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Reviews For Forgetting to Live

Name: quilllover69 (Signed) · Date: 02/04/15 8:03 · For: Vampirates

Author's Response: Ahhh, thank you.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 02/06/14 14:22 · For: Vampirates
There was something naughty and sexy about this story. I loved it. The conversation between Draco and Walburga was funny as well as all the times somebody walked in or up on someone else. There were times I laughed out loud which was embarrassing since I'm at work and everyone wants to know what I'm laughing at:D

Author's Response: Ha ha ha - yes, Ilaughed at one bit when I wrote it, which was when Draco threw himself off theroof and landed four feet below. Glad tou liked the story. Thank you ~Carole~

Name: snivellus_ (Signed) · Date: 02/23/13 3:59 · For: Vampirates
Best drarry ive read!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I have another one somewhere called The Grey Between. Also ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor, writes some good Drarry's. Thanks again. ~Carole~

Name: xxbabewithbrainsxx (Signed) · Date: 01/04/13 19:09 · For: Vampirates
Croll! Ooooh it’s been so long since I’ve reviewed you D: I still have your High sequel to review, and I will do once these gorram mock exams are over, promise.

Anyway, I rather enjoyed plot-hashing with Jess over her Drarry and then reading it, so I was really interested in seeing what you would do with yours. I think Drarry is a really subjective pairing that, despite its popularity, doesn’t always work/requires one or both characters being at least a little OOC for there to be the required chemistry. Well, that’s what I always thought before Alex and Jess proved me wrong :P Aaaand I'm sure you will, too. (I’m writing this review as I go, btw.)

I love the nod to Theo/Justin (Thrustin? XD) here :) It was a nice way to begin the story and I like the idea that Justin would want to, as you so eloquently put it, sew up the tears in magical society. And I giggled at the costume party bit. I also thought it was good of Harry not to be too judgmental of Theo for who his father was/his house.

Everyone wanted to play Father Christmas and bring some jollity into his life, unable to accept that although he was alone, he wasn’t often lonely.

That was a great way of expressing Harry’s mindset. I totally get where he’s coming from -- just because he’s alone doesn’t mean he’s lonely. Also, :( at Harry/Ginny not being Harry/Ginny anymore but yayyyy to Dean/Ginny! :D I really like how Harry and Ginny seem to have split fairly amicably.

LOL -- Harry as a vampire! Oh, that made me giggle so much. And I'm glad Justin made it clear that Theo wasn’t a bad person or anything just because he’s Slytherin; it’s also definitely IC of Harry to have a slight distrust despite everything, but yay to Justin making things clear with Harry anyway.

On another note, Justin is so adorable in how bloody posh he is, lol. It’s strangely endearing and I think you’ve done a brilliant job of his characterisation.

Lavenderrrrrrr yayayayayy I love her costume. There’s something really creative about her here that makes her instantly likeable (of course, she’s already likeable to me, but you just make her even more likeable ;) ) and that was great use of the whole Flame-Freezing thing -- I love how you can find little details in the books that most people forget and make it your own, Croll. Wonderfully done.

“Is Pansy Parkinson here?” he wondered out loud.

Lavender pulled a face and helped herself to a vol-au-vent. “Not seen her, but then I haven’t really been looking. Godric, Harry, please don’t tell me you’re about to rebound into her arms; that would be ...” She shuddered.

Hahahahahahahaha. I have actually read a couple of good Harry/Pansys, but I do love it when a ship is joked about in a fic, hehe.

And ooooh you had Draco and Pansy engaged? Interesting. Yay to Draco breaking it off, though, because that means he can shag Harryyyyyy lol.

Awwwww Harry raising his glass to Dean was nice. NGL, for no reason whatsoever, I felt a bit wibbly when Harry said “Dean’s a mate”. Maybe it’s just my Harry/Ginny feels (yeah, apparently I still have them D:) or something. But yeah, great line. :)

Nooooooo I feel so sorry for Harry after he walked in on Dean and Ginny :( Oh, Croll, you’re making me have all these feeeeels.

OMG I had no idea this story would be so angsty! Not in a bad way -- not at all, because you write it so well -- but I kind of thought this would just be a bit of a laugh, nothing more. Oh, how wrong I was. Poor Draco.

Speaking of which, he’s pretty damn smexy. Even in a pirate outfit, lol. No wonder Harry fancies him, hehehehe.

Yayyyyyyyy those are my favourite Drarry lines EVER. Great use of them without it seeming to be shoehorned in or anything. :D

I also think their competitiveness and the inclusion of Quidditch is what makes this so, so canonically accurate and in character the whole time. I love Draco’s snarkiness throughout; his jibes against Ron stop him from being completely redeemed, and yet I can definitely see that he’s not as bad a person as Draco-bashers make him out to be. I’m glad you got him bang in the middle, because your characterisation of him is perfect. :)

“No doubt it surprises you, Potter, but I believe in fidelity. My parents may not be ideal in your eyes, but they never strayed from each other. And that’s how I was brought up. I wasn’t with Pansy when I met Marcus, and it had ended a long time before I got back together with her.”

I love this. There’s so much said about Draco’s character and his morals here, and again, you’ve redeemed him, I think.

And yayyyayyyyyy they KISSED! Woooooot! I'm glad Draco stopped and that Harry finally admitted his obsession with Malfoy was more than just an obsession. And the smut (well, kind of, haha). Aaaah I always have found Drarry hot, and it certainly was here. The morning after scene gave the story closure, particularly Draco’s conversation with Walburga.

Anyway, apologies for such a rambly review, and for the definitely non-SPEWness of it, hehe. This was a fabulous story, Croll, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Now I think I might be off to find some Drarry art on tumblr because you have just made me ship them pretty damn hard. :D

Soraya xxx

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! It's so fabulous to wake up to something so comprehensive. Personally I love stream of conscious reviews because they make me giggle at the unfolding plot.

I'm glad you liked the lines about Lucius/Narcissa being faithful to each other. They get a bad rep in fanfiction - mostly deserved - but really there was nothing to suggest that they were unfaithful to each other, it's just that people don't like them.

I take it the angst line in your review was when Draco jumped - heh heh. I really had fun with that bit because I knew he was never going to jump. Slyths have a strong urge for self-preservation after all.

I debated about using Dean as Ginny's new bloke because this isn't a follow up to the other story, but I couldn't really think who else to pair her with (I did think of Oliver at one point). In the end I went with Dean because they had history, but also I needed someone we knew she could get passionate with so it basically emphasised the fact that her and Harry towards the end had been flat. :( Ilove Harry and Ginny, but I can't see them as passionate together. No real idea why but possibly because they've known each other for so long and since they were kids.

I had a much more explicit scene in mind when I originally wrote this story, but as I got towards that bit I decided I wanted it to be more subtle. I'm glad you still thought it was hot.

Soraya, thank you again for the review. Greatly appreciated (Oh and check out 'chosenprat' on tumblr for Drarry art, she has a whole blog dedicated to them :D)

Name: Gmariam (Signed) · Date: 01/04/13 13:29 · For: Vampirates
Drat, I wanted to leave the first review! Alas!

I am going to admit that I wasn't sure about reading this one because, well, I'm not actually a Drarry fan when it comes to 99% of stuff out there. But I'm glad I did, because I love how you write Harry, even sad and alone. Do I like him better in your other fic with Lily and Scorpius? Yes, but this Harry is so sad how could I not want to hug him? The idea of things just simply not working out with Ginny for no real reason other than it wasn't meant to be--of them not getting their fairytale--is a sad but plausible possibility. It happens, even to heroes.

And then your lovely minor characters starting popping up and I was hooked. Loved Justin, loved Lavender, and her costume was amazing. Then the mystery with the pirate--neat. I mean, the category sort of gave it away, but still. ;) And when Draco jumped off the roof I thought--ooooh, dark. I could totally see it going that way. But of course it was just Malfoy being a git, lol. Loved the broom race as they both needed to get away from the party, and Harry's reaction to Draco crashing was priceless.

I sort of expected them to go to a bar for a drink, but then things might have turned out differently. So them heading back to Grimmauld Place was interesting. That Firewhiskey got them talking quick! I can definitely see Draco being bitter and messed up after the war and really needing someone to talk to. I'm never sure if it would be actually be Harry, but you did make me believe it in that moment, because they were both hurting from broken relationships. Do I think they were both harboring secret, unknown crushes on one another at Hogwarts? Not really, but it did explain that funny feeling Harry always had at the back of his neck, as well as their animosity. And their coming together here made sense. The only thing that might have helped it along was a mention or two of Harry being interested in guys. We knew Draco had experimented, but it always seems to come out of the blue for Harry, lol.

The bit with Walburga's picture almost stopped my heart. To think Draco would have done that to get the house was like NOOOOOO! So his very sincere admission was lovely. I really do think there is a decent, if snarky, guy in there.

I also thought the dream was really neat and tied things together nicely. And the poem at the end! Did you really find that after you wrote this? Because it seems to fit so well! I'm glad you added it in the author's notes.

Bravo to you for tackling such a difficult pairing. It was a good setup that kept them in character and I really did enjoy reading it. It's definitely in that 1% of Drarry that makes it, lol. ;)

Good luck with the challenge!
~Gina :)

Author's Response: Thank youuuuuu! Yes, I genuinely found the poem afterwards when I was trying to find a title and googled 'Pirates'.

Going with the crit first, yes, I agree looking at it now, that Harry's interest does seem to come out of the blue, but there is a line in there about him suppressing feelings or putting it down to hormones and hatred. I kind of hinted, but I do think I should have made it clearer he had, if not experimented, (I wanted him to have not had the experience Draco had had) to have realised he could be attracted to boys. I should also have made it clearer that he wasn;t as attracted to Ginny as he had once been. So, yes, I agree and that is a valid crit.

Okay, the one scene I wanted to include in this, the one I'd been picturing, was Draco meeting walburga. It was going to play out a little differently, but in essence that was the scene I wanted. It was a bit rushed together at the end because I was concerned about word counts (and sometimes you just can't write any more - ha ha) I also have this idea that Kreacher is really in awe of Draco - ha ha. IDK, I just think he'd love him.

I do think Draco was attracted to Harry at school, and vice versa, but they did also hate each other. Draco owned up to it when he was with Belby, Harry just didn;t acknowledge it.

My favourite bit to write was when Draco jumped off the roof. I just loved his next line. the idea that Harry thinks he's really on the precipice and would jump, when I knew there was a smaller roof just below filled me with fiendish glee - mwahahahaahha.

You know something, I think I keep writing myself as Lavender. I love the Wendelin-the Weird story, so that's why I had her with the flaming costume.

Thank you very much for the lovely review. I might rewrite a bit of this at some stage. ~Carole~

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