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Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 09/08/17 11:15 · For: The Evening Shadows
I don't think Lily owes Louis an explanation. Sometimes it's better to just say nothing. She and Scorpius kissed and nothing more. Plus, he "pished" her off.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 09/07/17 21:49 · For: The Rolling Sea
It seems sad that Lily and Louis are fighting. It seems like so much trouble for them to be and maybe they got tired of the conflict. I thought that in a previous story they told their families about their relationship.

Name: The_Real_Hermione (Signed) · Date: 04/25/12 9:07 · For: The Evening Shadows
This is a great second half to the story! This is actually a lot less Scily than I expected after your end notes on chapter 1... I mean, they were both drunk (especially her) and regretted it afterwards. Anyway, I liked that Lily and Louis made up, but I wonder how Lily is going to cope with the guilt she feels now and the problems that might cause between her and Louis.

It's a small thing, but I liked how protective Harry was of Lily - certainly annoying for her, but very much in character for him.

I think Scorpius gets the worst deal in all this... and he's such a decent guy too. The small fragment when Scorpius gets to work late is really well-done, and I felt so bad for him. Obviously Rose still has feelings for him, and he can see that, which makes it harder for him to try and move on.

Also, from some of your notes and responses to reviews, you seem to think that this isn't very good... I think you underestimate your writing. The characters, writing, dialogue... it's all really good.


Author's Response: Yeah, it wasn't really very Scily, lol. But I was bound by my OTP card, and I knew I couldn't split Louis and Lily up. Besides which, yes, they were both drunk, and they were both dealing with rejection in a way. And, of course, they didn't actually have sex. :P

I actually had Harry as more protective of Lily, but Alex and Carole suggested I tone it down a little, as Lily is nineteen in this, and therefore old enough to make decisions/go out/etc on her own without her parents' permission. So I'm glad you liked it -- I do think he would allow his kids some freedom, but not as much as Lily would want, lol.

Scorpius *is* a decent guy, and he will always have feelings for Rose. Whether or not they'll get back together remains unknown for the time being :) I'm glad you liked that section -- one of my betas said I should include some kind of follow-up with Scorpius, as Lily's story is kind of given closure, but not Scorpius's. Hence this scene.

I thank you for the wonderful compliment, Katrina, but I honestly don't think my writing is all that. I occasionally have a burst of inspiration that results in a story I like, but apart from that, I think my writing is kind of average. It means so much to me that you said that, though, so thank you :)

These reviews have really, really brightened up my day. I'm so honoured to have been reviewed by you thrice (I seriously do not deserve such loveliness), and like I said before, welcome back. :D


Name: The_Real_Hermione (Signed) · Date: 04/25/12 8:45 · For: The Rolling Sea
Well I'm reading this right after reading "Broken Glass" (what made me come and read this actually), and it's really fantastic. I hadn't even realised Lily was overweight in that... it adds a really different dynamic to this relationship, because in "Broken Glass" it's all about Louis being damaged and Lily helping him heal, and this shows another side. I loved the lines “Hey, we haven’t exactly found it a walk in the park either, you know,” Lily reminded him. “Your family was my family too.”

“You don't have to tell me that,” Louis said quietly. “I get told often enough. Now go on.”
- It just flowed really naturally and showed the problem in their relationship.

I liked how you put both these pairings in one story (okay, I know from your end notes that we're leading up to Scily), because you paralleled them really well.

I think Rose is interesting in this - at first I thought it was terribly selfish that she said she loved her job more than Scorpius, but in a way there's a brave honesty about that - I think we all like to think that love is the most important thing, but it can often play out differently in a practical sense.

Hmm anyway I'm going to stop here because this chapter was pretty short and I want to keep reading!!


Author's Response: You know, this is one story that I wasn't happy with at the time, but looking back on it, there are certain moments that make me smile. Perhaps it's not as bad as I thought :)

I think I wanted to have a different slant on Lily -- some stories have Lily as practically a clone of Ginny, which I don't think is right, but I think it's entirely plausible for Lily to have issues with her weight/size. I haven't come across many fanfics which really deal with the issue of body image, and I realised recently that I write about a lot of beautiful people (I know you haven't read it, but in Flicker and Fail, my Katie/Leanne story, both Katie and Leanne are just really pretty, and Scorpius and Rose in Blood and Roses are also gorgeous in my head), so this was my attempt to try and understand why I do that. And that's not to say Lily isn't beautiful -- to Louis, she is, and to a lesser extent, to Scorpius. It's more about perceptions, really.

I'm so glad you thought this flowed naturally! I love this pairing so much, to the point where I'm actually in the process of converting it to OF, so it's so nice to hear that you liked it :) Yes, Lily helped him heal, but Louis's insecurities and fears always seem to show, sadly.

I am anything but a Scily shipper, so naturally I would have a different slant to the pairing from others, lol. This is for the GH Cotillion, and while I don't think it could win anything, if there were an Anti-OTP award, I could get maybe third place if I'm lucky, hehehehe.

The idea of Rose loving her job more than Scorpius comes from the Mentalist, where a similar relationship takes place -- they're not allowed to be together, and when faced with the choice of whether or not they were going to stay together, the woman decides that she'd rather not be responsible for her boyfriend losing her job. I seem to be inspired by the Mentalist a lot, as well as Adele, lol. I wonder why...

I'm so glad you didn't hate this. I certainly did :P Seriously, thank you so much for the review.


Name: Gmariam (Signed) · Date: 02/27/12 16:57 · For: The Evening Shadows
Hi there!
Nice job on the second part of your story! I can't remember - is there more, or are you finished and leaving Scorpius alone and miserable? LOL - kidding! I don't know if it would have felt right if Scorpius and Lily had stayed together after one intoxicated hookup. And a half-hookup at that. I really liked that your Scorpius knew when to stop. He's a good guy, and really hurting after what Rose did, but he still knew not to take advantage of Lily, and that was nice. You also made me feel a lot of sympathy for him in a short period, writing his feelings after the break up very well. Lily - not as much, lol. She has a fight, goes out and gets drunk and comes on to her cousin's recent ex? Yeah, I think she deserves a bit of guilt for that! ;) It was nice to see one happy couple at the end, but I'm curious: what happens to Scorpius??
Nice job, hope your other pairings are coming along as well! Good luck!
~Gina :)

Author's Response:

Hellooooo, Gina. You are a LIFESAVER. Honestly. This story is definitely not good enough for many reviews, but for it to be ignored almost completely did kind of upset me a bit. So thanks :D

Um, there isn't any more, but if you want to find out, I have a Loulily one-shot called Glass which I'm more proud of than this story. (Only marginally, though, lol.) And I just couldn't murder my OTPs like that -- both Loulily and Scorose -- because there was no way Scorpius would go all the way with Lily. He's a decent bloke, and I think part of the reason why he stopped her was because he had had a one-night stand with Dominique, and that had resulted in Dominique becoming pregnant, etc etc. So yeah. He wasn't going to make the same mistake again, especially not with someone in the same family, hehehe. Don't be too hard on Lily. She is still young, after all, lol. And Scorpius's story will be continued... one day, haha. Not at the moment, though. I have plans for him, but I can't really tell you because I haven't properly figured out what I'm going to do to mess up his life just yet. Mind you, his life is already pretty sad and miserable, but ah well :P Thank youuuuuuuuu so much for the review, Gina. ~Soraya~

Name: Gmariam (Signed) · Date: 02/14/12 18:44 · For: The Rolling Sea
Hi Soraya,
You've set up a nice background for both sets of characters here. You've already got me wondering what happened to poor Scorpius and feeling bad for him walking around in the rain. And I'm curious what's happened to Louis's family as well, and why he is so against being with Lily. So kudos on setting it up well from the start. It will be fun to see how you're planning on putting things back together after you've just blown apart two serious relationships. Good luck, I'll be sure to look for the next part!
~Gina :)

Author's Response: Gina! Thank you so much for your review <3

I'm glad you think the background was set up well -- a lot of it is covered in Blood and Roses so I was a tad worried about that. And, yes, poor Scorpius, lol. And Louis too. The reason Louis is so against Lily moving in with him is because he's paranoid that their family will find out. I suppose it is an understandable reason; it's not easy telling your family that you're in a relationship with someone *in* your family.

Haha, Louis and Lily's relationship isn't completely blown apart. They're still technically together; they just had a fight. Scorpius and Rose have blown apart, quite literally :( I'm not quite sure when I'll finish this. Possibly when my exam is over, but I'm not sure. I'm just so majorly blocked >.>

Anyway, thank you, so, so much, for the lovely review. You don't know how grateful I am <3

Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 02/14/12 14:58 · For: The Rolling Sea
OH! This is all different - ha ha. I didn;t expect this at all, Soraya, and am gasping somewhat. In a good way, I promise, it's just that this isn't how I envisaged your story. There's some intrigue (Scorpius had a daughter? Louis' family are dead? Scorp and Rose are together .... NOOOOOOOO) and there's also the tension that we know somehow Scorpius and Lily will end up together - even if it is alcohol induced.

So no, this isn't a crappity fic. It has a decent plot and original characterisation.

Rose however, is a poo and doesn't deserve the love of the fair Malfoy.


Author's Response: CAROLE!!!! I really do <3 you, you know that, right? :D

Once again, you came to my rescue when I was deprived of review!love, and on Valentine's Day too :) Yay to that. And yay to you gasping, lol. The thing is, I had always imagined Scorpius and Lily to get together, somewhat briefly, yes, but it had to fit in with my head canon which means some healthy Scorose and Loulily too. And yeah, Scorpius having a daughter and Louis's family basically all dying except for Victoire are things that I covered more thoroughly in Blood and Roses (not that I'm pimping or anything, and besides, it's Scorose so I don't know if you can stomach it, lol -- though, if you were to read it, I promise it's not too shippy and they aren't even together, really, in the story).

Thank youuuuuuuu, for the lovely review, though Rose does NOT appreciate being called a poo, haha. She's broken up with Malfoy, anyway! Hehehehehe. I don't know if I'll finish this in time for the Cotillion's deadline, but if I don't, I should hopefully post the second (and third, if I decide to) chapter (s) by Marchish.

<3 you lotsly!

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