. I was cleaning my computer files and found this story I had written but never submitted, and thought I'd submit just to see what came of it. I am truly touched that you enjoyed it. And I'm even more taken back that you prefer my version of this piece of wandlore over that of Harry Potter Wiki! If my fanfiction hobby wasn't a complete secret, I'd print your review and frame it over my desk as an inspiration to keep writing. Thank you most sincerely for taking the time to review.

Reviewer: luinrina
Date: 09/06/13 12:05
Chapter: Chapter 1

This nice little one-shot hasn't got a review yet? What a shame. It's a great read and gives a beautiful insight into Harry's wand's mind. (If it had any; but who knows? It's magical, maybe it actually had.) The story's very well-written and easy to follow, and the wand's 'voice' is extremely distinctive.

I liked especially how you incorporated the symbolism with the woods Ollivander used - Holly as the wood of hope and life vs. the poisonous yew. You nicely depicted the feather's doubts as well as its horror when Ollivander brought its brother and the yew together. Nice foreshadowing of how these two wands' owners will use them, as well as what the wands will mean not only for their owners' lives but the magical community as a whole.

A couple of years back, there was a challenge on the Beta Boards entitled "Perfect Plot in a Prologue Challenge" where we were asked to write a prologue to the Harry Potter books in response to the one Rowling published. A mod explained it that way: "How would you introduce the Harry Potter books to someone who hasn't read them yet?" I find your story would have fit that challenge perfectly.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your most kind review. I have to laugh that you called it a "one-shot" as it states that it is not yet completed. The funny part in this is that I originally wrote it (2 years ago but never submitted til now) to be a one-shot. You obviously picked up on that. But one day I sat at the keyboard and kept writing ... and lo and behold there came a chapter 2. I have pieces of oodles of chapters that I can't figure out how to string together at this point. So I'm in a bit of a dilemma: leave it as a one-shot or post chapter 2 not knowing what will eventually follow. I did the exact same thing with my first fanfic. I wrote several chapters but had trouble piecing them all together, so I just stopped trying ... and there it sits in the archives. Incomplete. Again, your lovely review warmed by heart and may be enough to get me writing again.

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