Reviews For The Longest Start
Reviewer: sam1
Date: 03/18/13 4:25
Chapter: Hurt For Real

No way she would be doing this to Ron sorry not a good move

Author's Response:

Reviewer: sam1
Date: 03/18/13 4:25
Chapter: Hurt For Real

No way she would be doing this to Ron sorry not a good move

Author's Response:

Reviewer: sam1
Date: 03/18/13 4:25
Chapter: Hurt For Real

No way she would be doing this to Ron sorry not a good move

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! Sorry you didn't like the ending. Hopefully you will stick around for at least the next chapter because some stuff gets explained there. Although I understand if you don't because nobody likes retaliation-cheat!Hermione.

Reviewer: tonks58
Date: 03/17/13 22:12
Chapter: Hurt For Real

Hello again! I trust your judgement so I'm assuming that you are going to make this right. Maybe Ron was dreaming the whole time, I don't know, but you can't really break them up!! Also although Ron is the jealous type, I really don't see him actually accusing Hermione of cheating on him...

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! And thank you for trusting me! I know how much people (don't) love cheating!Hermione. Haha, yeah, Ron hit his head on the way there and everything is a hallucination brought on by concussion The next chapter should clear this up. It is a stretch for Ron to make that accusation, but this has been months of him thinking she prefers spending time with him. I don't think Ron believed it at all, but you know Weasleys and their tempers. Anyway, thank you again for reviewing!

Reviewer: baby54boomer
Date: 03/10/13 20:48
Chapter: Bite Your Lips

Hashing out the age-old arguments of "you don't unerstand" and "when have I ever" can seem endless. Thank you for breaking the loop and moving Hermione to action. PLEASE do not send her to Patrick: provide Hermione with a neutral landing place where she can think/postulate/decide. You appear to have created an obstenate Ron and a forgiving Hermione; now open her eyes to the reality of their doomed romantic relationship and move her along pragmatically, with closure and a purpose!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! This story is kind of all about breaking the loop of their old arguments and the two of them growing up because of that. I know what you mean about the Hermione going to Patrick idea and I promise this won't be that type of fic. Anyway, I hope you enjoy what is to come!

Reviewer: socks2
Date: 03/10/13 10:40
Chapter: Bite Your Lips

I could so see this happening. I'm actually on ron's side on this one. The whole time, I was like "JUST MAKE UP YOU TWO YOU LOVE EACH OTHER" and "GO AWAY PATRICK". lol. Great story! Can't wait for the other chapters

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you could see this happening because I was hoping to make it at least a little realistic. But yeah, can't say too much but Patrick won't be going away for a while yet. I hope you like the other chapters :)

Reviewer: SoGranola
Date: 03/09/13 0:19
Chapter: These Nights

" He could've even given her a score out of ten for all of them (ten, eleven and sixty-four respectively" I LOVE this line! Looking forward to the rest of the story.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! Ron does know how to give compliments in his own weird way. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far :)

Reviewer: tonks58
Date: 02/20/13 13:56
Chapter: Prologue

Hello, it'm me again. After Seven Simple Years I decided that I would read all of your fanfics, especially those that are about Ron and Hermione. This chapter is a bit too sweet for my taste but I'm guessing everything will go downhill from here. Can't wait to read the rest :)

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for reading my other stuff! Yeah, this is a bit kind of extremely fluffy, but the rest of it goes downhill, I promise. Well, in happiness, hopefully not in any other way. So yeah, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest!

Reviewer: Ruchira_M
Date: 02/20/13 7:49
Chapter: Prologue

"You sure?" he asked, wrapping his long arms around her. "Because that's potentially quiet a long time now that we're not on an extended camping trip with the most wanted bloke in Britain."
Brilliant. And I suppose things go downhill from here?

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! And er... yes. Although if they went anymore uphill you probably couldn't read this if you were diabetic so it is probably for the best.

Reviewer: Snorkack
Date: 02/19/13 17:43
Chapter: Prologue

I'm really looking forward to this fic, I hope you update soon! I really loved Seven Simple Years and this looks like more of the same, so - keep up the good work!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! It's already all written so it shouldn't take too long to update. Just got to do a bit of editing. I'm glad you liked SSY! This will be pretty different but hopefully you'll still enjoy it :)

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