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Reviews For The Healer's Heart

Name: bookaholic794 (Signed) · Date: 06/06/15 13:42 · For: Epilogue
I loved this story!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for reading. This is still one of my faves. :D

Name: minnabird (Signed) · Date: 03/01/13 8:35 · For: Epilogue
Oh, Jess. I really enjoyed that. I'm inarticulate as always after finishing a story I like, but just know that I really got to love the four main characters and it was good to see them start to heal and sort themselves out. And I enjoyed the discussion of the wizarding world post-war as well. Just,

Author's Response:

Eeeeeee, Minnaaaaaaaaaaaar!

I think all the characters are jerks in their own way in the story. Daphne is oblivious; Michael is bitter; Theo is a coward; Terry is . . . well, he's Terry. But one of the most pleasurable things about writing this story was helping them understand each other and the things they could do if they used the tools they've had all along. Daphne isn't really the vapid society witch she played before she met Michael, but now she can't imagine going back to that life because she realises how empty it is.

One thing that I got a lot is that some people didn't totally buy into Michael, but he's a different sort of person. He wasn't indiscriminately mean to Daphne; he was merely disappointed that the reality of her didn't live up to his imagination and had no compunctions about letting her know it. But seeing him get to know her for real and banish the preconceptions he had was as important for him as it was for Daphne to learn to be a more conscientious person.

Anyway, I'll shut up now. I am glad you liked the story, and thank you for stopping in. It always warms my heart to see a story I love that's far off the recents get a little bit of love. And when it's f-list love, so much the better. *squish*


Name: InvestedWithNargles (Signed) · Date: 06/28/12 17:29 · For: Chapter 1
Wow! What a fantastic read! The characters were well developed and Daphne (I hope I spelled her name right) really matured into a better person. I also loved this story because of the refrence to Phantom of the Opera. It's really quite like it in some aspects, and I love that! Thanks for writing this; I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response:

Oh, how did I miss this review?

Thank you for your lovely review. I put a lot of effort into making sure my characters are the stars of the show and, even when they're being idiots, they're still learning and growing. They're not perfect people, but I think they know it and are invested enough in each other to be the best they could be.


Name: Gmariam (Signed) · Date: 06/17/12 0:16 · For: Epilogue
Great story, twin! And a great ending. So fluffy for you, wow. ;) But really, after all that's happened, it's not fluff so much as closure, and that was what they all really needed. Lovely scene at the grave, but more than anything the proposal was perfect. Lovely job with this - it's one of those that will start to become unofficial canon for some of us, I think. Good luck with the you-know-whats! :)
~Gina :)

Author's Response:

Oi! No mock-y at a happy ending! It was a requirement of the prompt, but truly, after spending that much time with these two, it would've felt indecent to give them anything less than the tools for a bright future. Lori has already decreed that they will have offspring, which I think would be something Michael would need in his life to complete the healing process and move on from Tony's death at last. And I think Daphne would need that, too, in order to reaffirm to herself that she isn't the person she used to be and will be a good parent.

My head canon used to be Michael/Padma and Daphne/some fat old rich dude, but to hell with that. I will ship these two so hard now. I'm keeping my head canon child in James's year, but I may have to adopt the little one Lori created. :D

Thank you for reading, Twin, and I will pretend you never mentioned the you-know-whats. This was an amazing experience, and that the story got such a resounding good reception amazes me even more. <3


Name: skthebear (Signed) · Date: 06/14/12 6:00 · For: Epilogue
This was an amazing story. I read the entire thing in one sitting, and then tore through your review responses for little scraps that may not have found their way into the final cut. When I saw you'd written more and posted it elsewhere, I made a mad dash for that and read the thing again! It messed with my sleep schedule a little bit, but I regret nothing :) The characters are fantastically fleshed out and believable, and their journeys are beautifully paced. Quite a lovely piece of work!

Author's Response:

I have to say that I'm immensely flattered that you found something I wrote so engrossing. I love stories that take me away from everything in a mad rush of ihavetoknowwhathappensnextorangggggggggst. I think you know what I mean, hehe.

Thank you so much for reading and letting me know what you think. I wrote this story in rather a mad dash, but luckily, I spent the time to streamline it for MNFF. The extended version is, alas, just smuttier rather than having more content. But if that's your sort of thing, then you're definitely welcome to drop by there, as well. I wouldn't say no to some extra reads. <3

Writing this story has been an amazing experience, especially because of readers like you and how many people have told me they now care about character they'd priorly never given a second thought. I feel like that's the real accomplishment. I loved these characters before this story, but now that I've been on this adventure with them, I revere them as almost canon now.

That's enough out of me. I've probably already talked your e-ear off enough, but again, thank you for reading, reviewing, and feeling passionate about the characters and their lives. That's worth all the tacos in Texas. :D


Name: GinevraPotter00 (Signed) · Date: 06/13/12 4:08 · For: Epilogue
This story is amazing. It's just so well written.-Nidhi

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for stopping in. :)


Name: Lost_Robin (Signed) · Date: 06/12/12 15:46 · For: Epilogue
Sob, sob, sob. Excuse me while I cry after that very good story came to an end. Very well written and great job. Will Terry and Theo be in the wedding?

Author's Response:

I, too, am heartbroken that it's all over. However, I will always have this review page, full of wonderful things from all of you, to remind me of how much fun it was to write and to experience with readers. :)

Well, of course Terry and Theo will be in the wedding; Terry is Michael's best friend and Theo is Daphne's. I may have to toss that plot bunny around a bit and see if I can't come up with something, hehe.

Thank you so much for reading along and seeing the story come to fruition. It was a blast to write and even more so to share, and I will never cease to be amazed that such a rarepair was adopted by so many, when I thought no one would ever read this story. <3


Name: Dad (Signed) · Date: 06/12/12 14:57 · For: Epilogue
Good ending. I am now going to attack your other stuff.

Author's Response:

Attack away...there's plenty there, hehe. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for following along. :)


Name: kobbiblue (Signed) · Date: 06/12/12 6:23 · For: Epilogue
You made me cry.... This is one beautiful fanfic. At first I did not think that the pairing would be interesting, but you did a wonderful job and truly diserv QSQ award!!!! :) Thank you for creating this!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. This story and these characters quickly endeared themselves to me, and it seems to be something I could share with readers. Honestly, I didn't expect anyone to read it or even notice it merely because of the characters' obscurity, but I believed in them. And maybe they believed in me a little bit, too.

I'm glad you took a leap of faith and read something you weren't sure you'd like, because that's why I keep writing peripheral characters: to sell others on their importance to the universe that JKR gave us.

Anyway, thanks again, both for reading and checking in to let me know what you think. It's been a privilege to share this story with everyone, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. As for a QSQ...here's hoping. :D


Name: silverlining95 (Signed) · Date: 06/12/12 6:06 · For: Epilogue
I have to admit that I cried :(

I've loved this story so much, it seems so real because all of your characters are so human.

Fenella x

Author's Response:


There were so many rewarding things about writing and posting this story, but nothing has touched me more than sharing it with readers like you. For a story I thought would hardly crack a thousand reads in a year, it's far surpassed any and all expectations I'd had, and it's swiftly settled itself very high on the list of fics I will always cherish. It's because of the characters that I wanted to write this; they all deserve to be heard and to be loved, and that is what will keep me writing minor characters forever. :)

I freely admit that I wibbled when I wrote Terry's account of Anthony's madness and what brought it on. I legit felt like a bad human being for a minute before I pushed that aside and told myself that the characters weren't real. I guess they'll always be real to me. <3

Thank you for following along. You've been a great reviewer and fun to get to know. I hope to see you again soon!


Name: WeasleyMom (Signed) · Date: 06/12/12 3:02 · For: Epilogue
Now would you look that lovely happy ending Jess just dealt out? ;) I loved it.

I'm not sure what else to say about this fic, but wanted to review since you have posted the end now. Thanks so much for this lovely story, and for characterization that you have given to these two ~ they have honestly become canon to me. And while there are many, many rarepair fics I have enjoyed reading, this is only the second one I could really say that about, after Carole's Lavender/Blaise. But it would be hard for me to accept either of these two with anyone else after this.

Well done, you. :)

~ Lori

Author's Response:

Squeeing with you over this story has honestly been one of the highlights of my year. You probably know how much it means to have someone you consider to be a friend as well as an accomplished author appreciate something you slaved over. It's a feeling of validation that makes all of this worth it.

It makes me smile most unbecomingly that Michael and Daphne have earned a place in your heart. They definitely shoe-horned their way into mine. Previously, I had both of them married off to other people and a lot different than they were in this story, but all of that is erased. And while there will never be an epic ship name for these two (GreenCorn?!), they will always have an epic story where they both learned to live and to love and to be part of something amazing.

Thank you so much for being a great reader and just a great friend in general. For a story I thought no one would bother reading, THH has received an epic welcome for a minor character fic, and it holds the honour of being the very first nomination of this year's QSQs. <3

Anyway, feel free to poke on AIM if you'd like some more back story or outtakes. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this story. I'm sad it's all over. D:


Name: nevilleherosnape (Signed) · Date: 06/12/12 2:41 · For: Epilogue
I've really enjoyed this story! It's brilliant! You brought these characters to life in a way that leaves me smiling!

Author's Response:

Thanks for that. Minor characters are my passion and my fanfic livelihood, so I'm happy they could make you smile. :D


Name: Redwing (Signed) · Date: 06/12/12 2:32 · For: Epilogue
Yes! Yes, yes, yes!
I am a "bad" reader, because I read this whole, beautiful, magnificent thing, and I am only now reviewing. But let me tell you, I have been anxiously waiting every three days for updates all along the way. I hesitated at first to read it because of the non-traditional characters, but you made that facet work for you. The story brings depth to very minor peripheral characters, giving you room to really grow (which you did).
You really sold me on this pairing. I love how Daphne has grown, and I love how you slowly revealed more and more of Michael's true character.
So very well done!

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked the story and stuck with it. It was probably less painful that you had a regular update schedule, plus now that the story notifications are working, hehe...

Minor characters are definitely my thing. The way I see it is that the major ones are so well wrought in canon that there is not much left to explore that hasn't been done by JKR or by millions of fanficcers already. So I delve into the ones that slip through the cracks, try to give them a more original face than the traditional boy-meets-girl. There is a lot to be had in the realm of post-battle fic, and it's where most of my stories are based.

I'm glad I could sell you on this pairing and these characters. I don't like not knowing who people are, but that is why I personally seek out peripheral characters; they enthral me. Above all, though, I'm glad that Daphne and Michael finally figured out enough about one another and about themselves to be together. There are few happy endings coming out of the battle (for example, what happened to Anthony), so I love it when characters can take joy where they can get it. Not giving it a happy ending, at least to me, wasn't an option. I think I needed this. :)

Anyway, I've rambled on enough. Thank you for checking in and letting me know how you felt. Once is better than not at all, so I'll take it. ♥


Name: Gmariam (Signed) · Date: 06/11/12 2:53 · For: Chapter 10
I'm doing that annoying thing and hitting the Submit Review button, but hey - I read it and I liked it, so it's okay, yeah?

I loved Daphne's spirt with her father, but even more I loved Astoria's help in getting her out of the house! Awesome! And nice twist with her mother as well.

I really, really enjoyed her reunion with Michael in the hospital. It was just so nice to see him so worried, lol. And the reaction afterwards - perfect. Is there ... more of LJ? ;)

Anyway - good for them, you set it up and made us wait for it and it was great (for them too, haha) But then to twist it up even more with Shacklebolt arriving...interesting plottiness, twin. Very interesting.

I was sort of worried you were going to go a different direction with that when KS showed up with Mr. Greengrass. Thank you for helping him see the truth.

The thing with Michael's Auror application was totally unexpected. I honestly hadn't even remembered that he had applied,lol, but it did give his character and his sarcastic bitterness depth and meaning. I'm just not entirely convinced that Kingsley would turn down such a perfect application because someone's mother asked him to. I get the emotional things going on for them all post-war, though - so it's just such a tragedy that Michael got another slap in the face after losing his eye, and all for naught given he got another job and still missed what was happening to Tony. But you've made it his calling to be a Healer, so I don't feel that bad for him - plus he wouldn't have met Daphne again if he'd been following in Mad-Eye's footsteps, would he? So very nice twisty-ness there.

Looking forward to it wrapping up. You've done a great job with this and I'm so happy for you that you not only had a great experience writing it, but a great reception posting it.
~Gina :)

Author's Response:

Ah, reviewing. Such a rude practice -- people letting me know what they think of hours of my angsting over writing this. The nerve of some people...showing appreciation for my work!

I am a proponent of pure-blood families having their fair share of skeletons in the closet. Most regular families just deal with stuff and move on, but those worrying about public image are the kids who just cram things in the closet and under the bed rather than just sort through their bedroom detritus and have done with it. It makes me wonder how many rich kids are really a product of their moms banging the pool boy, lol.

Astoria has her reasons for having the Portkey, but that will be a story for another day. I might even get around to writing it, lol. At any rate, I think both of them are smart women who know that aligning themselves with Darius is a bad idea, but they also love Daphne enough to realise that this was something she really needed to do and that it needed to be done. Also, it wouldn't hurt that Daphne would have pull in the new post-battle world.

I think Michael knew right away that when she was missing, it had to do with what he had put her up to doing. Naturally, that contributed mightily to him freaking right the hell out. Like Terry said, he wanted to hate her, but in the weeks he really got to know her and the person she was, he knew that he could never hate her and that he loved her. So naturally, the first thing they do when they find each other is tear into each other. And yes, there was MUCH more, to the tune of 2k long, but what's here is less than half of that and watered down to fit the rating. Feel free to poke for the link or just lurk hp-harlequin on LJ for the full version.

Kingsley, to me, is the prototypical Cool Dude. His moral compass is refreshingly pointed in a northerly direction, so he has a fairly good BS detector. However, I don't think he was familiar enough with Darius or had ever had cause to suspect his activities before this, but Daphne was good enough to enlighten him and put him on to some of the more shady practices. Expect a lot of stones to be unturned and many things to change after this point, hehe.

The thing with Kingsley was something I'd decided very early on in plotting. I know it seems hard to believe that he would turn away a perfectly qualified Auror candidate, but I really feel like he almost saw Fred in Anthony's place, wanted that quick do-over. In a moment of weakness, he wanted to do what he could to keep someone from losing a son the way Molly, a good friend of his, did. It may not have been the right thing to do, but at the time, it felt like it was. I hope his regret over that decision was clear, because I think Kingsley really wished he could go back and un-do it. I don't think he regretted trying to help Anthony's mother, but I do believe he realised that he'd done Michael a disservice, most especially after meeting him and seeing the sort of man he was. But, as you said, it all worked out in the end, and that action was a direct catalyst to Daphne and Michael getting together, so I doubt Michael had any regrets in the long run. I think just knowing he was always good enough and that he had done nothing wrong went a long way in helping him let go of that anger and disappointment.

Gah, I can't believe it's almost over! I know I wrote it already, but clicking along with readers has been rewarding, enlightening, and just all around fun. I will be sad when it's all over. Lori and I have already commiserated over this. *squishes* Thanks for reading and making me feel like my two weeks of angst were all worth it. :D


Name: WeasleyMom (Signed) · Date: 06/09/12 3:02 · For: Chapter 10
I love that she stood up to Michael and made him deal with the truth in the end. NIce characterization of Kingsley, too. I was a bit nervous when he was hanging out with Darius, but it all worked out very well. Nice idea to resolve the Auror thing, Jess. It's not something that was really hanging in my mind as unresolved, but it must heal so much in Michael to understand what really happened there, and hear what Flitwick and Harry had thought of him. I like getting that back story a LOT. Poor Anthony's Mom, though. Wow.

So bummed this is almost over. It's been such a fun read. And as I've mentioned recently, these two have become canon for me now. Well done.

Author's Response:

I think this chapter, more than anything, gives Daphne both the push she needed to assure her that she's doing the right thing with her life, as well as to start the healing process for Michael, who had been broken and inflicting hurt upon himself psychologically at every turn.

Funny enough, had Michael observed his own behaviour in someone else, he would've spotted the problem and the latent issues straight away, but I suppose doctors really do make the worst patients. But Michael's aunt is as sharp as he is, I believe, and I think she knew immediately that Michael needed Daphne far more than she needed him, but they still needed each other.

I don't think Kingsley was quite in office long enough to know Darius well, only that he was influential, a noted businessman, and Daphne's father. However, it didn't take long for him to pick up on the reasons why Daphne was speaking out, as well as that Darius, despite his reputation, was cold and calculating, even with his own family. Kingsley isn't a BAMF for nothing; he won't let Darius get away with it, hehe. <3 that man. I really do need to sort out who his wife is, lol.

The bit about Anthony's mother broke my heart a bit when I wrote it. There was no rightly good reason why Michael would've been rejected from the Auror department, so it would've always been something like this, some moment of weakness. But in this wrong, it set Michael on the right course and to a career so suited to his capabilities. He would've been a really good Auror, but he is a great Healer, and in a way, I think that alone would give Michael the strength to move on from this knowledge and possibly be able to see things from Mrs Goldstein's point of view.

Anyway, ramble over. I'm glad you enjoy this story so much. It was fun (if agonising) to write, and it's been a pleasure to post it here on MNFF. I really need to send swissmarg an email or something and let her know that her prompt elicited an amazing writing experience for me. ♥


Name: BlueClaw (Signed) · Date: 06/06/12 17:22 · For: Chapter 1
This is absolutely brilliant! I've just read the whole story in one sitting. I puzzle at Darius and Kingsley being together, can't wait to read what happens there!

Being a gushy romantic fool I ship Michael/Daphne to the ends of time. The build-up and culmination of their relationship was superbly executed and satisfying to me as a reader.

I especially like how many peripheral characters have had a look-in. Your Post-Hogwarts world is so believeable, it has all the angst and traces of suffering we'd expect in the aftermath of the war. Your exploration of societal issues is Rowling-inspired! Keep up the excellent work.

Author's Response:

First off, may I just say that your review is very well executed? I lead a group of reviewers over on the forums, so I'm sort of in the business. You touch on several things but do so articulately and seamlessly. I thought it warranted some appreciation. :D

I freely admit that I was crushing on both Theo and Michael as I wrote this fic. They are just so real in my head from previous plots of mine that haven't quite made it on a page yet, so they sort of poured into the story from that. It was a lot of fun to write these characters, and I feel like, after spending so much time with them in my imagination, I know them better than I know a lot of real people, hehe.

I'm glad that the romance didn't overshadow the other things I wanted to portray in the story. After the war, I think a lot of things about the way the magical nation was run would be revealed as broken and out-moded. Everything from health care to how the displaced Muggle-borns were taken care of would've avalanched into a smouldering pile of 'where do we go from here'. One of the things I look for as a reader in Post-Hogwarts stories is that these issues are approached, and that the characters involved realise these things are happening. I'm immensely happy that you believe that I've done well, because this category is the one on the archives that means the most to me as a writer, as it's the genre in which a majority of my work takes place.

Thank you again for your lovely review, and enjoy the rest of the story. ♥


Name: Ribe featherquill (Signed) · Date: 06/06/12 16:15 · For: Chapter 9
Uhh. What a cliffhanger. I think that.. Well now that would spoil it, wouldn't it? Anyway's I'll know if I'm right in a 3 days time right?

I really like the plot development. The way Daphne had to leave Michael. Then when she did visit Theo, and thank what you did there about the house and his commitment to Terry. Then the beach, again a great cliffhanger. I like the secret her mother have, and that now Daphnes too. How her sister acts, well, I think is believable, mostly because of sister-love. I also like who you have your readers wonder who is became so skilled at wandering around. Then the cliffhanger after some intense writing.

This chapter is especially well written: We know what going on, but it's kept sober. I're read stories on this site, where it weren't as sober, even though they didn't get that far into it, if you know what I mean.

Just one more thing, your characters are really well developed. They are fleshed out in the best way possible, keep doing that to future stories.

By the way, I can see that you had a birthday last weekend, congratulation.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you enjoy the story and that you have theories about what's going on. This was one of the few times I pre-plotted a story and just had to carry it out, so it's interesting to contemplate the story from a perspective of not knowing for sure what will happen next.

Daphne, to me, is a character who could have so many different stories. She could've been one of Pansy's pack; she could've been like Blaise Zabini - influential but not interested in the politics within Slytherin; she could be like Theo was in canon - a loner and unaffiliated. I thought some mesh between the first two was what fit her best in my eyes. And, naturally, I wanted there to be some skeletons in her family closet, since old, rich families seem to have them in slews.

I think you have touched upon the things in the story which I am happiest with, so that makes me feel sure that I've accomplished what I set out to do with this fic. It's almost over, so your theory will be confirmed or disproved soon enough. I hope you enjoy the result nonetheless.

Thanks for your visit!


Name: Dad (Signed) · Date: 06/06/12 10:16 · For: Chapter 9
Interesting developments.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. Or at least I think so, hehe. Thanks for dropping in!


Name: hestiajones (Signed) · Date: 06/04/12 5:42 · For: Chapter 1

Author's Response:

Whatevs...I'm still a cool cat!

Name: Dad (Signed) · Date: 06/03/12 17:08 · For: Chapter 8
This story just gets more gripping.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you think so. It's hard to know whether something is exciting on the page to someone else when it's already happened in your head and hence has no suspense. Thanks for checking in!


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