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Name: Gmariam (Signed) · Date: 04/02/13 20:44 · For: Testimony
Well now - THAT was interesting! ;)
So I came by to see another version of Hugo, although I suspect this is canon with the other two stories, yes? I have to admit, Carole and Natalie got me turned on to Scugo and I've written two stories and a poem about them (only one story made it to the archive, though.) I think it's sort of a neat pairing, and I really like what you did with them here. It sounds sort of wrong of me to say, but the idea of a Hugo/Scorpius/Rose love triangle (NOT a threesome, no no no) is really interesting. I mean, to think Scorpius is actually into men - and Hugo - but married Rose is sort of a fascinating dynamic. I sort of felt bad for him at the end, to be honest. But you did such a great job with Hugo, keeping him honorable to the end. That was tough, but I can't see it going any other way. He'd be a louse to cheat with his sister's husband! So again, lovely job with his character. I love how you've made him a Healer and given him and Scorpius and Rose all this backstory. It's been fun to read it all and makes me want to tackle him myself now. Happy writing- just try and give him at least one happy ending, yeah? ~Gina :)

Author's Response: Actually, this is a different Hugo from the one in BH and UtS, ha. I don't have a proper headconon for anyone, except, perhaps, the trio, because, well -- they're the trio, and there isn't much you can modify about them. :) I love Scugo too, and I always make it a H/S/R love triangle, ha! I don't know why. Possibly because I seem to like troubling Hugo. Poor guy. :( If Ron were real, he'd beat me with a stick. :/

I felt terrible for Hugo and Scorpius, but I think I'm incapable of letting anyone be happy. It's not like I'm leading a very unhappy life, but I think I'm an evil person, ha. And people are always Healers in my story. I guess that's the single lifestyle I can connect with the most. :) Thanks for reviewing, and I have, in fact, given Hugo and Scorpius a happy ending. It's called Cold Feet. :p It's the only fic where Hugo is not tortured. Otherwise, he just has cancer, or is rejected by the people he loves. Yes, I'm evil. But <3333 for the review. :)

Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 01/21/12 10:20 · For: Testimony

Hmm, so my Poozy-Darls writing slash and Professors. I wasn't totally sure I believed my eyes - ha ha. Anyhow, I was intrigued and I also have a sneaky regard for Scugo (don;t tell Natalie that though) despite pairing Scorp with Lily.

First impression is that your 'smut' is very good. The rawness and immediacy are excellent and I really felt how intense it was between them. I wanted this to work out between them, but ... well ... it wasn't going to be.

for he’d be pre-warned about the, he would fine her right in the pool in front of him, entwined around Malfoy as the two of them moved vigorously in the water, completely naked. Pooja, this line doesn;t make sense. I think you mean 'them' not 'the' and 'find' not 'fine'. I'm also unclear as to the structure or I'd try and rewrite, but I think you need to fiddle with it a little.

“It’s about time you move on from it.” I think this should be 'moved' and not move.

As far as the story goes, I was interested in how this case had thrown them back together and the awkwardness over the cup of tea was excruciatingly good. But I did think Scorpius flipped a little quickly. I think it would have been better if they'd met again, say this had been spread over a few days, so that Scorpius going from 'I love Rosie and you need to move on' to 'Hugo I can't forget that night and I'm gay' didn't seem quite so rushed.

UGHH, and Hugo's advice sucks (this isn;t your fault - ha ha) Telling Scorpius to make it work with Rose just isn;t going to happen. Even if Scorpius doesn;t end up with Hugo, there's no way in the world that he's going to remain happy with Rose. He'll end up chasing other men and both will be incredibly happy. It's far better for her in the long run that they end it now. *sigh*.

Hmm, the modifying of memories. At this point I got very uncomfortable. Sorry, but this is such a gross invasion of privacy - letting a girl think you've slept with them and a boy forget you've had sex - it's akin to giving someone a date-rape drug. I really really have to question Hugo's morality here. He won't let Scorpius come clean to Rose because he won;t do that to his sister, and yet he was quite prepared to cover up his sexual indiscretions. I shivered at that bit - sorry - but it's so morally wrong, imo.

So, yes, I liked smut the smut in your story (heh heh), and the tortuous longing that both felt even after all those years. The reason they got together to chat was interesting, and didn't feel at all contrived. I liked these parts a lot, but I'm afraid the modified memories put me off, somewhat. (And now I feel mean :( - sorry)


Author's Response: Carole!!! :D Thank you so much for the long, descriptive review! :) And yes, Poozy-Darls has turned into Sleazy-Darls these days. :p So I've never written hardcore slash and I thought I must give it a try this one time. Of course, I loved doing it and will definitely try out Scugo again (do you know any nice Scugo fics? I have to read some now!) As for smut, three entries in the Smut-a-thon were mine. :p Actually when I wrote all the sex, I felt totally awful for Scugo because I knew they weren't about to get together, though they were perfect for each other. I'm so glad you liked the smut! That was the part which worried me the most. O.o I went through that particularly weird line and corrected it-- it was mostly typos, and I somehow managed to overlook all of it. I did that other correction too. Thanks for pointing those out to me! :) I took your your advice for most things, actually, I've corrected Hugo's morally incorrect decision with a better explanation too. I didn't realise the moral situation when I first wrote the piece! O.o Thank you so much, Carole, for helping me out there! As for Scorpius flipping, I tried to take that pointer from you too, but somehow I wasn't able to expand the timeline without any awkwardness. So I've inserted a couple of dialogues in between with Hugo saying, 'didn't you ask me to move on' and Scorpius awkwardly admitting his feelings after a couple of questions. It sounds better, I think. Actually, I remember something that came up while writing the story itself, which prevented me from spanning it over a few days. I just can't remember what that was... anyway, I've tried to correct that part as much as possible. That said, I'm glad the story intrigued you and that the smut impressed you (yay!). I also squeed and kinda did a jig when I saw the review. Thank you so much for your input, Carole! This one made my day! Really! *huggles*

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