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Reviews For Stop and Stare

Name: Ginny Weasley Potter (Signed) · Date: 05/15/13 18:53 · For: Chapter 1
Hey Jess!

I meant to review this long ago, and am glad to be finally doing it, because I have to let you know that I absolutely loved this story. It was beautiful in the drabble form, as such, and the expanded version is even better. I am so glad you decided to make this a fic!

The thing that struck me first was how the story revolved along the lyrics ” or how the lyrics revolved around Teddy’s life. It was sad, and I really sympathised with him for the way Victoire behaved, and I was really, really hoping that she’d get back. But the lyrics, especially the second and third verses are really sad, and they reflect Teddy’s depression at Victoire leaving him.

I loved how the characters were so well defined. Teddy is very dedicated and loving, which was mostly why I sympathised with him more than I did with Victoire. And he seemed to melt with her around too, no matter how angry he was, which shows how much he loved Vic. He was also very adamant on keeping his song in the set, despite band members not agreeing to it. I think that goes on to show that he really wants to hold on to Victoire, despite his anger for her.

Victoire, on the other hand was ambitious and assertive. She knew how to get Teddy to listen to her, and she is aware of the effect she has on him. I won’t say I’m fond of her as a character, due to this, but I definitely loved these thoughtful edges that you’ve given to her character, because it makes her all the more imaginable and realistic.

All this aside, there’s the narrative, which is gripping and descriptive. You have a crystal-clear style of writing. You painted a portrait, and I could picture it all. Plus, I liked the tone of your writing. The entire story, the whole narrative seemed to reflect Teddy’s mood entirely. The setting was good too, I enjoyed the musical theme ” I haven’t actually read anything like this, and it felt very unique to me.

The chemistry between Teddy and Victoire is very well written. The attraction between them at first is very palpable. Even when they argue, and even when they’re just being romantic with each other. But then, I thought the couple shared more of a sexual attraction, than love. It might have been due to the smut too, but these were the thoughts that crossed my mind the first time. This line in particular is very clear about the way Teddy feels for Victoire: But damn it all, he still wanted her. But then again, there is evidence that he genuinely loves her. Maybe Victoire lusts for Teddy, but Teddy loves her in turn? Hmm. That aside, though, I love that Teddy’s hair changes colour whenever Victoire is with him.

The shower smut was very well done too! I remember it was a candy heart on the original LoveNote, and I’m so glad you used it, because it wrapped things up very well. I’m really glad that Teddy didn’t forgive Victoire all that easily, but was ready to talk to her anyway. Again, it shows how dedicated he is to her.

All-in-all, I really enjoyed reading this, Jess! Thank you for writing the drabble, and then expanding it. It is wonderful. :)


Name: WeasleyMom (Signed) · Date: 02/24/13 18:55 · For: Chapter 1
I enjoyed this, Jess. I like Teddy/Victoire but haven't read much of it -- not sure why. So it was an easy choice to click when I saw you'd written this. They have good chemistry, and it worked that he was a musician, though I've never considered that before.

I'm glad you chose to make her emotional upon their reunion, as I was a little skeptical and fearing she was not as invested in him as he was in her. But you handled that well, and I'm glad she returned.

One little thing: when Teddy is playing the song with the band, he references her departure as being two months prior. But then when she returns, he says, "It took you two years to figure that out?" I'm assuming it was two years that she had been gone, but I was a little confused at first.

As always, I love your stuff. Thanks for not killing him off.

Author's Response:

And I have snared another canon shipper. :DDD

I suppose there isn't too terribly many Teddy/Vic fics around these days, so that might account for the lack of reading it. It certainly wasn't a pairing I envisioned writing at any point. However, as you said, they do have chemistry.

In my head, Victoire is one of those people who is the last to admit she's wrong. I think she knew almost right away that allowing her internship to take her away from the people she cares about was a mistake, but as the story showed, it took her two years to figure this out AND do something about it. Teddy, on the other hand, has a true songwriter's soul. He could've chased after her, but he felt like he had to suffer being away from her because he wasn't enough for her or whatever his imagination used to validate being alone and miserable.

And as for the timeline, when the song was being worked on, it was to show the evolution of what the song started out as (a love song) to it being a song of heartbreak and of that heartbreak ending, despite what it really was in real life. There is a jump between two months and two years, mainly to show that Teddy, even after all this time, is still playing the same crappy song (the last one he wrote for Victoire) at every gig for months and months because he loved her and missed her, and he even wrote a happy ending to give himself some sort of hope. However, I can see where confusion could come in, so I'll try to delineate the time changes a little bit better with captions.

Thank you for the review. It's not often I can coax you onto my author page. Usually, I have to write canon fluff or destroy everything you love in a fireball of angst, so it's nice to find a happy medium. <3


Name: notquitegranger (Signed) · Date: 02/24/13 16:37 · For: Chapter 1
I like it that he lives. It's sweet :)

Author's Response:

Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed both the story and Teddy's lack of demise. Thanks for reading.


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