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Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 02/25/13 10:08 · For: White Flag
Yeah rebound relationships never work, but would Teddy be able to forgive her? (probably, yes, because he's lovely) but Rose forgiving Scorpius and/or Victoire ... I can't see it. Weasley temper and all that.

Liked Teddy a lot in this, very sympathetic character. Still wondering why he was writing to Rose, mind you. Hmm, also, not convinced about his fears about children when the woman is over 30. Statistically, yes, I guess so as twenties is prime age, but Witches live longer than Muggles, and form what we know of the Potters, they can have children later as well. Teddy needs to stop stressing.


Author's Response: Oh well, you'll just have to wait and find out about who gets forgiven, and who doesn't. ;) You can trust Scorpius to be a little idiotic about it, though, hahaha. :p

I actually like Teddy too, now that I've written him. And he just wrote to Rose because he was having a hard time, and he needed someone to confide into. She seemed apt for that. Teddy really needs to stop stressing about the babies thing, yes, but that's not exactly what led to the divorce. That was one argument, which brought about many more. :) Thanks for the review! <333

Name: xxbabewithbrainsxx (Signed) · Date: 02/24/13 6:29 · For: The Last Straw

So much happened! O.o You've just killed two of my OTPs, Pooja, and I'm still standing... well, sitting, hehe. But wow, I think you dealt with that really well. I think it's interesting to see the couples kind of intersect in the way they did, if that makes sense -- like Victoire being paranoid about Teddy talking to Rose, and of Victoire talking to Scorpius -- I can see why the two couples, both having problems, would turn to the other, and I think that's teh perfect setup for attraction to form. I especially liked the line about Scorpius being attracted to women as a result of them seeing his vulnerable side -- I think that was a great line and really said a lot about Scorpius's character, so well done. :)

And the cheating thing makes a lot more sense here. That is true about doctor/patient confidentiality, so it's good you brought that up. I can imagine why that would make people suspect things. Anyway, Pooja, this is really a great story and I've enjoyed reading it! I'm sorry for not reviewing earlier but hopefully you can forgive me :3 Please don't take it down just because of lack of reviews, though -- if not only because I want to read the rest of it! :) Besides, you can't leave me hanging. VICTOIRE JUST SNOGGED SCORPIUS. :D I neeeed to know what happens next, so update soon!

Soraya xxx

Author's Response: Soraya, I killed off my own OTPs, haha. It was so hard to write this, but I wanted to grit my teeth and get Scorpius and Victoire together, ha. The plot I initially had was a one-shot. Then it became a two-shot, and now, suddenly, there are four chapters. O.o

Oh, I had to scour for reasons for both these couples to separate, tbh. So I'm glad that it seems likely to happen in this way, ha! And yay! You liked Scorpius's character. :D Can't tell you how happy I am! :DDDDD

Haha, Scorpius and Victoire are being paranoid here. It's really messing them up, isn't it? But I'm glad it's all making sense. And also that you like the story. :) Thank you so much, Soraya, and please don't apologise :* . I was just worried that maybe ripping two OTPs was a bad idea, which is why I wanted to take this off. But I'll leave it up now. :) Thank you! :)

Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 02/24/13 6:23 · For: The Last Straw
OOOH, great twist at the end. Hmmm, it certainly explains Rose's reticence with Scorpius and with Victoire if it's Teddy she's counselling. And now, Victoire turning up on Scorpius's doorstep is very possible.

One question?> Do Teddy and Scorpius know each other as they are cousins. Only you mentioned in Ch 1 that Scorpius had never seen Victoire close up, then in this chapter he seems to know Teddy. I could be misreading it, though.


Author's Response: EEP! I was nervous about the end! I just wanted the story to move on quickly, though. O.o Hahaha. Poor Rose is stuck in a rather bad place, ha! :p

I'd like to think that Scorpius and Teddy know that they're related, but have probably never been formally introduced. So yeah, Scorpius would have never met Teddy's family (until now) but he knows they exist. :) Thank you for the review! :)

Name: xxbabewithbrainsxx (Signed) · Date: 02/24/13 6:17 · For: Falling Apart

Pooja, I am so sorry for taking a while to review this D: I mean, I had read it before, so really, I should have reviewed as soon as you posted, but I have been rather preoccupied with my own fic and RL crap, so... sorry. Forgive me? *flutters eyelashes*

Anyway, omg, I just realised how similar our head canons are of Scorpius! O.o I mean, I killed off Scorpius's kid, too, though that was a result of the one-night stand he had with Dominique, haha. So of course not exactly the same, but still, it's interesting that they're similar in the sense that we've both been mean to poor Scorpy, lol. But I am sad for him :( That isn't easy, and I'm intrigued to see how Scorpius nearly killed a patient and got away with it... I may just have to read the scorose. :D

What I like about this the most is that you make sure to portray their relationship in such a way that we can see the attraction between them, but other things kind of get in their way, like both of them being workaholics and their sex life suffering as a result.

I think Scorpius was going a bit far with accusing Rose of cheating, though. Hmm. I'm in two minds about this -- on the one hand, it does show just how broken Scorpius is, to the extent that he starts becoming that paranoid, but on the other, I do think that it's a bit much considering he never actually sees her with said patient, and it therefore seems like his accusations are unfounded? Oh, I'm not sure. I think things might be clearer if I read the next chapter, haha. At any rate, you've laid down strong foundations for Scorose but have also succeeded in destructing their relationship, lol, so I shall go on and read the next chapter :D See you there!

Author's Response: Gahhh, I typed out a long response, then inadvertently shut the window. *headdesk* But please don't apolofise, Soraya, it's really awesome that you took out the time to review, whether now, or later, and that's so lovely of you. Thank youuu <3333 I know you've been busy too, and so have I, and there's so much of yours that I need to review. :)

So I just found out from Alex that the fic you're talking about here is Blood and Roses. Gotta read that! It's uncanny that we have similar headcanons of Scorpius -- well, this is one of my Scorpiuses. I have at least five different versions of him, lol. And I'm always mean to him lol. And I'm almost always sad for him too (except once. He needed to lose that person, because they'd suit each other). And, ha, he was just preoccupied, the poor chap, he didn't mean any harm to the patient (he didn't get away with it, lol).

I am so, so happy that you liked the portrayal of the relationship. I needed to keep the attraction apparent, but also the frustration, and am glad you liked it this way. :D

Scorpius is actually overreating, but this Scorpy of mine is a wee bit touchy. Plus, Rose did leave to 'see' her patient one day and she returns late from work or anything, so he's being an idiot and assuming the worst. :/ The accusations are unfounded, I assure you, Scorpy is a plain old idiot.

Thank you for the lovely review! Love youuu! <33333333

Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 02/24/13 5:53 · For: Falling Apart
I decided I was being silly and wanted to read it. You won;t convert me to writing a ScoRose, but I should be able to read it - ha ha. And as I can happily read Scorpius shacked up with Hugo or Albus, then I am being a twit.

Disclaimer and apologies over, I do like the set up here. You've showed the deterioration of their relationship very well, and also shown why and how they got together in the first place. I'm really interested in reading on and especially about Victoire's dying marriage. I LOVED Scorpius at the end because it shows how hurt he is but also how snide and Malfoyish he can be - mwahahahah (that's why I love writing the Malfoys, ngl)

If I have a crit it's that the beginning of the story seems to hark back a little too much to your previous ScoRose. I understand why you've done it, and it's not too much info dumpage at all but I was wondering at the time whether it needed to be there. Then again, by the time I'd got to the end, the connections between the two stories made sense because if Rose and he got together when he was her patient, then that is going to make him more touchy about her getting close to another patient.

This is good, and iot does need more reviews, but I think we're all suffering a little from that atm. ~Carole~

Author's Response: Ahh, thank you, Carole, for reading this, despite this being contradictory to your OTP. But, ha, I don't want to convert you. :p We can all ship our favourite people in peace, lol. But thanks so very much. I can't tell you how grateful I am. <33

I'm glad the set up appealed to you. I worked really hard to get the frustration up-to-mark, and I wanted it to reflect off the fic. A beta has told me about how a lot of actions can be more indicative of several emotions, rather than works, and I wanted to apply some of that. Scorpius and Rose's union is actually another fic entirely, which is why I mentioned a shortened synopsis of that. And I do love the Malfoy snark. It's fun to write, as it's a good way to vent out your frustration, and snap all the people you couldn't snap, via a Malfoy, lol.

I found that I had to summarise the prequel here, as, like you say, it comes together in the end when Scorpy accuses Rose of cheating. I thought that, for the people who haven't read 'His Hero', the end would make more sense if I wrote this way.

Oh, yes, there's blatant review shortage atm, but thank youu. I really was about to give up, thinking no-one was interested. But thanks, Croll. <3333333

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