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Name: canufeelthemagictonight (Signed) · Date: 11/04/13 18:51 · For: Chapter 1
I love this story. Harry is so annoyingly noble, and Ginny is perfectly in-character as "the strong one trying to hold it all together." Write more H/G, please!

Author's Response: Hi, thanks so much for your review, it's lovely to still get reviews quite a while after I wrote the fic! I'm glad you thought they were in character, but I'm not sure I'll be writing more of this pairing... I never expected to write them in the first place, I always have a lot of difficulty writing both of them. But if inspiration strikes I certainly will. Thanks again for the review. ~Katrina

Name: xxbabewithbrainsxx (Signed) · Date: 07/16/13 8:37 · For: Chapter 1
Another great story, Katrina :) I've not read a Harry/Ginny in quite a while, and this was a lovely surprise, because your story was well written and well characterised.

I always did think Harry and Ginny had a bit of a "cooling off" period, so to speak, post-battle, just because I agree Harry would have pushed everyone away. Yeah, he did that in OOTP and saw it didn't work, but I really liked what you said about Harry having a saving people thing and that continuing after the battle, because I think that really rings true for Harry as a character. I agree that he would have felt personally responsible for the destruction of Hogwarts, as well as all the deaths as a result of the battle.

I was also glad to see Ginny pursue Harry in the end and be able to persuade him to come home. Oh, and the bit where she blurted out that she loved him was great -- really understated and yet you said a lot about her character in that moment. I liked that it wasn't supposed to be the way she said "I love you" to him for the first time, and it sounded so much more natural by Ginny blurting it out by accident. :)

Anyway, this was an enjoyable read and definitely a refreshing change from the H/G fanfics I used to read back in the days. The dialogue was well-written and the story well thought out. Keep it up! :)

Soraya xxx

Author's Response: Thanks again for such a lovely review, and for saying you enjoyed this story and thought it well-characterised! That means a lot. I never expected to write a Harry/Ginny, I've always found them both tricky to write, but I came up with this idea and just wrote it. I think Harry is a pretty messed-up person by the end of DH after everything that he's been through, and the way he's characteristically dealt with things is to try and fix them, so I think that's what he would do. And he would also have been pushing down his emotions a lot and I don't think he would have wanted to talk with anyone about how he actually felt, it would be easier just to try and make it all better. Ginny is a feisty girl so I think it fit within her character and their relationship for her to make a move, I think that was really what Harry needed. I also think they both know that they love each other, but want to say it in a special way. Ginny blurting it out for me just shows their relationship - nothing really goes quite as planned but it sort of works out better that way. I think I also wanted to write this because I see a lot of stories where Ron and Hermione have a difficult relationship but Harry and Ginny just slot back in together, and I always thought it would be the other way round - Ron and Hermione have had 7 years in pretty close proximity so by the time they get around to it, they've already sorted through a lot, whereas Harry and Ginny haven't actually spent that much time together, plus they both had awful but very different experiences during DH which they would have to sort through. So I wanted to put out my take on their story. Anyway thanks again for such a complimentary review! ~Katrina

Name: majestic_ginny (Signed) · Date: 04/16/13 5:31 · For: Chapter 1
Hi, Katrina!

It’s been a while since I’ve read a Harry/Ginny here, and from the very start, I think you’ve done a great job. You’ve captured the essence of the post-war really well, as well as the Weasley characterisations. The writing was well done, and the Harry/Ginny vibe is also perfect. Good job!

The first thing I’d like to talk about is the writing. I appreciate how you wrote this in the present tense, because that makes it more real to me, for I think that I’m reading it as it is happening, not how it happened. For me, it’s more interesting this way, and that’s one thing that drew me in. Second, I love how the mood shifted from happy and carefree to sombre. Initially, when Ginny rambles about how Christmas was as a child, it seems very innocent and has this childlike quality, for children tend to speak in one go like that. As she thinks about Fred, though, the mood suddenly shifts, and I think that was well done because for the Weasleys, losing Fred was the hardest thing and a definite transition in the emotions in the family. Even during the war, things were okay because they were together. After the war, though, their family went from being whole to broken. It was a defining moment and that’s why I think that the shift in tone while thinking about Fred was perfect -- it sort of reflected the disposition of the family, as well. This transition was very well done and seems natural to me, so well done on that.

Ginny’s emotions were very well done and I could feel her grief while she talks about Fred and her family. This is very clear in this line: “The problem is that every one of them was happy to die for the war, but none of them were prepared for going on having lost someone else.” I feel that that is exactly what war is about, and it shows just how upsetting losing a family member is. Furthermore, with lines like when her breath caught in her throat every time the post arrived and she saw the Prophet, when she watched children be tortured and heard them scream and stood by, helpless, and Her family needs her, and she will be strong. She will try to make George laugh, and support her mother who can’t stop crying and her father who is grieving more than he lets on, you define two of her most important traits: her strength and her vulnerability. In the books she was defined as very strong and unyielding, and this can be seen in the latter line when she wants to be strong for her family. Her weakness, too, as we see in PS and CoA, is depicted in the first line. These two sentences, I think are great representations of Ginny, and I believe you have nailed her character.

Her interactions with the other characters, too, were well done. Her conversation with her mother seems pretty accurate to me, due to the fighting and the bickering. That’s how their relationship always was and I think you’ve handled it well. I especially loved it when she talks about Ron and Hermione -- Ron writing longer letters to Hermione and shorter ones to the others was very funny. Ron and Hermione are two of my favourite characters in the Potterverse, and this portrayal of them is, I think, perfect. After all, Ron loved her for a long time (though he had no idea) and he’d try to express that in any way, and writing longer letters, even though if it is just mushy stuff, seems to be in his character. Silly Ron. Also, I am touched when Ginny thinks about her and Harry’s relationship and wishes to go forward. Even though he’s ignored her, I’m glad she still wants to work it out and went over to Harry herself. Probably that’s what having a crush forever on someone does to you, hah.

As for Harry, though, while I agree that he has this “saving people thing”, I don’t think he’d cut everyone off. He might be shy, but he would talk with the people closest to him. Having gone through such a big trauma, I’d have thought he would want his family to stick close to him from the beginning. Still, I do like what happened in the end! I’m glad that Ginny could pull him out of his isolation. Harry was characterised well -- I like how he was calm at first and erupted later on, because that’s always been how he was when he was mad (like with Seamus in OotP). Finally I’m really happy that Harry decided to go home and that Ginny got it through his thick skull that he needed to come home in order to heal. This part was very sweet, and it brings the story to a full circle: Happy to sad to finally happy.

Overall, the excellent characterisation and great writing style made me fall in love with this story, and I’m glad I decided to read it. Well done and thank you for that enjoyable read!

--Nadia :)

Author's Response: Hi Nadia, Thank you for this absolutely lovely review!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I'm glad you liked the present tense - I usually like to play around with tenses and points of view in my stories, and I agree, I think present tense gives a story a certain immediacy. I juxtaposed the innocent and childlike memories with the sadness of Fred's death to make it even sadder, so it's good that came across. And I think you've understood exactly what I meant to show - the Weasley family are broken now in a way they weren't during the war, and I think when people are fighting, they feel like they're fighting for something and itwill all be worth it, and sometiems at the end they've lost so much that it doesn't feel worth it anymore. Thanks for saying Ginny's emotions were done well - I agree, I think her vulnerability and her strength are both important. In the books, she seems to be quite strong and won't let others into her emotions, but I wanted to get inside her head and show her vulnerable side as well. And I'm glad you think I ailed her character... I"ve never written either Harry or Ginny (except as really minor characters) before, so I was a bit nervous about that. I'm glad you thought I got Ron and Hermione, because while I've always found I understood Hermione, I've found it hard to write Ron as well. BUt I think he grew up a lot in DH and he would feel so lucky to have her that he would try really hard. And yeah, his letters probably aren't the best achievements of the ENglish language, but I don't think Hermione would care. I see your point about Harry - and in a way, I think he did want his family/friends close. The way I see it is that he saw all the trauma/loss in his friends and didn't know how to handle it, whereas all the physical things he did to try and fix the wizarding world were things he knew how to do. Plus I think there's a sense of martyrdom about Harry, and he doesn't want himself to be happy while others aren't. But that's just my interpretation, and there are lots of different ones which are equally believable, so I understand why you thought that was a bit OOC. I wanted to end the story on a happy note - probably because generally I'm an optomist, and I like to think that they did fight for something worth having in the war, and they will eventually be able to heal, at least to a point. So I didn't want to end it in a "happy ever after" way, but more in a there's still hope for the future way. Anyway, thank you again so much for this lovely review, it has made my day a lot better!! ~Katrina

Name: Ginny Weasley Potter (Signed) · Date: 04/15/13 17:06 · For: Chapter 1

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve read something that’s purely Harry and Ginny. My username sure seems to depict otherwise, but I haven’t read much of these two in a while, though I have written some of it. When I came across your story, I decided that this was a pairing I missed, and I realised that I really wanted to read your piece. I’m glad I did.

The first thing that struck me here was the bright mood that your story starts with, and the sudden darkness that seems to pool in a few words later. The transition is smooth and natural, and I loved the memories that Ginny has of her brothers, and then, I was sad at how they are just memories now. Fred’s death and the war have brought finality to it all ” it doesn’t look like those moments will ever come back ” and they won’t, because something is missing here. This line, in particular, depicts what I mean: It will be worse, even, than during the war, when at least there was the hope of future, untainted Christmases.

Ginny’s pain and grief are palpable to me. I think the moods and the character interactions here, and finally, Ginny’s thought process were handled with a lot of expertise. In the beginning, it looks as though Ginny is just grieving for Fred, but this clears up later when she thinks about how Ron and Hermione seem to have a perfectly normal relationship, which, at the moment, Ginny can’t have with Harry. It’s really lovely how that portion starts with the war, and then everything Ginny has seen, and then her brother ” her best friend, as you have mentioned before (which, I must say, really made me smile, because I agree with you on that) and her girl best friend, Hermione. It finally wanders to Harry, and remains with Harry after that.

I think Harry’s behaviour after the war is very realistic. He has this need to save everyone, hence making his characterisation perfect in this story. I see how you’ve brought forward a more controlled, less adolescent version of Harry from book five, and I approve of it. Also, I can see Ron writing long letters to Hermione, although, I’m quite sure they aren’t very eloquent or well- expressed! But this point made me adore your characterisation, because yes, I can see him do that. Then there’s Ginny herself. I must admit, I’m not very fond of her from the books because of her Suefication, and have found it difficult to write her without hating her, or making my readers hate her. I’m sure you’ve faced this too, and I must applaud you for the way you have put her forward ” completely compliant with her characterisation from the books, and yet perfectly likeable.

I was glad when Ginny decided to go to Harry’s office herself. The talk between her and Harry was very well written, and I liked that Harry was calm at first, before flaring up a little later on. But most importantly, I was happy that Ginny was angry enough to let Harry know that she was in love with him, or I’m sure Harry would have never realised anything on his own. After that, I think it was very good of Harry to come back to Ginny, and to confess his own love for her. All of this brought the story back to a positive note, and I’m very glad you decided to end it like this.

To sum it up, I adored your characterisation, and your vivid descriptions. I also enjoyed how the story switched moods. It was expertly done. I’m definitely glad that I chose to read this story. Harry and Ginny have never been my favourite pairing, but I love them, and this story did them justice. It was romantic and happy and sad, all at the same time, and it was a joy to read it. Well done! :)


Author's Response: Hi Pooja, Thank you thank you thank you for this lovely review!! It pretty much made my day :). I'm glad you liked the juxtaposition of happiness and bleakness. I was trying to blend the normal feelings of lost childhood/innocence with the devastation of the war - because some of Ginny's memories would be over forever even without the war (does that make sense?) And generally I find juxtaposition of the good times is the best way of showing the sadness. I'm glad Ginny's grief came across - I always thought of her as someone who doesn't show a lot of grief and pain, but who feels it strongly underneath. I'm also glad you liked the progression of her thoughts - at this point her (lack of) relationship with Harry is very tied up with the war, and I think she would have been going through so much, that a lot of her feelings sort of mix together. She can't think of Harry and not of Fred, if that makes any sense. And I've always thought Ginny and Ron would have been really close - while they have their fair share of arguments, it usually comes from care for each other. Yay you liked Harry's behaviour - I know a few people would disagree with my portrayal of him. To me, Harry likes to fix things, and he doesn't know how to fix the loss and trauma of his friends, but he does know how to start fixing the wizarding world, so that's what he does. And once he starts isolating himself, it's easier to keep going like that. But underneath he knows what he's lost, and so I think that's why he changes so quickly when Ginny comes to see him. As for Ron, I think he does a lot of growing up in DH, and I think he would feel so lucky to be with Hermione after liking her for years, that he would try really hard - but I think you're right, his letters wouldn't be that eloquent. But I don't think Hermione would care. I'm glad you liked my Ginny, I've never really written her before, and she's not really one of my favourite characters. I don't really like her at all in the movies, but in the books she's quite feisty and strong, so I wanted to take that and show her vulnerability as well. I think Ginny had to go to Harry's office - through most of their relationship, Ginny's really the one who takes the lead. Sure, Harry kisses her in HBP, but I always felt like Ginny knew a lot more what was going on than Harry did. They're not the most "romantic" couple to write, and knowing both their personalities, I liked that Ginny told Harry she loved him almost out of frustration and anger, because somehow that fits in their relationship for me. Anyway, thank you sooo much for leaving such a detailed review, with so many lovely comments. I'm really glad you liked this story so much :). ~Katrina

Name: Dad (Signed) · Date: 04/15/13 7:20 · For: Chapter 1
I personally do not see them behaving quite like that (especially Harry). But it was a very moving little story.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing :). I understand that you don't think they would be like this, especially Harry, since over his seven years of school he has learnt how important love/friendship is, but I felt like he didn't know how to fix the losses and traumas of his friends, but he felt he knew how to fix the wizarding world generally, so that's what he tried to do, and I think once he started isolating himself it would have been easier to keep doing it. Anyway I guess it comes down to interpretation of the characters and situations. But thanks so much for leaving a review even though you thought it was a bit OOC. ~Katrina

Name: hanname (Signed) · Date: 04/15/13 6:25 · For: Chapter 1
Well written. Your Ginny is a lot like what I imagined. I'm not sure I agree that Harry would isolate himself after the war, it didn't work the last time (OotP) and he seems smart, but on the other hand the whole thing was a big trauma, so...

Author's Response: Thanks for your review - I'm glad you liked my characterisation of Ginny. Fair point about Harry, I see what you mean, but this is how I imagined it. He is smart, and I think in a way he knew it wasn't working, but I also think the way he handles things is to try and fix them, and he felt like he could fix the wizarding world, but he didn't know how to fix his close relationships and friendships and all the losses they had suffered, so he avoids it. And thanks for saying it was well-written, I wasn't too sure about this story. I hope that's maid sense - but thanks again for reviewing!! ~Katrina

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