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Reviews For In the Deeps

Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 06/23/12 9:16 · For: Below, below
I love this (and am wondering why I haven't reviewed before) Your use of language, flow and rhythm is incredibly good. I love the way you've woven a mysterious story into this, that's both frightening and intriguing. The atmosphere is so dark and you've kept a certain amount of tension going without sacrificing any of your usual lyricism.

I shuddered at the third part of this on discovering the horror of the Department of Mysteries. This is so imaginative and well-written. Well done. ~Carole~

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Carole. <3 (Can you tell I'm always at a loss to respond to praise intelligently? I just melt into a big puddle of squee).

Name: Nagini Riddle (Signed) · Date: 06/21/12 21:21 · For: Below, below
You have a great abstract style! And what a gift with words! Great job.

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

Name: Kaitlyn Snape (Signed) · Date: 05/24/12 19:03 · For: Below, below

Author's Response: :D It makes me gleeful to have got that reaction.

Name: expecto_patronuts (Signed) · Date: 04/01/12 2:08 · For: Below, below
Follow this link quietly if you value your life:


Author's Response: Allons-y!

Name: Karaley Dargen (Signed) · Date: 03/08/12 18:36 · For: Below, below
OMP Minna. I have to admit that I scrolled right down to the third part, the one I didn't know yet, because I had to know how you'd work the plot into this.

But I went back up to read the rest, and you've done this just beautifully. I know nothing of poetic techniques, but whatever you've used here for rhyming/meter, it makes this all seem so appropriately mysterious. It's really impossible to stop reading at any point.

You've done such a great job conveying the images and the plot idea... of course it's vague, it's a poem, but you give it just enough detail to get my mind working, and those details just reinforce the horror of what went on down there.

I love this!

Author's Response: Thank you, Kara. <33 (Honestly the rhyming is a semi-random every-other-line rhyme scheme and the meter was...trying to make it flow? Yay freeverse~)

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