Reviews For Why Crookshanks?
Reviewer: AlwaysSnily
Date: 08/15/12 2:07
Chapter: Why Crookshanks?

A short, cute story! I think if Ron could read this even he would like Crookshanks more. That just seems like such a Hermione thing to do- she's a bossy know-it-all, but she has a good heart. One thing, though- Fred and George only start breeding Pygmy Puffs in the 6th book. Awesome job for a first fanfic! I hope you write more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and especially reviewing!! Yea, this was my first story, so it's a bit, ummm, laking?? I like it though, it's like my first born. I couldn't bear to not submit it :) Yes, I was wrong about the Pygmy Puff fact, and I'm going to rework that bit and make it a different magical creature! Thank you so much for both of the lovely reviews! They honestly mean the world to me! Cailee

Reviewer: Theloonyhermione
Date: 06/29/12 0:12
Chapter: Why Crookshanks?

Good story, but a bit obvious with the reasoning. I also didn't find the style of writing very good. Also in the second paragraph, you kept switching from past to present tense. Sorry for the criticism but you said you needed it!!!

Author's Response: Hi. The tense switch was intended, to show Hermione's thoughts. Everytime I did this, I wrote "I thought to myself," or similar. So that wasn't a mistake, and the reason it may have been obvious, is because it was a chapter in Prisoner of Azkaban, already written, but in another person's perspective. I guess I can't really do anything about my writing style, though, as that is the way that I write. Thanks for reading anyway, I guess.

Reviewer: Nagini Riddle
Date: 06/20/12 23:52
Chapter: Why Crookshanks?

Well, since everyone needs to be loved, I just can't find it in my heart to criticize!
It was very short, but actually it was very nice. I loved that Hermione was drawn to the kittens, an then to the cat. And it makes more sense that Hermione was so defensive of her cat later on!
Great job! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yes, I agree that it is waaaaaay too short, but ...umm ... Yea, I've got no excuse :) thank you for giving me some love, and hank you for the lovely review! (gives love back) *Cailee

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yes, I agree that it is waaaaaay too short, but ...umm ... Yea, I've got no excuse :) thank you for giving me some love, and thank you for the lovely review! (gives love back) *Cailee

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yes, I agree that it is waaaaaay too short, but ...umm ... Yea, I've got no excuse :) thank you for giving me some love, and thank you for the lovely review! (gives love back) *Cailee

Reviewer: FieryGem
Date: 03/25/12 0:45
Chapter: Why Crookshanks?

I like it. It fits into the canon very well, making it believable. The idea that Hermione would feel sorry for Crookshanks because nobody ever picked him reminds me of how she feels toward house elves when she starts "S.P.E.W." I have one very minor suggestion regarding this passage:
"Yes, well, I know for a fact that everyone needs someone to make them feel special. I remember when I needed a friend, and Harry and Ron were there for me. I want to be there for him, I thought to myself. "
I would move the phrase "I thought to myself" to right up front after the word "yes," because right now starts off sounding as though she is still speaking to the shopkeeper.
Good idea, good story :-)

Author's Response: Thanks! Yea, I just read it over again, and you're totally right. I'm going to change it right now!

Reviewer: Mie--jadus
Date: 01/06/12 19:51
Chapter: Why Crookshanks?

Nice :) I think it makes sense ;)
Just one tiny thing, I know it's kind of stupid, but okey: Weren't Pfygmy Puffs and invention of Fred en George?
Anyway, cute little story :)


Author's Response: Hello! You know, I had wondered about the whole Pugmy Puff idea, but then I looked in HBP, and Ron had said that he used to have one.. But I definately could be mistaken! Thank you so much for reading!

Reviewer: Tonksandremus
Date: 01/04/12 17:23
Chapter: Why Crookshanks?

I think there should be another chapter

Author's Response: Really? Just keep writing in Hermione's point of view for PoA? Thanks!!

Reviewer: Invisibility Cloak
Date: 01/03/12 22:58
Chapter: Why Crookshanks?

Hey Carilee! First of all, it's a lovely little tidbit of backstory you have here. Everything flowed very well. While the idea of Hermione identifying with Crookshanks because he's seemingly unlovable is very clearly and naturally presented, but you took care not to make it seem that was all Hermione was thinking about. And maybe I'm blowing up a very little detail, but how Hermione Granger introduces herself and her friends with all the pomp and circumstance of full names seems very fitting, at least at that early period of her life. It proves what I sincerely hope, that she doesn't think she's a three galleon's worth girl!
The only thing that interrupted the flow for me was how open Hermione was with the owner about having need friends at some point. It seems too open, but maybe that's what you were trying to portray about how Hermione feels about the friend situation.

It's wonderful to discover a promising fanfic author, especially when they are new and you get to share in the development of their work! Looking forward to seeing what you next present the community with! -Val
PS: (Yay! first review! Now when you become an award winning fanfic writer I can tell everyone I was your first reviewer! ;) )

Author's Response: Awwwww! Thanks for making my first review special!

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