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Name: The_Real_Hermione (Signed) · Date: 04/28/13 21:12 · For: One-Shot
I read this a while ago but didn't get a chance to review it - so here's the review.

I liked that you changed up the order from Sapphires (it's reversed isn't it?), that worked really well.

Although I think it's slightly unbelievable that Genevieve could get away with killing her husband and writing his suicide note that so obviously benefited her, I did really like the first section. (And I guess she was known for killing her husbands, maybe no-one ever found any proof.) I liked the idea of her killing for her child - for some reason it made me think of James and Lily, who are killed for their child, but I think they might have killed for him too. So while murder is a terrible thing, you do really make us sympathise with her. I also liked the use of the apple - although perhaps you could have used the symbolism more subtly (that's probably just my opinion). I also liked the part when she washed her hands of his blood - and then you used the words "clean and pure", which shows that she doesn't feel any remorse or guilt for what she's done, which is quite an interesting concept.

I really thought that Parvati and Danyal were going to have a happy ever after at the end of Sapphires, so initially I was surprised at the start of this part, but it soon made sense. I liked how it was Yash's note which really started Parvati's thoughts about changin her mind, and I think you showed her dilemma really well and I really felt for her in having to make that decision. Just one comment - in the second paragraph you use "beautiful" three times, you might want to change on of those.

The Rose and Scorpius part was again quite sweet - you showed their relationship and their love for each other really well, and it was very interesting to do it by showing their first time together. I really liked the ending of that section too, it felt very sweet and hopeful.

So then you moved from a very sweet story to regret, which was a really nice contrast. The image at the end of Albus breaking down was really vivid and I could feel his pain at potentially losing Andrea over a misunderstanding.

Anyway I thought the whole story was great and the fours stories connected nicely, and worked really well as a sequel to Sapphires.


Author's Response: Hey Katrina! Sorry it's been so long, we usually collaborate for responses, but for a while Nadia and I lost contact because of her college and I remembered this, so I'll take the liberty of replying for her as well. :)

Yes, the order was reversed. All Nadia's idea! Genevieve, though, she did kill a lot of her husbands, right (it's been implied)? So we thought maybe she did get off easy after all. So happy you liked it, though! I loved it too. Nadia is brilliant. :) I think anyone is capable for killing for a child. It probably takes quite a lot to get there, but I believe people could do it if pushed hard enough. And everything else about Genevieve was all Nadia, hehe. But the blood part was lovely, yes.

I wasn't sure what I was doing when I wrote Yash/Parvati/Danyal. I really don't know what I did with that, now that I look back at it. Hehe, Glad you liked it, though! Rose and Scorpius too! I think I struggled quite a bit with their awkward sex, but I'm happy it turned out okay! I'll go check out that 'beautiful' bit. Thank you for pointing it out! :)

Albus/Andrea, again Nadia's creation, is like my headcanon for Albus. Love those two. They're my perfect a**butt couple, hehe. Yes, it was quite sad, I think, especially as I liked him too!

Thank you for the review, and again, sorry about how long it took us to reply! Pooja and Nadia. :)

Name: PeppermintToads (Signed) · Date: 08/25/12 1:00 · For: One-Shot
You two are so talented! Okay, starting off with Genevieve: that was unnerving. You could really feel her hatred as she stabbed her husband. It was ... chilling. Then with Parvati--it was very nice of her sister to help her. :) With Rose and Scorpius, I could sense the conflicting emotions in Rose. She loves Scorpius, but she regrets lying to her father and running away. And with Albus...oh gosh, that was so sad! I can't believe he acted like that! But I guess if I had a partner who I thought was cheating on me, I would act the same way. You guys are amazing! Will there be a third story?

Author's Response:
Pooja - OMG, thank you so much! :* Yes, wasn't Nadia brilliant with Al and Genevieve? (: I always imagined the Patil twins to be extremely close because-- well, they're twins! And the ScoRose was my favourite to write. : D I've never tried awkward smut before. LOL. I know, I felt terrible for Al too. All Nadia's idea. LOL. She's my evil darling. LOL. And thank you! Thank you soo much! As of now, we believe we have completed the tale and there's no third story, so I guess not. Sorry! There is, however, a third, completely different fic from the two of us which will be up as soon as we're both done with challenge deadlines and stuff. Thank you for reading both our fics, Julie! xoxo
Nadia - Wow, Julie, thank you! Your reviews make me really happy *heart heart heart* I'm so glad you liked how we wrote the stories; they were a lot of fun to write, and I'm happy to know the late night AIMs were worth it. :). As Pooja said, there will probably not be any third story - at least, not now. Maybe in the distant future if we ever find any good ideas we might decide to revive this series, but no promises! Once again, hun, thank you for the awesome reviews. You're amazing. :D

Name: HumanHorcrux (Signed) · Date: 08/23/12 23:53 · For: One-Shot
This was just as good as Sapphires- I love how this turned out. Poor Albus, though. One big misunderstanding.
I love how the Zabini's ended up, but I have to say, none of these mini-stories have truly happy endings. :P
Will you guys consider writing expanded stories for each one? Either way, I loved the endings, and keep up the good work! :D :D :D

Author's Response:
Pooja - Yay! I'm so glad you liked how we rounded this off! Yeah, well, I felt bad for Albus too but Nadia was the evil one with her Albus and her Skandar Keynes *grins*. Well, we'd expand the stories, but these really don't have very big or strong plots for that. It will just become unnecessarily boring-- especially as we've wrapped up all four of them and you already know what happens. Thank you sooo much for the wonderful review, and for sticking with us through both the stories! We have a chaptered fic coming up soon (next-gen), if you're interested. Thank you!
Nadia - Yayayay thank you! And for some reason I love torturing Al. In my mind he's Skandar Keynes, and looking at his role as Edmund in Narnia, Skandar is the perfect angst material, lol. He's so awesome *heart*. He has this tortured look and that's why I think he's perfect for Al the way I write him. Hehe. I'm glad you liked what we did with the Zabinis - I've always wondered what Mrs Zabini's back story would be like and I used this opportunity in the best way I could. And yes, you're right: none of them have happy endings. Angst is my favourite genre, so most of my recent stories usually have either sad/bittersweet endings :). Thank you once again for the lovely review! You are awesome. *heart*

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