Reviews For The Final Duel
Reviewer: teh tarik
Date: 05/24/13 7:49
Chapter: Sonnet

Hi there :)

Ooh, a sonnet! I haven't read one of these in ages ☺ It's so interesting that you're framing that final scene, the climax of DH, perhaps That Moment in the whole series, that final battle between Harry and Voldie, in a sonnet. I definitely think it works wonderfully, and that you have an excellent grasp for the form. This final battle will probably be remembered by the wizarding world in song and poetry, and I'm imagining this sonnet as one of those ^.^ Sorry, am rambling a bit. But anyway, this is a really lovely piece of writing, and the imagery was certainly very striking! I love all the reds of the poem - the rising sun, the spells, possibly blood. I think the final couplet was brilliant. Great work! I really enjoyed this!

-teh ♫♫

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the compliments. I didn't actually realise how many reds I'd used in the poem, (whoops) but I'm glad you liked it. I think that that scene really works for the form because it's like a dramatic dance scene in many ways, and in many ways they are like the sonnets traditional lovers - as in they are the others counterpart, and they sort of share a soul. Really glad you enjoyed the poem, and thanks again for the great review!

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