Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 08/11/15 10:13
Chapter: Oneshot

I came back to read this story after I read your more recent story. This one is very funny also. Loved it.

Reviewer: WeasleyMom
Date: 10/02/13 10:15
Chapter: Oneshot

Oh, Minna, this is so much fun! Absolutely loved it, and laughed out loud when the boatman made fun of their accents... especially "gov'nah"! Hilarious! Loved the voice you created for Scabior, how self-aware he was, and that he blamed Harry for everything.

A deserving win! Congratulations! ~Lori

Author's Response: Thank you! It was fun to write, too, though I wasn't expecting people to like it so much. :D Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. ♥

Reviewer: Equinox Chick
Date: 08/04/12 0:07
Chapter: Oneshot

Ha ha aha ha ha - oh dear. hell in a humidifier. I am seriously dying here and not just because I'm visiting your fair state, at this very moment. I think you got me at the Doritos - the description was so very apt. Fantastic.

Minna, you don;t write much HP fanfiction and I've tended to associate you with detailed fics (brilliant fics, I should add) with a lot of plot. This made me laugh. You have a great voice for humour - very dry and witty.

One small plot point - I wasn't sure what Greyback did on the full moon night and why Scabior wasn't bitten. (or was he?). Maybe a small line explaining would help, although it's very possible I am being very dim; the Florida heat has got to me - LOL.

Oh, and tell Scabior that we've come to Florida on holiday because it's FAB-U-LOUS!

Still giggling ~Carole~

Author's Response: Hehe I'm glad you liked it and it amused you. On the full moon, Greyback...uhm...locked himself in a trailer. Those lock, right? (But how did he get out). Oh. Um. There's your problem with writing fics late at night in a fit of the sillies...I will think. (Also, I still think you're mad for how much you like Florida. Including downsides like how its humidity affects your hair :P).

Reviewer: PeppermintToads
Date: 08/03/12 2:26
Chapter: Oneshot

Ha, serves them right. I'm from Florida too, and I couldn't help but laugh at the 7-Eleven and gator parts. I loved how he thought it was humidified hell and wondered why anyone would go on vacation there. It's AWFUL in the summer, especially if you're from somewhere like England. The part with Greyback and the full moon gave me chills. Great job, I loved this!

Author's Response: High five for living in Florida! Except, yuck, August. Ew. Not gonna lie, I pictured the neighborhood I grew up in for the 7-Eleven and Doritos in an overgrown lot bit. Anyway, glad you liked. :D Thanks for taking the time to read and review.

Reviewer: Dad
Date: 08/02/12 18:10
Chapter: Oneshot

I think there is room to develop this some more. Will they get caught? Won't they? Good little read.

Author's Response: Mm. There's certainly room to develop it more, but to be honest I just wanted to write a silly story about Scabior and Fenrir having issues roughing it in Florida. They aren't caught for now, and that's what matters. (Honestly even if they don't get caught they'll probably spend the rest of their lives guarding against being caught, so no neat resolution if that's the case - and tbh I don't want to write about them being caught xD). Wow, okay, that took more words than expected. Just explaining why this is all there is. :) Thanks for reading and reviewing anyway.

Reviewer: hestiajones
Date: 08/02/12 15:58
Chapter: Oneshot

Hahaha! I enjoyed this and nearly died when the boatman imitated their accent :D The ending line is rather fabulous. I have to admit I kind of want to read a novella about their experiences lol.

There were a few lines that threw me off, for e.g.:

Like a week after the guide in the swamps. Lightning striking practically overhead and I was stuck outside, jumping at every flash and thinking the next one was going to bring a burning tree down on top of me or hit me directly.

D: Is there something missing in the first line, or should the next line be a continuation of it?

Nice work, Minna! Silly, but definitely entertaining.

Author's Response: Ha, glad you enjoyed the accent-imitating (I kind of winced at it in retrospect, but that may just be how horrible his imitation is). Actually glad in general it's not as stupid as I feared. :D I'm not sure entirely what confused you about those lines, but I've gone back and made them more...grammatically correct. Poke me on AIM if that's not the issue? Anyway - thanks for the reviewww <3

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