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Name: GinnyPotter95 (Signed) · Date: 07/06/12 15:30 · For: Flawed
Wow! Lovely fic! But I can't believe Parvati was dead! I thought she was alive!~Nidhi

Author's Response: Thank you, Nidhi! This review really made my day! :) And if you did think Parvati was alive, it means I achieved my objective. ;) Thank you for the review!

Name: majestic_ginny (Signed) · Date: 07/01/12 16:02 · For: Flawed
This was wonderful, hun! I really liked it! The concept of arranged marriage was very nicely done; since they are quite common in the subcontinent we're both well associated with it, and I think this was as close as it can get. I completely get why Radha Mawshi got a divorcee as a proposal; silly subcontinental customs that the older the girl gets the less chances for her to have a respectable marriage. I'm so mad at Radha Mawshi!

I do like Vineet as a person, though, and he seems lovely. I adored how he accepted Padma though she had "problems". It makes me think that the reason his first marriage fell apart was his wife's fault. I do hope that Padma and Vineet live happily ever after!

This reminds me; It felt so odd reading about kissing between two Indian characters; those Hindi serials definitely brainwashed me, I tell you. X( . In my head it's okay for two Bengali people to kiss, but not Indians; ugh, I must get the serials out of my head and watch more of the recent movies. (I hope you're not offended, because I definitely mean none at all :D)

And Di, the ending really broke my heart. I can't believe Parvati died in the accident. I couldn't tell from the beginning! You wrote it so realistically that it felt Parvati was actually right there. When I read back I did pick up on the little things, though: how Radha Mawshi didn't talk to her and how she remained away from sight hen Vineet and his parents came. I did, however, notice one thing. When their Mum came into Padma's room and Padma was talking about Parvati, you wrote that Meera glanced at Parvati. Did Padma just think that or did Meera look there unknowingly? And Di, when the accident happened was Parvati already married or what that just Padma's mental idea to justify why Parvati wasn't always around?

Overall, Di, this was an excellent fic. I absolutely adore it.

And this was also my longest review so far :P.


Author's Response: Yay! Thanks for reading the fic, Nadia! *huggles*. Well, yes, arranged marriages are very common in the South Asian countries at the very least though nowadays I'd say it's 50-50 here. Arranged marriage is no longer what it was once upon a time. It's starting to become love marriage with prior approval of parents and everyone I know is very open to it these days. :) And Radha Mawshi is stupid. It's sad that the older the girl gets, worse are the chances that she gets a decent proposal. It's not so for men because Vineet got like a perfectly wonderful girl in the end (apart from that little problem, of course). I loved writing Vineet too! I always thought of him to be this, calm, charming fellow and now that you made that banner with Abhay on it... *sigh*. I'm in love with Vineet, thanks to you. LOL. Don't pay attention to those serials, hon. They're rubbish. Heh, some two-three years ago, they made it illegal to snog on the streets of Mumbai. Seriously. It's still illegal. If you come to Mumbai, there are there spots where a lot of couples will be sitting and snogging away. It's rather funny. :p Oh and sex before marriage is pretty prevalent here too, though I didn't mention it in the fic. I have a lot of classmates who aren't even virgins. >.< Ooh, and yay, you believed that Parvati was alive. :D I was really hoping no one would notice till the end. When Padma's Mum came into the room and glanced in 'Parvati's' direction only when Padma spoke to 'Parvati'. She realised that Padma thought Parvati was in the room too. That's all. :) And initially when I had planned the fic, I had intended Vineet to be Parvati's widower whose proposal came by-mistake and whom Padma decides to marry to take care of her sisters child and finally falls in love with. But then I decided that it would be better if Parvati died unmarried and Vineet was a divorcee, so that the plot would be less complicated. So yes, Padma's mind just made up the fact that Parvati was married, so she'd have an explanation for why she wasn't always there. Heh, It's so, so cool that you liked the fic! This is my longest ever response too! :D *huggles*

Name: xxbabewithbrainsxx (Signed) · Date: 03/07/12 23:16 · For: Flawed
Pooja, this was a really interesting story! It's a real shame it doesn't have any reviews, because I think it certainly deserves them.

I think this was a really good premise -- that Padma is pressured by her family to marry, and that she eventually falls in love with one of her suitors. So, it's not exactly an arranged marriage, since they spent a lot of time together before they married, but it's also not entirely a love marriage. That was quite unique, imo, and I think the subject of arranged marriage was dealt with really well. So many people, although more with OF than fanfic (though it still happens in both), tend to mishandle arranged marriage, and make it out to be completely wrong and for there to be no chance of success that way. I liked how you put your own original twist to that, because it worked really well.

I thought the way you built up on their relationship and then when Padma wanted to introduce Parvati to Vineet was really shocking. I was, initially, a little confused, especially because I'm sure Vineet would have remembered seeing Parvati. But then it all made sense, especially when Mrs Patil explained it to Vineet. And looking back on it, I can't believe I missed how Parvati was only spoken to by Padma! That was really clever of you, Pooja. You definitely had me fooled!

I don't always like happy endings, but I will say that I was pleased that Padma got the right ending here. Having suffered too much, I don't think it would have been right for her to have a sad ending (that would so break my heart). Soooo, all in all, Pooja, great story, and here's to hoping you get more reviews for this

Author's Response: Sorry about the epic lateness, Soraya! This review had me squealing in low! Thank you so very much. Actually arranged marriages are not uncommon in India and this plot bunny had been hopping about the corners of my mind for a while before I got the perfect opportunity to write it. ;-)

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