Reviewer: Morganleah201
Date: 01/28/13 21:58
Chapter: Chapter 13: Sowing the Seeds

I've just finished reading both previous stories as well as this one and absolutely love them! I can't wait for more! I really like how you have the characters pinpointed perfectly from the original stories, yet very grown up and very realistic. I look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words! I often worry that Hermione and Draco are starting to be less like canon and more of my making as time goes by. I am so happy to hear that the characters still ring true for you! This will help motivate me as I continue to work on this story. Thanks, Jenny

Reviewer: oddsocks
Date: 01/17/13 5:06
Chapter: Chapter 1: Summer Day at the Burrow

Lovely story. keep the chapters coming! Thanks

Author's Response: I'm shooting for an update a week, between my writing and my beta's helpful reviews. I just posted the next chapter. Thank you for your encouragement! --Jenny

Reviewer: ginevra715
Date: 01/07/13 17:59
Chapter: Chapter 12: Dealing with Lucius Malfoy's Information

It makes me so sad that they have to hide their relationship again! But I can't really be mad at you because you write Hermione and Draco so well! And you really think through how difficult so many aspects of their relationship would be.

Author's Response: Thank you! I figure something has to happen in their relationship for the story to be interesting. I'm not sure whether having them just solve a mystery of my own invention would be enough to keep readers engaged. But my end game is always a happy one! I also worry about the folks who say Hermione and Draco would never work out, so I try to be realistic about the difficulties. Thanks! Jenny

Reviewer: MrsHTX
Date: 12/27/12 12:31
Chapter: Chapter 11: Draco visits Azkaban

I have enjoyed the three stories in your series very much -- so much so that I started reading this one knowing it was still WIP, when I usually avoid WIP stories. Your characters are realistic, your plots are interesting, and you give just enough details to paint a vivid story without boring your readers with irrelevant "padding". I am very much looking forward to reading the rest of this story. Thanks so much for sharing it!

Author's Response: Thank you for your nice review! I'm afraid the WIP story may frustrate you. I'm only able to post about once a week, so it may be slow going. I have the whole story mapped out, so I promise I will finish it and not leave you hanging. I'm glad you've enjoyed the other stories as well! Thanks, Jenny

Reviewer: intohimo
Date: 12/26/12 23:20
Chapter: Chapter 11: Draco visits Azkaban

I love this story. I love the interactions between all the characters and that their is a main story and a then you have their relationship. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: The next chapter has been posted! I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the story. I am trying to write something where there's mystery drama and some relationship drama as well, but our couple is together throughout (for the most part). I'm glad you like it! Thanks, Jenny

Reviewer: FlameNox
Date: 12/08/12 23:00
Chapter: Chapter 9: Returning Lochrin's Broom

Write more. Please. You're killing me.

And the funny thing is, the last two were actually good parodies of the outline of a Harry Potter story. A slow build-up, a few hints here and there that all add up in the end for an amazing adventure right around Final exams.

It's a shame you didn't write the first seven books because you could go on to publish these; or I dunno. Either way; you could write your own book-obviously.

Author's Response: Thank you for the generous compliment! I have so much fun researching these stories and weaving in interesting ideas that will play a role way down the line. I love the details. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. Thanks, Jenny

Reviewer: Aurora Dawn
Date: 11/28/12 15:34
Chapter: Chapter 8: First Weekly Auror's Meeting

I can't wait for the rest, I hope it will be soon. Great story!

Author's Response: I posted the next chapter today. Hopefully it will be approved shortly. I hope you like it! Thanks, Jenny

Reviewer: dee5991
Date: 11/12/12 17:43
Chapter: Chapter 6: Meeting at the Ministry of Magic

So glad I found this!! Awesome, as usual :) How often do you plan to put up new chapters?

Author's Response: I'm trying to post a chapter each week. I'm glad you are enjoying the story! Thanks for the nice review, Jenny

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 11/09/12 17:26
Chapter: Chapter 6: Meeting at the Ministry of Magic

Brilliantly fantastic as always!!

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad to hear you like this chapter -- it's the start of the main story. Thanks, Jenny

Reviewer: RoseHyperionMalfoy
Date: 11/04/12 1:26
Chapter: Chapter 1: Summer Day at the Burrow

I really love reading your stories! Although I must say that "The Dragon Does the Tickling" is by far my favourite, I enjoyed how you were able to keep up the storyline and make it quite interesting throughout the second one. I just hope that you don't break Draco and Hermione up, again. After Rose/Scorpius, they are starting to become my favourite pairing! I love the new story - please keep updating as I can't wait to read it!

Author's Response: I like the first one best too. The getting together stories are always the best. But I'm trying to keep it interesting in the sequels too. And while there may be some angst mid-story, I can promise a happy ending (and happy in my story universe includes Hermione and Draco together -- happy in JKR's universe is Hermione and Ron, of course). Thank you for your nice feedback, Jenny

Reviewer: Casper Black
Date: 10/25/12 2:28
Chapter: Chapter 5: Harry and Ginny's Wedding

This was just an incredible chapter, and I love how you turned Percy's bedroom into the makeshift dressing room - I can imagine him spewing at this! Very well done, cant wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I really worked hard on this chapter, because this wedding is so important! I didn't want to short change Harry and Ginny. :-) Next chapter should be along any day now. Thanks, Jenny

Reviewer: NimbusAuror
Date: 10/21/12 17:32
Chapter: Chapter 1: Summer Day at the Burrow

Hi, I really like your writing! I enjoyed 'The Dragon Does the Tickling' the most. It's very easy-reading and light, with a good storyline. The perfect break for when I'm feeling stressed. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you for your nice review. The first one is my favorite too. I struggled with Chapter 5 of this latest story (it's a long one), but now I'm on a roll with the subsequent chapters. I hope you'll keep reading. Thanks, Jenny

Reviewer: baby54boomer
Date: 10/05/12 19:16
Chapter: Chapter 4: Xoroi's Ghost

While the story is full of interesting color and description, it reads much like a junior literature selection for me. Otherwise, you have put together a nice couple of chapters.

Author's Response: I'm sorry you find the story to be juvenile. It is a bit tricky, trying to take a series written for children/young adults and move it into the "adult adults" realm. Especially when I don't enjoy writing the sex scenes and I my adventure/mystery is going to be lighthearted and fun, not deep and disturbing. But keep the comments coming. Thanks,Jenny

Reviewer: BookWorm530
Date: 10/04/12 3:36
Chapter: Chapter 4: Xoroi's Ghost

Lovin this fic! The side story about the ghost was interesting and I was happy to see Draco and Hermione being more affectionate (awww). Can't wait for Harry and Ginny's wedding...update soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you found the ghost story to be fun. When I learned about the actual myth, I couldn't keep from adding it to the story. I was afraid it would be a bit tangential, but I'm happy to learn you liked it. Thank you for your nice review! --Jenny

Reviewer: BookWorm530
Date: 09/30/12 19:06
Chapter: Chapter 3: Menorca with Harry and Ginny

Aww poor Harry wishes Hermione was still with Ron so they could all hang out...well I'm glad she is with Draco so don't change it! I do wish that Draco and Hermione would be more affectionate though...I feel like they never touch or kiss...and they are on a romantic vacation and haven't even slept together yet...what's the deal?? Can't wait to see what happens this year for the couple and can't wait for Harry and Ginny's wedding...update soon!

Author's Response: I have to admit -- I hate writing the sexy scenes! It is so embarrassing for me. But the I'll try to keep them affectionate. They did have that argument over the broom, you know. ;-) Thank you for your nice review! --Jenny

Reviewer: BookWorm530
Date: 09/22/12 2:54
Chapter: Chapter 2: Menorca Holiday

I am so happy to see the 3rd story in your series has been posted! I think it is great that Harry and Ginny accept Hermione and Draco's relationship and that they will be joining them on vacation. I am looking forward to the wedding and wondering if it will make Draco and Hermione contemplate marriage. The scene with the cell phones was creative, great job! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you for all your enthusiastic feedback! It really helps motivate me to write more. I'm glad you are enjoying the story so far. I'm working on the wedding chapter now - I feel a lot of pressure to do that right! Thank you, Jenny

Reviewer: Chelle74
Date: 09/15/12 3:56
Chapter: Chapter 1: Summer Day at the Burrow

I've read your entire series and really enjoyed it! I'm glad you are continuing. Looking forward to the adventures in this series!!

Author's Response: Thank you for the favorable feedback. I've got a big adventure planned for their sophomore year! :-) Jenny

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 09/14/12 13:50
Chapter: Chapter 2: Menorca Holiday


Author's Response: Thank you! Nice to get positive feedback! :-) Jenny

Reviewer: baby54boomer
Date: 09/14/12 0:37
Chapter: Chapter 2: Menorca Holiday

I'm not sure the construction of this chapter is as crisply written as previous installments. Too many uses of "when they..." to keep the action clean. In all, not bad.

Author's Response: I'm just writing this for fun. I hope you enjoy the big picture the story! --Jenny

Reviewer: Looneylovegood19
Date: 09/13/12 1:32
Chapter: Chapter 1: Summer Day at the Burrow

I am soooo glad to start reading the next portion i love your story soo much thank you so very much for writing it!!!!!!

Author's Response: Yay! It makes me very happy to read your enthusiastic response to the story. I just posted Chapter 2. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you, Jenny

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