Reviewer: juniper
Date: 05/04/12 16:24
Chapter: Gift

Great chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 05/02/12 19:30
Chapter: Vengeance

I'm really curious, as is Alexandra, about why John would want to kill her. Alex is so mature for her age. I loved how she handled Mary and was sensitive to the memory of her sister. Exciting chapter. I loved it.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 05/02/12 13:11
Chapter: The Duel

What is wrong with that Dearborn family? They just don't give up. I guess Mary could've been Imperioused. You always have such interesting mysteries. I've learned that things are not always the way they seem. Was that Anna's owl on the ground? I hope Larry's not dead. He was a pain but a useful character. I hope I have time to read today. Great chapter.

Reviewer: juniper
Date: 04/30/12 19:27
Chapter: The Injun-Blooded Warlock

A bit slow... probably will pick up soon.

Reviewer: juniper
Date: 04/27/12 17:19
Chapter: The Last Pruett

That thing that is hiding is definitely the same thing she met at the hodag. It's time for some Abraham Thorn confrontation - both to resolve her history with Claudia, and to destroy that thing.

Author's Response: Hogan! The Hodag is a different monster. :o

Reviewer: KYKid942
Date: 04/27/12 17:18
Chapter: The Last Pruett

Oh, thank heavens! I've been waiting for the events in the beginning of this chapter for a while now. I realize that Alexandra is young, but she's also incredibly bright for her age. It's about dang time she started to realize that the world doesn't revolve around her feelings, that other people have been yanked around emotionally too, and that maybe, just maybe, she should stop being so cranky and short with people, especially the ones who have gone out of their way to keep her alive and whole for so many years.

Also, I like the fact that you continue to let us almost (but not quite) see the creatures that make the skittering noises. I find it very reminiscent of H.P. Lovecraft's style, and I think it enhances our fear of them. Good job!

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 04/24/12 20:38
Chapter: Between You and Me

Wow--that whole curse and poison thing was scary. I don't want it to be Mary who is after Alex either. And I would hope that John Manuelito has done more with his time than think of ways to sabotage and kill Alex. Some people do get crazy in their bitterness though. I think Innocence owes a life debt to Alex since Alex saved her life. Maybe they should let Innocence help. That way they can keep an eye on her. Great chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 04/23/12 20:42
Chapter: The Challenge

Did I sense a bit of romance between Torvald and Alex--or on the part of Torvald anyway? It's strange but probably good that the twins have contrasting views on reading the stars. I'm not a total believer in that sort of thing but something tells me it's not a good idea for Alex to plan to duel someone like Larry on Halloween. Great chapter.

Reviewer: juniper
Date: 04/23/12 19:48
Chapter: A Great Work

I like Julia.

Reviewer: juniper
Date: 04/17/12 14:40
Chapter: A Girl Named Troublesome

She's just like her father, only more Troublesome.

Reviewer: juniper
Date: 04/17/12 14:40
Chapter: Bamboo Wands

I don't really like Sonia.

Reviewer: juniper
Date: 04/17/12 14:39
Chapter: The Squib Laws

Poor Claudia.

Reviewer: juniper
Date: 04/17/12 14:37
Chapter: The Witch's Lullaby

Talk about shocking!

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 04/16/12 21:02
Chapter: Into the Woods

I'm curious as to whether Sonja was Imperioused or not. I guess she had to be, Either that or she was suicidal. At least Alex had the sense to send up red sparks rather than follow Sonja without any questions. I thought it was cute how the Pritchard twins were excited about Alex having a boyfriend and him sending Alex a poem. It was just a sweet scene. Great chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 04/11/12 22:18
Chapter: The Alexandra Committee

I love the Alexandra Committee. I felt Alexandra's disappointment when she wasn't given more responsibility during her JROC drills. I'm proud of her for sticking that program out. I think that in the long run, the discipline will do her good. I was thinking how old fashioned the Ozarkers are and wondering if the Rashes think they're in a position to court the twins. It's almost like they're a little possessive. Great chapter.

Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 04/09/12 16:39
Chapter: The Witch's Lullaby

Alex is very bratty in this chapter, trying to get everyone to feel sorry for her and really holding on to her anger. I think Alex knows she is being unreasonable otherwise I don't think she would have thought twice when Diana says she's pulled alot of strings for her.

It sort of echoes how Diana feels about Abraham, though in her case she probably feels guilty for not being in touch with Hecate. Lilith doesn't seem convinced that Abraham obliviated Hecate. Is Diana's anger at Abraham, due to something he did or something she did or didn't do?

Reviewer: KYKid942
Date: 04/06/12 13:56
Chapter: Memory Alchemy

I especially liked the interaction between Alexandra and Abraham. This time seemed more like Alexandra is willing to try to grow up. I realize that she's been through a lot, but it's about time that she figures out and internalizes the need to mature emotionally, not just intellectually. This was also apparent in her interactions with Mr. Grue and Mrs. Shirtliffe, but it "felt" better to me with her father. He's about due for some good treatment from Alexandra. (Don't worry, I don't think he's a saint.)

Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 04/05/12 21:19
Chapter: The Bones of Their Victims

I noticed that Alex held her own while dueling with John. One wonders why it is so difficult for her to beat Larry.

One wonders if dementers and Chindi are somehow related.

I liked the conversation between Alex and Tsotsie especially the sheepdog compliment.

Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 04/05/12 21:14
Chapter: Witches' Rock

I think there is a slight flaw in the story. According to Dumbledore in book 6, the Trace detects magic in the vicinity of an underaged witch, but not who does it. Therefore it would have detected the Avadra Kedrava spell killing Yuhzhee Redhorse. That should have been enough to send the Aurors to where Alex was. Granted one can argue that this is America and maybe they have figured out how to limit detection to only the underaged witch or wizard.

Disregarding above mentioned flaw, I had assumed that it must have been a pretty busy night for the aurors not to have shown up.

exciting chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 04/03/12 20:47
Chapter: A Murder of Crows

Oh great, you had to have a cliffhanger. Birds can be scary. The cutest part was when David told people to leave "his" girls alone. If I was Alexandra I'd be afraid to cross the bridge. I wonder who cursed her this time. Great chapter.

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