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Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/22/13 14:27 · For: Rumour Has It
That was quite a scheme going on there on everyone's part. I have a new found respect for Pansy. This is a case of the con being conned. I'm almost speechless. I think at the end of it all everyone got what they wanted, even if they didn't know they wanted it.

Author's Response: Ha ha - yes, I like to think it ended well for Pansy. I don't like her much, but Draco wasn't great in this and she deserved better. Thanks for the review.

Name: hestiajones (Signed) · Date: 02/26/13 11:11 · For: Rumour Has It
Oh. OH. HAHAHAHAHA. Okay, I need to gather myself. Omg. I am now remembering your fic about this marriage from Draco's side ha ha ha.

Right. Uhm. I enjoyed the Slytherin out of this. There's just something very irresistible about an endless battle of wits, isn't there? The best part is that I knew Pansy was going to lose, but you write her small victories so well that it makes her fall all the more devastating and hilarious to watch. I thought she was very well-characterised. And, er, between the two of us, we've made Slytherin the house of fashion. O.O Let's hope the snakes don't find this story...

Draco was as ever an utter joy to read. I couldn't wait till he finally announced his change of plans. GLORIOUS moment there! The real revelation was of course Daphne. You had me there for a while HA! Can I have her?

My only issue is that this fic is too long as a one-shot? Not that there aren't long one-shots, and it doesn't count against the fic itself; this may merely have to do with my own personal taste as a reader, mind.

Great work here! Pure comedy gold, with a lovely moment at the end. In spite of my jealously, I wish the two girls the best!

Author's Response: Woot woot. Thank youuuuuuuu (and for the beta job). I had a lot of fun writing, possibly because I knew the endgame having written the other story. Slytherins are fashionable, doncha think? But, yeah, lets not tell them :P

It's interesting you say it might work better asd a one shot. I think because I wrote it more or less in two days (I was on a deadline with cotillion) that I just got on with it and didn't think about splitting, but it is a long story, so that could well be going against it. Hmm, I shall have a think about that.

Not sure pansy and Daphne will last. It could be that as neither can trust the other then that's a fantastic basis for a relationship, but we shall see - ha ha. Do you want Daphne? Um ... No, I haven't finished with her - hee hee.

Thank you for the reviewwwwwww and everything else :D ~Carole~

Name: Gmariam (Signed) · Date: 02/11/13 20:17 · For: Rumour Has It
Is it okay if I'm sort of giggling at the end? It's a good giggle, I promise! There was just so much fun stuff going on here how could I not?

To start with, knowing some (well, most) of your Draco/Astoria canon made reading this really fascinating, because it was from someone else's POV at the same time. So not only did I know what was going to happen, but I could then pick out the clues - like, I *loved* the bit about taking out Astoria's dress! That said, I didn't know *how* it was all going to go down so it was still fun to watch Pansy really mess with Draco and Daphne and then get so totally burned at the wedding. That scene with Draco Apparating away with his bride's pregnant sister is truly a classic among the flist. :)

But then when Daphne showed up and admitted she was marrying Draco to break up him and Pansy - wow! I did not see that coming (I didn't peak, can you believe??) and it was a great twist. And to have Pansy respond like that - I don't even know what to say, lol. A twist on a twist! LOL!

Okay, this is a crap rambling review, but it is my 800th one! Yay! Let me add that I also loved the whole dress shop idea, loved Draco, and just really enjoyed the story as a whole. As usual. :)

Oh, except Graham Montague is not like that at all, heh heh. He changed for the better after the Vanishing Cabinet. ;)

All right, time to get started on 900. Congrats on a fun story and good luck with your next pairing!
~Gina :)

Author's Response: THANK YOUUUUU!!!! I GET THE 800!! I feel truly honoured! (seriously, I am really pleased and grateful). Anyway, I'm also really pleased you liked the story because having struggled recently with trying to resolve plots, this one just sort of flowed. It helped that I had most of the canon for this already written, but it is the first time Pansy's appeared in the Wedding Story - ha ha. (Not sure you've read Until Death(Eaters) Us Do part, but that's the wedding, and after, from Draco's POV).

Ha ha - sorry about Graham, I was wondering whether you;d object. I made him a drug dealer in another story, so at least this is a step up from that. And Pansy, once she finishes with Daphne, might just invite him to lunch . . . (damn sequels!)

Thank you again ~Carole~

Name: Redwing (Signed) · Date: 02/09/13 13:27 · For: Rumour Has It
Interesting with a touch of hilarity. Very well-written. Do you have anything from this time period from either Draco or Astoria's point of view?

Author's Response: YES! hahahahah - this is kind of a prequel to 'Until Death (Eaters) Do Us Part' which starts from the wedding. However that was written around two years ago, and Pansy isn't mentioned, so it might be a disappointment. Thank you very much for the review and I am so glad you enjoyed the story. :) ~Carole~

Name: The owl (Signed) · Date: 02/09/13 12:11 · For: Rumour Has It
This is too fabulous, Carole. And this review is going to be too awful for it. But I loved the all of the twists, the Slytherin deceptions and double-crosses. They're such a fun set of characters to read about. It's just a delight.

I'm so glad Pansy got a good ending -- I grew rather attached to this version of her. Her and Daphne seem like a very good match, although the thought of their potential for trust issues makes me laugh a little tiny bit. I loved that even innocent young Astoria was involved in the web of deceptions. Okay, I think I've rambled incoherently for long enough. Fab fab fab :D


Author's Response: Glad you liked, or rather grew to understand, Pansy in this. She's not a character I like in the books, and in RL I'd probably dislike her, but I wanted to show that she had something about her, and that her drive (which is very Slytherin) was an admirable quality.

Yeah, I'm not sure her and Daphne could ever trust each other, but maybe as they know each other so well, that's a good basis for a relationship - ha ha.

Glad you liked the story, I had a lot of fun writing it. You might well like 'Till Death (Eaters) Us Do Part' which I wrote about 2 years ago. It's Draco's side of things, but starting from the wedding (there's no Pansy in it, though)

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