Reviewer: Fortescue
Date: 01/28/13 21:41
Chapter: Without a Wand

I've been reading your Alexander Quick novels obsessively for the past week and I must say I am blown away. The level of care you've taken in developing an American wizarding culture is astounding. The Harry Potter universe is still there propping it up, but you've taken this story far beyond the normal realm of fanfiction. At first I couldn't stop thinking about Harry, Ron, Hermione, ect living in Britain and I was secretly hoping that Alex might take a trip across the Atlantic... and just happen to bump into them, but that desire has long since been smothered. You created characters that I want to keep coming back to for their own sake.
I think my only concern is that while you've given Alexander a large circle of interesting friends and family you haven't really given them a chance to shine. Anna and Julia remain little more than occasional confidants whom Alex goes to for moral grounding and the Alexandra Committee has become merely a group of researchers who were never able to truly take part in the action. Alexandra adventures are exiting and full of bravery, but they offer little of the unbreakable bonds of friendship through thick and thin that defined the Harry Potter series and most great adventure stories.
That being said I look forward to the release of AQATWA immensely. I hope Alexandra continues to do some growing up in her relationships with the numerous parental figures. (I was thrilled to see a few rays of hope shine through to the Claudia/Archie/Alex family). Alexandra's tale will no doubt be stuck in my mind for quite some time and it is with baited breath that I wait for book 5, but at least now I'll be able to get some actual work done :)

Reviewer: MalchomMcGonagall
Date: 10/26/12 15:48
Chapter: Nemesis

Been reading your stuff for a long while now, ever since I first read "Hogwarts: A House Divided" a couple of years back, but this is the first time I've left a review. I know that makes me an awful reader, as all writers do so much for so little, but there it is.

First of all I think your writing is terrific! Your creation of a whole wizarding USA that is so different from the UK that JKR created, but still completely canon-compliant is a staggering achievement. Your characterization is good. You don't get overly bogged down in descriptive detail, but still give enough for us to form a good mental image of the places and people in your story.

OK, that's the good part. Now I can make a little correction without feeling like a jerk!

In this chapter you have the grocery store in Shiprock (Orange Rock, I have no idea why you changed the name) selling beer. You can't buy beer in Shiprock or any other place on the Navajo Reservation. It's a small mistake, but as you are so VERY careful to keep your stories canon-compliant I thought you would probably feel the same way about a factual error about the muggle world too.

Please keep writing! I love the AQ series and you have left us at such a horrible cliff-hanger that I will be heart-broken if it doesn't run it's course. Be sure to look both ways before you cross the street, you have lots of readers depending on you!


Author's Response: Oops - I think I did know that the Navajo Reservation is dry, but that detail must have just slipped my mind in this chapter. Thanks very much for your review. I have just started writing the fifth book. :)

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 06/27/12 21:43
Chapter: And I Will Treat With Any Power

Whoa--I did not see that coming at all. I can see where Alex would be angry. I think I might be a bit nosier though and hang around and demand to be told the truth. I can't wait until I have time to read again and find out how you explain this big puzle. Great chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 06/27/12 20:12
Chapter: This is Going to Suck

I really liked this chapter. I couldn't believe it when Alex jumped into the frozen pond. I think she's developing feelings for Brian. I was hoping she'd give him a ride on her broom. I hope no one blames Alex for Bonnie's accident. She probably tried to follow Brian just to be nosy and get him in trouble. Besides, she was grounded.

Great chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 06/04/12 20:31
Chapter: Goody Pruett

Well, that was interesting. Alex has gotten several good ideas about how to "feel" her wand. Somehow I think she's looking in all the wrong places for her wand. Alex is quite the little actress isn't she? Great chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 06/04/12 19:59
Chapter: Regal Royalty Sweets and Confections

I really liked what you did in this chapter with the old wizard office building--how Alex could see it as a condemned Muggle building and then as an abandoned office building. I hope that's not John Manueilito dressed up like a hag and coming after Alex. Great chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 06/04/12 18:18
Chapter: Witch's Sight

I can understand why Abraham took Alex's wand. She'll be much more powerful if she can sense magic rather than being dependent on her wand. Plus, I think he wants her to learn to trust him and know that she's under his protection. Great chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 06/01/12 20:44
Chapter: Bespoke

I'm still wondering if Larry is flirting with Alex or vice versa, with all of that challenging duels. It wouldn't be the first time a relationship started out that way. Alex's service proposal sounds a little crazy, or maybe I should say overambitious. Great chapter.

Reviewer: Spellchecker
Date: 05/14/12 23:45
Chapter: Without a Wand

I've been reading two chapters on Monday in order to give myself a bigger hit of Alexandra but that makes the end seem to come sooner. Of course, I couldn't have expected three major battle scenes--two should be enough for one book.

I have to comment on the "spoiled Alexandra" meme I've seen in various reviews--of course, we're seeing it from her viewpoint but I don't see her acting unreasonably, given what she's been through and the responses she gets from the adults around her. I sometimes feel like your writing super!Alexandra a little bit but we are talking about a world where magic exists after all, and her father clearly is pretty super, so why shouldn't she be.

What is sometimes a little out of character or age appropriate-ness for me is her sexual awareness. After all, she apparently just discovered boys in this book. Perhaps it's a mistaken impression that boys are the ones who fret about dying a virgin but it seems like Alexandra has enough to be getting on with without delving too deeply into sex right now (and I guess ultimately, she hasn't really, even if she wants to seem ready for more).

All in all, an excellent story (again) and I can hardly wait for the next book. Except, of course, that that puts us almost to the last book, which is the end, which will be really sad.

Reviewer: Calico
Date: 05/14/12 10:27
Chapter: Ghosts of Roanoke

I haven't been reviewing regularly because I'm abroad and tend to read new chapters on whichever fanfic site updates first, since I'm 7 hours ahead of America. But I swear, Alexandra has been what motivates me to get up on Mondays and Fridays, and I'm going to miss her until she returns in book 5. All I can say at this point is that I loved the book, love the characters more than ever, and am ridiculously curious about what comes next. Thank you for another awesome read. Seriously. I don't read any HP fanfics anymore except yours “ I just can't resist. The AQ series is amazing, and I really hope you continue to have the time, dedication, and enthusiasm to write about Alexandra.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I have every intention of continuing.

Reviewer: SandraJo
Date: 05/12/12 6:11
Chapter: Without a Wand

It's over??? The end??? *cracks whip* get to writing the next book!

I love this series. So, when can I expect Chapter One of the next book?

Reviewer: kheldar
Date: 05/11/12 19:50
Chapter: Without a Wand

Fantastic! I'm a big fan of the AQ series, and I'm very eager for Book Five! I am consistently impressed by your simultaneous creativity in creating a unique world and keeping it true to JKR's creation - bravo!

Reviewer: juniper
Date: 05/11/12 11:43
Chapter: Without a Wand

I can't believe the book is over!

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 05/09/12 19:46
Chapter: Beneath the Stars Above

That was a great chapter. I really enjoyed it. I wonder if the presence of the Rashes caused interference in Calling Down the Stars. Your description of the ritual was interesting--their procession to the site; their dress; the formality of the situation. I like that Alex had the last word--don't mess with me or I will curse you!! Great chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 05/08/12 21:40
Chapter: A Determined Elf

That was a very interesting chapter. Alex is so smart to figure out how she could use an Elf to find John. I wonder if Larry and Bathseba perhaps broke up over Alex and their dueling. I think Quimley's advice is appropriate. Alex should tell her father about her life sentence. She's so stubborn to try to do everything herself. I have to admire how she keeps dueling Larry even though she loses. Eventually she'll beat him.

Reviewer: juniper
Date: 05/08/12 1:12
Chapter: What You Were Born For

Really scary

Reviewer: bigtimer
Date: 05/04/12 18:00
Chapter: Gift

holy cow what a chapter best one ever

Reviewer: juniper
Date: 05/04/12 16:24
Chapter: Gift

Great chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 05/02/12 19:30
Chapter: Vengeance

I'm really curious, as is Alexandra, about why John would want to kill her. Alex is so mature for her age. I loved how she handled Mary and was sensitive to the memory of her sister. Exciting chapter. I loved it.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 05/02/12 13:11
Chapter: The Duel

What is wrong with that Dearborn family? They just don't give up. I guess Mary could've been Imperioused. You always have such interesting mysteries. I've learned that things are not always the way they seem. Was that Anna's owl on the ground? I hope Larry's not dead. He was a pain but a useful character. I hope I have time to read today. Great chapter.

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