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Reviews For Cold Feet

Name: goldensnidget92 (Signed) · Date: 07/08/12 12:33 · For: Scorpius and Hugo
I have never read a Hugo/Scorpius before, and in this one fic I think you may have converted me! I really liked the concept of the story, and how it was a very convoluted situation: its complexity of story and structure added to my understanding of the characters. I think the change of narrative voice and time frame could potentially have detracted from the story, but you managed to control it so well.

I thought the unsaid feelings and supressed thoughts were really interesting, and very realistic - you can easily imagine two boys being so confused by these thoughts that keep bubbling up in their minds. Speaking of which, I admired the way you made Scorpius's thought progression from Rose to Hugo seem to natural and flowing. I suppose it would be incredibly upsetting to start fancying your girlfriend's brother, but it's funny how thoughts like that crop up seemingly out of nowhere.

I did wonder about Ron and Draco's reactions to their children going out with each other: I'm sure neither of them would have been thrilled. Perhaps that could have been something else that would add to Scorpius's worries about his feelings for Hugo. That said, I liked how you emphasised that he does still have 'Malfoy qualities'. So often Next Gen children either barely resemble their parents, or exactly resemble them, and I think you got the balance perfectly.

There was one line I did find difficult to read (and this is just me being picky): "Sean wanted to get a few dress robes fitted for himself and Scorpius was accompanying him so the former could have his opinion". I think you could word that a little differently, as it seemed a little complex.

Anyway, as I said, I think I may have to read some more Hugo/Scorpius now, as your wonderful writing has made me need more!!

Author's Response: Hello, Helena and thank you for this wonderful review! :) Hmm... frankly, I hadn't even imagined Scorpius and Hugo before the Great Hall Cotillion in February when I decided to write my first slash fic and chose Scorpius and Hugo for it (because Scorpius/Albus is pretty common, I think). And the concept for this story arose from a Carole's very inspiring piece of art (it's so adorable!) for the current Great Hall challenge. And it's awesome you enjoyed the story! And I had initially drafted this from just one PoV but then I thought two PoVs would make the fic so much more effective and decided to go for it. And somehow in my mind Scorpius is always dating Rose when he falls for Hugo. :p I don't know why. LOL. Ron and Draco's reactions would be the same whether Scorpius dated Rose or Hugo so I'm guessing by the time he started liking Hugo he had already finished worrying about all of that with Rose. :p It must be disastrous to have feelings for your girlfriend's brother, I suppose. >.< And I decided to go with a slightly douchy Scorpius this time (he's always a little douchy in most of my stories anyway. Either that, or he's a little disturbed). About the Sean thing-- I'll go correct that just now. :) Thanks for pointing it out! Heh, and I have another Scugo myself-- it's called Testimony, if you're interested. :) Thank you so much for the amazing review!

Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 07/07/12 13:40 · For: Scorpius and Hugo
OHHH, interesting take on the picture. I was imagining something quite different.

I liked how this panned out and they got each other in the end. You also kept Scorpius as very self-interested, especially when he dumped Sean (who was actually very annoying).

The scene where they played footsie was really awkward - you captured that embarrassment very well. Ha, I was pleased Scorpius got his own back with the dare on James and Albus - ha! fab.

Well done. ~carole~

Author's Response: Haha, it's funny how we imagine something and present it to the next person, who interprets it as something else, isn't it? :D I'd love to know what you had in mind-- perhaps I will PM you about it once I've typed this review. I was planning on not reuniting them once again, but then it didn't make sense to have two Scugos with similar endings. Plus, Jo has said that Scorpius was an improvement over Draco, not that he was an awesome person, so I took the liberty of making him a bit of a douche anyway. Heehee, I loved writing that footsie! And James and Albus totally deserved it! Thankies for the reviiiew! *squishes* And oh, I have responded to your other reviews too-- I've been a douche. Sorry about that!

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