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Name: xxbabewithbrainsxx (Signed) · Date: 11/13/12 14:13 · For: I used to wake up to the colour of your soul.

Let me begin with apologies. The stupid archives ate my review ages ago, and I’ve been meaning to review this pile of utter gorgeousness for weeks now, but school has been so busy D: that I haven’t had time. Sorry! And I was going to review it for SPEW, but then I remembered how fabulous it was and realised I would collapse into a wibbling heap of flailiness, so to make sure I’m not kicked out of SPEW, lol, prepare for another terrible stream-of-consciousness review, only, well, three weeks late?

Now, I don’t know the song, but I am listening to it now, and... hmmmm. Interesting! I think I like this one more than the other one you and Lily recced to me a while back.

And awwwwwww poor Sirius! D: I feel so sorry for him, being stuck in that prison cell for so long. And I totally get why he would suspect Remus of being the traitor -- I think you conveyed the paranoia of that time period so well, and the guilt that Sirius feels just breaks my heart. Aaaahhhh.

Also, this line:

I put my trust in a rat rather than the person who set my blood on fire with a glance or a mere sigh.

*FLAILLLLLLLLLLLL* I looove that. Fabulously put, my dear Jess. I may or may not be nominating that for the quotations thing :)

And then he’s off! Ugh I wish Sirius had killed Peter. And then he and Remus could’ve lived happily ever after and neither of them would have died :( :( :(

What makes me so sad is that Sirius and Remus don't have a chance in the end. But at the same time, I can see why that happened, with their romance having burned out when they were young. The way you have it, it’s so heartbreaking but also realistic.

AND THEN HE DIEEEEES NOOOOOO! :( Ha, I knew that would happen, obviously, but it still makes me weep every time I read it in fanfic. Also, I love that you continued the story into the afterlife -- I find that stuff so interesting. :D

Awww, I love the whole section of Remus/Tonks. This bit in particular:

She can fix him. I’m more certain about this than anything, either in life or death. I know this because of the way she holds him: not like he will break at any moment, but reverently, as if he were the most precious thing in the world.

was beautiful, and I love how you didn't undermine the canon pairing, but if anything, you beautified it. and I squeed when I read “colourful baby boy” because that just sounds so cute.

OOOOOH THE BATTLE. That was written so well, Jess! And then Remus dies :( OH but then they kiss and James and Lily are there, lololol. :D It reminds me a bit of Sophie’s fic (the one she wrote for my birthday), actually -- and I think, for someone who says Marauders aren’t her strong suit, this story proves otherwise, because your characterisation of James and Lily and Sirius is fabulous.

Yayayayayayayay a serious/Sirius joke xD I do love those things. And I love how this ended so happily, too.

All in all, if you don't know that you are amazing and fabulous and a bloody brilliant writer... well, you do now. :D THANK YOUUUU for writing such a gorgeous story for me -- it means so much. Know that I heart you lots and fangirl you even more.

Name: Padfoot11333 (Signed) · Date: 10/19/12 19:36 · For: I used to wake up to the colour of your soul.

(and later on comes a story squee but it's not in all capital letters.)

The thing was with this story, you managed to pack so much punch into a story that, all things considered, really wasn't very long. And the ending was wonderful.

I want to refute what James says, sure that Harry will live forever because I want him to.

This line, I think, sums up Sirius in so few words--he's so sure of himself all the time, and that's his fatal flaw.

AND the song lyrics...you knew I would get to this...hee hee hee. Not only was it just a total Shinedown yayyyy moment, all the lyrics just fit so well with the story, especially the way that you split it into segments. And each section...I think what I usually don't like about songfics (and I shouldn't say this because I write too many songfics) is that the author will nearly always try to fit the story to match exactly what is happening in the song. And this didn't happen. I think I'm phrasing this badly but what I'm trying to say is that you managed to capture the song but you didn't overpower us with it.

*sigh* Beautiful story, Jess. I'm jealous of Soraya.

Lily xxx

Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 10/19/12 17:22 · For: I used to wake up to the colour of your soul.
Oh, Jess, quite beautiful. I was totally caught up from the beginning in Azkaban and all the way through, hunting Pettigrew, thirsting fro revenge, seeing remus again and ... wow ... when he sees Remus with Tonks and is happy for his ex-love - just so poignant.

I can’t remember him as clearly as I wish I did, and I lost the ability to muster up physical longing years ago.

That line got to me :( . The wasted years - oh sweet Merlin!

And I LOVED the end. Ha- defying the Dementors - so Marauder, so Sirius. So very well done!


Name: Dad (Signed) · Date: 10/18/12 14:57 · For: I used to wake up to the colour of your soul.
Sirius's thoughts after he goes through the veil are extremely moving.

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