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Name: the opaleye (Signed) · Date: 01/11/13 22:26 · For: Epilogue
Don’t curse the river with your cowardice. I love this!

Oh I am so glad for this ending. I love that you don't name the woman, and that she is so vivid despite not knowing who she is. You're brilliant.

Okay, really, thank Merlin this was featured otherwise I might not have never read it.

Julia x

Author's Response: <3

Name: the opaleye (Signed) · Date: 01/11/13 22:21 · For: Chapter 3
Oh just go and break my heart, why don't you?!

This is so sad but it goes to show how well you built up the characters and their relationships in just two chapters, really, because otherwise I wouldn't be feeling so heartbroken :'( They had such good chemistry. Obviously from the Prologue I knew something was going to happen but it was still so sad. *sobs*

I hope Viktor is going to be okay :S

Julia x

Name: the opaleye (Signed) · Date: 01/11/13 21:37 · For: Prologue
How have I not read this?

Name: ProfPosky (Signed) · Date: 01/06/13 0:15 · For: Epilogue
Very interesting. I like the way you've characterized Viktor - it is a consistent outgrowth of what we see in canon, and Gabrielle reminds me of a few young girls I've known. You've made good choices about what you've left unsaid, and how you've presented it.

Author's Response: Thea, apologies for this terribly late response! I stopped coming to the archives altogether, thinking I'd leave, but ha! I'm back and writing :) This is a lovely review! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. ~ Natalie

Name: AlwaysSnily (Signed) · Date: 08/16/12 2:48 · For: Epilogue
Your story made me cry. In a good way, of course. Give yourself a pat on the back; the amount of times I've cried while reading is next to nothing. For a short while, I was sucked into Viktor Krum's world, from his loneliness to his passion to his brusque way of expressing himself. I was begging Gabrielle through my computer screen to live, pleading with Viktor not to kill himself, and cheering when he was saved. The few minutes I spent with Gabrielle and Krum have truly made my day magical. You write wonderfully. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you! What a magical review! :)

Name: BeauxbatonsWitch (Signed) · Date: 03/04/12 12:58 · For: Epilogue
I was very pleased to see that you had updated and finished this story so quickly. It has been a good read. I wasn't sure how I felt about Gabrielle dying but you'd hinted at the beginning that someone had died so i wasn't altogether surprised. i liked the subplot of maria being the one behind the story leaking. that was well played. i liked the epilogue and the hope he now has with the bulgarian girl. Will you write any more about Viktor and his new girlfriend? Good story. Well done.

Author's Response: Apologies for being a tool and replying to the review so late. :/ I'm thrilled you liked the story as well as the new girl. I do have a one-shot in mind for them, just not sure if I have the energy to write it in the near future, what with current WIPs taking up my brainspace. Thanks for the review!

Name: xxbabewithbrainsxx (Signed) · Date: 03/02/12 19:24 · For: Epilogue
Ahhh, I like the girl :) She's very noble and rather gallant, and I love her character. Granted, I'm still upset that Gabrielle died, but it's also nice to know Krum found love in the end, and that he didn't die.

While I loved the chemistry between Gabrielle and Krum, I somehow don't think it would have worked between them. They were too similar, in some ways, and I think maybe the fact that their relationship would always be in the limelight if they were together might have been something that could have pushed them apart too.

Anyway, this is just becoming incoherent mush so I'll stop here. Great story, Nat :D

Author's Response: Ideally, I'd have either drawn out the story and killed Krum in the end or forced myself to let Gabrielle live and separate them after some time. But I am JKR's slave. -sigh- You're right about Krum and Gabrielle's relationship too. There are quite a few factors why it wouldn't have worked out. They spent such a short time together, and Krum is so idealistic, which is why I think he plummeted into depression.

Thanks for all the lovely reviews! :D

Name: xxbabewithbrainsxx (Signed) · Date: 03/02/12 19:20 · For: Chapter 3
Hmmmm. Natalie, I'm not really sure what to say (in a good way). So, what, Gabby's dead? If so, :( I was growing quite fond of her, and I think you did a great job in depicting how their relationship developed at the beginning.

And I knew somethign was up about the article. there was no way Gabrielle would actually say all of that, but I think would be easy for Krum to not see that.

Okay, I shall continue my spammage in the last chapter because I'm now rambling about nothing, lol.

Author's Response: The article was one of those things which the reader should be dubious about but the character shouldn't; it's good to know it worked. :D I was getting quite fond of writing her. However, I'd always planned for her to die and I had to stick to it. :/

Name: xxbabewithbrainsxx (Signed) · Date: 03/02/12 19:07 · For: Chapter 1
ooooooooooooooooooh. Natalie, this was fab. And I've still got two chapters to go, yippeeeeee! :D

I think you created a lovely chemistry between Gabrielle and Krum in this. I mean, things were awkward to begin with, but I liked how their relationship progressed as the chapter went on. I *was* wondering why Krum didn't want to be seen with Gabrielle myself, so it was good that he explained himself. I suppose it kind of makes sense, and I loved this line: “I will kiss you in front of the cameramen if you want.”

Hehehehhe, that just was so funny. And I loved Monsieur Melancolique -- hilarious :D My form tutor is a French teacher so next time he annoys me, I'll just call him that :P

Finally, I loved your characterisation of Gabrielle -- in canon, we see her as a rather immature girl but who is also quite open about her crush on Harry. I liked how you built on that and made her quite forward.

Anyway, onto the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hahaha! Credit for Melancolique goes to Croll. I'm happy to know you enjoyed the chapter and characterisation.

Name: xxbabewithbrainsxx (Signed) · Date: 03/02/12 18:47 · For: Prologue
Helloooooo Natalieeeeeee. Again :D

I think you've discussed this fic a lot on the LS, so it was nice to finally read it :) And, once again, even though this prologue is really short, you've drawn me in already. I loved how you drew on what we know about Krum from canon (or cannon :P) about him swimming even in January, and there's something quite dark and foreboding about him swimming in the black river. Excellent imagery there, Nat.

A couple of things -- "reveled" should be "revelled" and I think "degrees Celsius" makes more sense than "degree Celcius".

But they're very minor points. All in all, I loved this, and I'm only 500 words in, lol. Onwards and upwards! (To the next chapter in other words lol.)

Author's Response: I am such an a******! >.< I completely forgot about responding to these reviews :/ First of all, thanks for catching those errors! I've edited the draft. Secondly, thanks for taking the time to read and review! :D

Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 03/02/12 17:25 · For: Epilogue
Am I allowed to review now? I haven't read the epilogue, or some of the parts in the chapter 3, so I should be safe from the Wrath of Nat (wrath of Croll sounds better, doncha think?).

Brilliant ending and the way you tied up the loose ends with the tracking device was good. You didn't make Maria quite as evil - or desperate - and I think that was a great move.

When Gabrielle died I felt a little tear in me. I thought for one minute you'd changed your mind and she'd live, but no :(

However ... 'the girl from the village' is fabulous. You know what I like best, that we don't know her name. She's also not at all awed by Krum, which is a great move. Just the type of girl to kick his ass and make him forget Veela girls (and Gabrielle was lovely and gorgeous and perfect, but it might not have lasted beyond a year (There are no elevators on Bulgarian farms, after all. *snigger*).

You know I'm a fan of this story.( And you're all right, too ;p.) I hope this does well in the challenge, because you put so much into this and it is GLORIOUS!

~Con~ ♥

Author's Response: Wrath of Nat is the BEST! I might write the girl in the village someday. :) Thanks for all your help, and thanks too, for this review!

Name: Gmariam (Signed) · Date: 03/01/12 1:50 · For: Epilogue
Ahh, I like this! The prologue makes you think one thing with that final line, and this twists it up nicely. If I had my ideas from the smile on his face, I'm glad your end notes confirmed it. Yay for Viktor, I'm glad he finds happiness! Very nice conclusion to a strong story!
~Gina :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing it till the end! :) I am happy you liked the conclusion. I did mean for this girl to save him, but I had no clue how to finish this fic D: Then, I figured keeping the prologue and epilogue as something out of the general framework might work. I am thrilled you liked it, as I had a crisis with this one. <3333333333

Name: Gmariam (Signed) · Date: 03/01/12 1:48 · For: Chapter 3
That is so sad. Poor Viktor. Poor Gabrielle. Stupid Maria. Bad Bludger.
That wasn't quite what I was expecting, although I don't know what I was expecting, really. I feel very melancholy now. They just seemed so happy together. The prologue makes more sense now, in the saddest of ways. You've gone a great job building and then destroying a lovely relationship here. On to the last bit...
~Gina :)

Author's Response: :/ Their fate was pretty much decided,whichever way I was going to write them. :/ See, this is partly why I struggled with the fic. :/ :/

Name: notquitegranger (Signed) · Date: 02/29/12 19:58 · For: Prologue
Can honestly say it's one of my favourite stories I've read, despite it's tragedy.

Author's Response: Lovely words. :) Thank you!

Name: Gmariam (Signed) · Date: 02/27/12 17:24 · For: Chapter 1
OOOH NOOOO! I just connected the prologue to chapter one and realize my request for a happy ending might not pan out from those vague hints you left.
You're ebil. EBIL.

Author's Response: DDDDDDDDDDDD:

Name: Gmariam (Signed) · Date: 02/27/12 17:22 · For: Chapter 1
You have just made me love Viktor Krum. And Gabrielle. Seriously - how the frick do you do it? How did you even come up with the pairing, let alone the idea of Gabrielle being a star Quidditch player who still loves fashion and make up? It's lovely!
You really nailed both their characters here, picking up on things from the books and fleshing them out wonderfully. Great Quidditch bits - loved the line about Viktor holding back while they were flying. And I love her attitude, she just seems...fun. And perfect for Viktor. Really perfect. Elevator smut? Awesome!
But I am worried: they have to play one another in a few days, and someone is not going to be happy to lose. Please give them a happy ending anyway, k? Thx! ;)
Great story!!
~Gina :)

Author's Response: Ginaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Love you so much for the review. I am happy you loved Krum and Gabrielle. I had to have a good reason why they'd meet. At first, I thought she should be a reporter, but then, Krum would have avoided her like the plague lol. So voila! She played Quidditch. YAY for elevator smut! :D

Name: Gmariam (Signed) · Date: 02/27/12 17:02 · For: Prologue
Um, whoa. Not sure what is really going on, but it sounds desperately unhappy. Onward...

Author's Response: This review made me giggle so badly. <3 you! And thanks :)

Name: BeauxbatonsWitch (Signed) · Date: 02/26/12 22:37 · For: Prologue
I think this story is very interesting and powerful. I like reading stories about the more minor characters in Harry Potter because they are often forgotten. Krum is a great character and you write him very well. Gabrielle seems quite like Fleur in her way of thinking and she's very sure of herself. Such a romantic date - it was lovely to see and well written as was the scene in the elevator. gabrielle certainly knows what she wants lol. well done.

Author's Response: This review gave me hope. :) I like reading about minor characters, too, and it when it comes to writing, they're my go-to subjects. For a long while now, I've been writing mostly Trio Era minor character fics. I;m happy you found Krum believable; it wasn't easy writing him lol. Gabrielle, I think, is indeed Fleur in miniature, but I hope I've managed to leave a few differences too.

I don't usually pimp my own fics in review responses, but if you really do like reading minor characters, you might enjoy two of my other fics "A Splendid Fate" and "Lacuna Mentis". :) Also, do check out the recent pages. We're having this challenge in the boards, and many of the entries use minor characters.

Thanks for the lovely review!


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