Reviewer: Neaaman
Date: 01/13/05 14:26
Chapter: Part 2: Hermione's Confession

I just read the first chapter and it is amazingly funny! RUN FROM LIZA MINELLI!! ARGHHH!!!!

Author's Response: She's coming for us all! I've actually never heard any of her songs. I don't want to.

Reviewer: Zetera
Date: 01/13/05 11:24
Chapter: Part 2: Hermione's Confession

A bit too weird for me, and the chapter was so out of synch with the previous one that I thought I must have missed one somewhere! However, it still had me laughing, and I will continue to read for sheer amusement.

Author's Response: OMG THANKYOU! I read your review, and I thought: What! It's not out of sync. It says Hermione had detention, and then the next post, it says Hermione goes down to detention, but it's her 2nd one! And then I realised the 1st post was WAY too short, so everyone's missed out about 2000 words. Sorry about that. It's up now. How'd I screw up so bad? SORRY EVERYONE. I've added it in Post 1. About the last 2/3rd is new!

Reviewer: Zetera
Date: 01/13/05 11:16

I liked that, Ron on the floor gasping about how disturbing Dan's face was had me laughing out loud! Looking forward to more.

Reviewer: Elladora D Jobberknoll
Date: 01/12/05 19:51
Chapter: Part 4

Oh Merlin, this is sheer insanity! I love it! Urine samples taken at Hogwarts every three months! -laughs hysterically- I particularly enjoyed your narrator bit. It was most enertaining! Cheers! Elladora

Author's Response: Yeah, the narrator bit was hard but fun to write. Thanks for saying it's good! Cool review! I'll go post the next chapters right now.

Reviewer: Hp_girl_05
Date: 01/12/05 16:53
Chapter: Part 4

well, it's good i mean i could never write anything like that!........yeah i guess it was good. sorry i'm not much of a help

Reviewer: roorocks180
Date: 01/11/05 23:20

“Don‘t tell Harry!” Ron said and fainted, as pitiful as the green goblin from Spiderman. SPIDER-MAN!! XDD :p good story, too. and, yes, dan is ugly. except when he's harry. he looks much better than o_o

Reviewer: Juicy_Couture
Date: 01/11/05 18:29

*Gasps* Are you saying Daniel Radcliffe is ugly?! He is sooo not ugly. Dumb butt!

Author's Response: OK, I seem to have a lot of reviews saying Daniel Radcliffe is not ugly. For all the people out there who love Daniel Radcliffe, I'm sorry. And no, I don't think he's ugly, I just think it needed to be said in the story. OK? Anyway, thanks for reviewing! (I hope you still gave it a good rating? oh well).

Reviewer: gerl612
Date: 01/11/05 17:18


Author's Response: I'm smoking CRACK! How did you think the story got so wack. (Not really - see the other review i responded to about Dan Radcliffe). Thanks for review!

Reviewer: Hp_Princess23
Date: 01/10/05 21:07
Chapter: Part 3

This is completely insane, but it's really funny! :-D P.S. DANIEL RADCLIFFE IS NOT UGLY!!!!!

Author's Response: Sorry, he's not really ugly, I just don't like him. Thanks for review! If only my new post would go up.

Reviewer: Elladora D Jobberknoll
Date: 01/10/05 20:29
Chapter: Part 3

Again, beyond weird! Awesome! Especially Ron catching a social disease from Hermione! Ha! Elladora

Author's Response: haha yes. i wonder if i ended up editing that out. I think i might have. oh well, thankyou so much.

Reviewer: Elladora D Jobberknoll
Date: 01/10/05 20:23
Chapter: Part 2: Hermione's Confession

This is the most randomly weird thing I've ever read! -giggles- Mufasa? -shakes head- This is beyond weird AND I know what weird is! Hilarious! Elladora

Reviewer: Elladora D Jobberknoll
Date: 01/10/05 20:15

Ha! Hilarious! Especially Liza Minelli (shudders) and Dan Radcliffe! Keep at it! Elladora

Reviewer: Franodo
Date: 01/09/05 19:53
Chapter: Part 3

I. Am. Speechless. *10*

Author's Response: Cool! :( no just joking :)

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion
Date: 01/09/05 10:48
Chapter: Part 3

? Wow. This story is crazy! :D

Reviewer: sirius_black_fan
Date: 01/08/05 23:23
Chapter: Part 3

so Hermione, Ron and Harry are insane?? Por eso el mundo no progresa...

Reviewer: iheartsirius
Date: 01/08/05 19:20
Chapter: Part 2: Hermione's Confession

?! Wtf?! I don't get it, but it's hilarious! Gaah, you're brilliant!! This is the funniest thing I've ever read!! (Well, that's a streatch. The funniest thing I've read today! (But, you know, that could change. I just bought Confessions of an Heiress... No, I'm not saying that its contents will be funny. It's Paris Hilton attempting to write seriously that might get me. No- not even that. Paris Hilton writing. Hahahaha!!! I wonder if she even knows how...) Anyway! This is hillarrriousss. Update ASAP, or I might die.

Author's Response: Hey, that books seems funny. They were reading some on JJJ. (radio). Thanks for review!

Reviewer: rgfawkes
Date: 01/08/05 15:03
Chapter: Part 2: Hermione's Confession

this is the... i can't even begin to describe this... words have utterly failed me which is weird they have never failed me before... all i have to say is you have one of the weirdest twisted freaking creepyest imagination i have ever seen! love your story please update!P.S. get rid of mufasa!!!

Author's Response: OMG, you must really be quite scared by this story. I have to tell you I didn't mean to be weird, everyone tells me I am though. Sorry! I can't get rid of Mufasa! He's too far into my story now, and it would be so very hard. I promise heaps of good stuff happens because of him. Thanks for review! (It doesn't get less disturbing anywhere).

Reviewer: Ella Norman
Date: 01/08/05 11:28

I'm sorry, I just don't understand it. Not my cup of tea. Sorry.

Author's Response: ok, darling. PRESS GANG IS LAW. YOU ARE CRIME.

Reviewer: Alex Intorada
Date: 01/08/05 10:01
Chapter: Part 2: Hermione's Confession

This is the wierdest story I have ever read!

Reviewer: x_dragon_x
Date: 01/08/05 9:44
Chapter: Part 2: Hermione's Confession

Great sick twisted story. It's really funny,suprisingly. Anyways can't wait for next chapter.

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