Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 08/07/14 11:25
Chapter: Chapter 11 Epilogue

That was a lovely ending to a very well thought out and researched story. I enjoyed this very much. I plan to go on and read more of your work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for writing a comment on each chapter. I am very glad that you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 08/06/14 18:05
Chapter: Chapter 10 The Last Funeral

The funeral was a really good idea. I wonder, in your experience or research, does that really work? Can someone throw a funeral and say goodbye to something and then feel better about it? Anyway, you almost had this tough, mature bird in tears. That's not easy to do.

Author's Response: I think that a ceremonial closure to a tough situation really does help. It recognizes the situation but at the same time writes 'finis' to it, and helps us leave the baggage behind and move forward freely into a new chapter of our lives. Harry's final realization, "I wasn't bad. I was just a little kid. I just wanted to be loved," is an actual quote from a survivor.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 08/06/14 16:08
Chapter: Chapter 9 The Bombing of Coventry

When I read about the carousel ride I felt nauseated. I remembered how I felt when I did things like that as a child. I enjoyed the visit with Mrs. Figg. Once again, I like how you're showing that Muggles have magic too.

Author's Response: This was an enjoyable chapter to research: England's economy during the Great Depression, events of World War II, family situations during and after the war. I'd like to think that her husband was really handsome and a nice guy.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 08/06/14 14:27
Chapter: Chapter 8 Ginny Comes Home

It's a damn shame that no one can talk to Harry about his early life. Could he maybe visit Petunia and Vernon and put them under some sort of magic and get the truth? I know they probably wouldn't tell the truth because who wants to admit they were child abusers. I realize this is a moot point since you have already finished the story:D

Author's Response: Yes, he has already concluded that there is nothing to be gained from that source. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 08/06/14 13:59
Chapter: Chapter 7 St. Stephen's Church

Very educational chapter. I can really understand what you're saying. It makes a lot of sense. I liked how Harry brought in characters from his past as examples. Nicely done.

Author's Response: This is the point where Harry finally takes his courage in both hands and spills his guts, which up until this point he has not done at all. But until he does it, he can never go forward. Thank you for saying that it was understandable and educational. This also comes from my nursing school experience.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 07/31/14 18:45
Chapter: Chapter 6 The Institute of Psychiatry

I'm glad he was able to Apparate home. That was pretty clever, having his wand do the work. It looks like you did some serious research for this chapter. I like how you're combining magic with Muggle in this story. There seems to be a respect (at least on Harry's part) for some of the magic in Muggle things.

Author's Response: Hi, and thanks for the review. Everything you mention is spot-on. It was a highly-researched chapter, but everything is on the internet now! Floor plans of buildings, titles of books in the library of the Institute of Psychiatry, even the titles of articles in the journals, photos and descriptions, underground and railway maps... Harry is venturing out into the Muggle world quite a bit in this story, but that is where his answers lie. Still, he uses magic to make his journey a little easier, such as for selecting the book (what a miracle, it worked!) and getting home promptly at the end.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 07/31/14 14:41
Chapter: Chapter 5 Volunteer Night

I kind of feel that Harry is worried over nothing. There is nothing wrong with taking special precautions though, I guess.

Author's Response: Again, modeled after something I did at nursing school, down to the kid who wasn't afraid to eat the food.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 07/31/14 13:36
Chapter: Chapter 4: The Barren Gardens

I think it would've been fun to visit the gardens in Harry's neighborhood although they sound like they're in poor shape. I suppose they could start by beautifying their own garden area--by setting an example. You really have to wonder where children played.

Author's Response: Unfortunately the Muggles would not be able to see his spruced-up garden because they cannot see Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, so they would not be inspired by his example to clean up their own places. However, visiting witches or wizards would be able to see it.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 07/31/14 12:30
Chapter: Chapter 3: The American Visitor

You made me start wondering what would've happened if there had been no Tom Riddle. There wouldn't be a series of very successful books. I don't think Harry would be the wizard that he is if there had been no Voldemort. He probably would've been quite ordinary. He lost a lot but it made him tougher and more insightful.

Author's Response: I agree. He would have been very different

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 07/30/14 16:35
Chapter: Chapter 2 The Sign in the Plaza

I like seeing Harry out in the Muggle world walking to work. I used to like to walk to work too when I had to walk through an area that was scenic--nice neighborhoods. Harry's feelings while he was viewing the poster were interesting. That was a very thought-provoking poster.

Author's Response: The poster was modeled after a TV public service announcement that I saw while I was in nursing school back in the 1970's. But Harry wouldn't be watching television, so I changed it into a public service poster. The effect was about the same.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 07/30/14 15:04
Chapter: Chapter 1 Infanticide

I wonder how many dads have dreams like that. I don't remember having dreams during my pregnancy involving harm to the babies. It's probably more of a dad thing because I think there's so much pressure on men to be good fathers.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for leaving a review for my first story after all this time. Actually, I have no idea about the prevalence of baby-danger dreams in new dads as opposed to new moms. I got all these dreams from myself and my female friends, but I didn't ask any men. So who knows?

Reviewer: HermiJeanGranger
Date: 11/24/13 7:08
Chapter: Chapter 11 Epilogue

This was such a beautiful story! For the past few days, I had been picking up several different stories and left them aftr two or three chapters. Then i found ths, read the summary and decided to give it a shot. And i am glad i did it!! Everythng fit in with canon and yet it had a cmpltely difrnt theme and approach. Due to my hectic schedule i had to read it in bits, a chapter a day, bt i persevered because of the theme and the narrativn. As a student of psychology i found it all the more interesting. U must hav put a lot of research and deep thought into this. Kudos! Arthur's striking observation was the highlight of the story, and also loved the part of Mrs.Figg and her history. She is such an insignificant character in the buks bt u made her endearing, great thinking!! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind comments, and for leaving a review after the story had been posted for so long. It is always a thrill to receive one more review. I'm glad you thought that Arthur's observation was striking, since I meant it to be that way, and I'm glad that you appreciated my backstory for Mrs Figg, who deserves more attention and respect than she sometimes gets. There was a lot of interesting research to craft her story (and a lot of the other stuff too), but the research is fun, and it is gratifying to get the details right.

Reviewer: Chanichani
Date: 06/02/13 22:01
Chapter: Chapter 9 The Bombing of Coventry

Intresting theory with the broom thing. It could possibly be right, at least, I think so.

Author's Response: Thanks for remarking about the broom thing. As the idea developed for me, it seemed to make sense, and it certainly fit in with the direction in which I wanted the story to develop. And thank you for reading my story.

Reviewer: Nagini Riddle
Date: 05/30/13 19:21
Chapter: Chapter 11 Epilogue

This is such a different story from what I usually read, but I rather enjoyed it, and I was very curious to find out what the dreams meant. But, I should have seen it coming that the baby was Harry, since I know that in dreams, everyone represents something about the dreamer. And it all makes sense, really. :) I thought the tender moments with Ginny were very sweet and I was glad that this wasn't really a romance.

I suppose the only thing that threw me off was the occasional language, because the warnings didn't mention anything at all, not even Abuse, so I think it may be a good idea to put in those warnings, but keep the ratings as First years. This way, other people will know what to expect, because while I may not be affected much by reading about abuse, someone else might be. Just a side note.

Anyways, I did enjoy the story! Thank you for taking the time to write it and let others share in the magic of writing.

Author's Response: Hmm. Interesting point you make about the warnings. I had always considered this story to be fairly academic (which is why Ron said, in Chapter 10, "You had to stop being so intellectual about it..."). I think that some of the people who read it may have had some personal connection with abusive situations, but the story seemed so mild and retrospective (no actual abuse is occurring in the story), that I did not think there was any danger in the story. Still, you are probably right. Actually, I'm glad you didn't see it coming as to what the dreams meant, because that was supposed to be a surprise in Chapter 10. And I'm glad that you thought that the scenes with Ginny were successful. One of my goals with this story was to develop Harry's and Ginny's relationship a little more, because it was not as well-developed in the 7 books as I would have liked, and I wanted to show her as a more mature person. Thanks so much for the review!

Reviewer: cjbaggins
Date: 05/19/13 23:57
Chapter: Chapter 11 Epilogue

Wonderful ending! A fitting conclusion to this story, that while an uncomfortable topic, you have addressed with compassion and sensitivity. Well done! cj

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind remarks, cj. I'm very glad that you appreciated the story. I just got back from a professional conference today where the main topic was the latest research about the negative, lifelong effects of stress, abuse and neglect on babies and children, and I found myself throughout the conference thinking about this story and about the people in real life who have been thus affected. It is so true.

Reviewer: Chocolate butterbeer
Date: 03/24/13 14:43
Chapter: Chapter 11 Epilogue

That was really interesting it was good I liked it did you know about all this stuff before or did you look it up? U can really see the courage that Harry had to do all this

Author's Response: Hi Miriam. Thanks for reading my story, and special thanks for writing a review. In answer to your question, I did know a lot of this material before, but I also had to do a lot of research. I have a notebook full of printed-from-the-internet maps of London and descriptions and pictures of the places Harry visited. As a result, people who actually visit those places will hopefully find that my story is not too inaccurate. I agree with you about Harry's courage. Even though there are no dragons or swords in this story, it takes a lot of courage to reveal our innermost thoughts and self to other people. I hope you will think of some sort of story that no one else has done, and give it a try!

Reviewer: Trucker
Date: 02/02/13 21:32
Chapter: Chapter 1 Infanticide

I'm in awe of the care you took in writing this piece. As a volunteer chaplain at a state mental hospital, I've seen enough to know that you've scored a bullseye or two. And in reflecting on my father's life -- he was a virtual slave and punching bag for his father -- and how my father fought his demons and managed to be a loving father to his two sons and not continue the cycle -- I was the lucky one.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your comments. They are particularly appreciated, coming from someone with some personal connection to the topic.

Reviewer: Dad
Date: 01/20/13 6:20
Chapter: Chapter 11 Epilogue

Thanks for the nice epilogue. I wish every one could have a happy ending.

Author's Response: Thanks for the many reviews, Dad. It is good to know that there is someone we can always rely on to let us know that our stories are being read. (Though I can't figure out why nobody made any comments on Chapter 6, which for me is the pivotal chapter of the story, or on Chapter 9, since I have a particular interest in World War II.) This story was bound to have a happy ending, since there was no way for Harry to go except up. And the epilogue is a good example of how a tiny kindness that we do (such as sending the books to Harry) can have a much bigger impact than we would ever guess. We can all recall tiny kindnesses that someone did for us, so tiny that the person probably doesn't even remember them, that made a huge difference to us.

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 01/19/13 18:04
Chapter: Chapter 11 Epilogue

Fantastic!!! I loved and enjoyed this story very much!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your ongoing encouragement and unqualified appreciation of my story. It is gratifying to know that people got as much from reading it as I got from writing it. A year ago I would never have dreamed I would do such a thing, because I tended to keep my thoughts to myself. But now, who knows? I may write something else someday.

Reviewer: baby54boomer
Date: 01/19/13 15:27
Chapter: Chapter 11 Epilogue

Your epilogue is a wonderful finality to what must have been a difficult story to write. Thank you for leaving us with a ray of sunshine..a bright day after Harry's long, dark night.

Author's Response: You are perceptive to discern that this story was difficult to write. I first came to this site to read more stories about Harry Potter, with no intention of writing. But after reading a few fluffy one-shots by Neil about Harry's early experiences with his newborn children, I saw a gaping hole in the extended canon, a subject that no one seemed to have addressed. It had to be written, and I felt sure I could do it. The difficult part was doing it well. The job took nine months, with much research and rewriting, and it was miraculous how things often fell into place almost by themselves, in ways I didn't expect. Perhaps that is the power of the subconscious. Thank you for your encouragement, all the way to the end. (And a huge Thank You to my beta readers.)

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