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Reviews For The Hawthorn Root

Name: hpdw (Signed) · Date: 11/04/12 18:51 · For: III: Recognitions and (Over)reactions
i loved it it was amazing i hope this is not the last chapter. i really want to read more so please make another chapter it was just amazing!!!!!

Author's Response: Well, thank you for the review, and no this isn't the last chapter - there's still about three left plus an epilogue. So, don't worry, there's more comin'.

Name: HalfASlug (Signed) · Date: 10/21/12 12:24 · For: III: Recognitions and (Over)reactions
Jeez, it's all going on here. It kind of feels like the whole world is against them. Paranoid and jealous Hermione was brilliant here - sometimes people forget that she can be just as over-dramatic as he can when she wants. Very enjoyable (in a 'I don't want to look until they are friends again' way') chapter. Can't wait to see what happens :)

Author's Response: Must... not... spoil... story (though you can probably tell where it's going :P ). Well, isn't the world always against us? Nihilism aside, thank you for your Hermione comment. I am absolutely dreadful at writing her -- which is probably why I avoid writing from her perspective at all costs -- and reviews like these help keep me writin'. I should revise the next chapter and send it to my beta by tonight, and hopefully have it in relatively soon... but lemme warn you: next chapter's theme song would definitely not be "Happy Happy Joy Joy"

Name: HalfASlug (Signed) · Date: 10/21/12 11:51 · For: II: Contemplations
Great chapter! I loved the bit at the beginning with them in bed and the description of the sun was all very nicely done. As for Adrianne - argh! No! A threat to R/Hr perfection! Anyway, I'm intrigued by her and Ron's reaction. Personally I can't see him going into this level of doubt after only just meeting her. It seems a bit soon to start be scared for his marriage. George being all protective of Hermione was really in-character. This is shaping up to be a good story so far :)

Author's Response: First off, thanks for the review :)

And, yes I understand it might seem a little sudden but I think that the context (a year of pretty much nothing but work, more work, and then less Hermione) could be enough to make Ron doubtful when he's seemingly interested in this girl. Then again, I might just be flailing about on Word and the mod who let the chapter was a bit sleepy. Who knows?

Name: Dad (Signed) · Date: 10/09/12 9:36 · For: III: Recognitions and (Over)reactions
It is looking a bit grim at the moment.

Author's Response: And I wish I could say whether it is going to be better any time soon. Just have to wait and see, I s'pose ;) Thanks for the review, as well!

Name: tftolman (Signed) · Date: 09/05/12 21:03 · For: I: A Witch's Wheezes
Love it! Can't wait to hear the rest!

Name: Dad (Signed) · Date: 09/05/12 17:35 · For: I: A Witch's Wheezes
I am not sure if it is realistic to sack a hero of the war against Voldemort just like that, but it makes for an interesting story.

Author's Response: See, this is one problem I've always had with canon. Despite that they are heroes, if there are going to be some serious fiscal and money flow issues and judging by the way the Ministry was and has been run for hundreds of years then I can't help but see this sort of thing happening. They won't sack Hermione because she's a valuable asset as a worker and a possible icon for the new regime. Definitely not Harry because that would probably start a mass riot. Ron, however, is still the sidekick despite everything we know as readers. He's good at what he does, but if someone were to be sacked out of the trio I can easily see him getting the short end of the stick. Even if Shacklebolt were Minister, if this were run like a half-decent ministry then he's not going to be able to override a vast majority vote against the program. And, remember this doesn't single out Ron in particular: it's an entire department being laid off. I understand if we don't see eye-to-eye but thanks for the review, anyways!

Name: HalfASlug (Signed) · Date: 09/05/12 12:07 · For: I: A Witch's Wheezes
This chapter was great as well :) The way that even though times are hard and they both had a bit of a breakdown on their own, they still came back together at the end. Obviously things are going to get harder when the reality of Ron losing his job hits and I hope they are still about to be happy together.
Also, I really like your characterisation of Ron. Teenaged Ron wouldn't have thought twice about destroying his office but you've shown him matured. Plus, even though he still taking this out on himself, he isn't doing it to the levels we saw in the books, which also shows his maturity. Looking forward to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the read and the review. I'd love to answer the last sentence of the first paragraph, but then I'd be spoiling the ending. And where's the fun in that? Chapter 2 is currently on my 'to-do list' for plot revisions, so give it two weeks and we'll see how you like the plot progression!

Name: HalfASlug (Signed) · Date: 08/24/12 22:59 · For: - Prologue -
Good start. It's nice seeing grown-up Ron and Hermione tackle grown-up problems. There's a clear breakdown in communication if they both think the other wants the house more and I imagine Ron's redundancy isn't going to help - I can't wait to see where this goes. Oh, and kudos on the research. I love when writers take the time to look into stuff like this, even though it is highly unlikely that anyone will actually call you on it.

Author's Response: I'm glad you picked up on the communication breakdown, because that information will certainly help with understanding some of the problems in later chapters. Hopefully you're looking forward to this as much as I am excited to finish writing it. Either way, thanks for the good words.

Name: baby54boomer (Signed) · Date: 08/23/12 13:37 · For: - Prologue -
Actually, you have quite succinctly described the USA right now...reeling from the same housing market debacle. As you progress Ron and Hermione's situation, please consider this: "for better or for worse" and "a house does not make a home." Relationship is far more precious than address. Good luck!

Author's Response: Well, you write what you know, right? I guess without realizing it I injected some of my own experiences into the writing, but I think the situation they are in (including the time frame) justifies it. Oh and don't worry, all of your points have been taken into account ;) . But, you'll just have to wait for more chapters to find out how successful the two are.

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