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Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 09/06/17 18:18 · For: One And Only
That was a nice story. Some people just can't be convinced that you love them. It's sad when you have to argue with them about it but it does happen. Hopefully it will always turn out like Tonks and Remus.

Name: LaviAnderson (Signed) · Date: 01/05/17 3:05 · For: One And Only
I love the dialogue in this story. It feels very natural and real. Well done on capturing the characters so perfectly too. Tonks and Remus walked straight from the cannon into your story. Thank you for a lovely read.

Name: srhittson (Signed) · Date: 09/04/13 12:33 · For: One And Only
Love the story. It os so cute.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Name: goldensnidget92 (Signed) · Date: 09/05/12 15:02 · For: One And Only
Hey Soraya!

As soon as I started reading this fic I suddenly realised that Remus and Tonks aren’t even together for a full year. I don’t know why that’s never dawned on me before, but it hit me instantly, and it made this fic so much more poignant!

It was an intriguing little snapshot into the lives of Remus and Tonks -- especially given the time period it’s set in. It seemed fitting for these two to come together during a time of deep mourning: as you enforced throughout the story, “if he was alive, he would be happier than anybody to think there was a little more love in the world”. It was as though Dumbledore’s death wasn’t in vain, that his values were honoured.

Dumbledore’s values are something that most of these characters would strive to honour, but especially Remus. Dumbledore has given him so much over the years, and it seems he’s affected the most by his death. You achieved the perfect balance in his character here: showing him grieving and yet trying to work through his confusion of feelings towards Tonks.

In fact, I thought your characterisation of both Remus and Tonks was close-on perfect. Tonks was incredibly passionate, and yet you could see her nervousness about declaring her feelings like this too. When she said, “is that what I am, Remus? A mistake?” you displayed her insecurities which are evident throughout most of HBP. And yet, you had her challenging him again soon afterwards when she yells, “I don't care about what happens in the future -- I care about what happens now.” This perfectly fitted her wild, sporadic character, but at the same time did not detract from the depth of her emotions.

I thought the dialogue here was particularly impressive -- it wasn’t flat or clichéd, but real and vibrant. I had such a strong image in my head of these two characters yelling at each other, and I could hear the words being said with such passion, that I became completely immersed in it. Using dashes to break up their words seemed particularly effective, as it really made it seem like they were totally in the moment and were not at all rehearsed.

The structure was also interesting -- I noticed how you started and ended with a comment on the weather, with a large crescendo in the middle. This made it feel almost lyrical: very fitting with the song lyrics in the summary! I especially liked how you mention the “steady drip-drop of rain” both at the beginning and end, because it makes the story feel cyclical: as though the two of them were always going to get to this point; they just needed one final push to end up there.

Author's Response: Helena! I have no excuse for taking a whole month to respond to this D: I have been so, so busy lately and I kind of forgot about this, so shame on me! This was a wonderful review, and I thank you very much for reviewing me, of all people :D

Oh, yeah, it's so sad that Remus and Tonks aren't together long :( It makes me very sad, too. But hey, there's doomed ships for you, lol. And I definitely agree that it makes sense for them to get together during what is a time of mourning.

I'm really glad you liked Remus's character. He is bloody difficult to get right, so it means a lot to me that you thought he was balanced as a character. And yay to me getting Tonks right too! (At least I hope I did...)

I adore dialogue. It's one of the few things I can confidently say I think I'm good at, though less so in this story and more in some of my more recent works, which depend on dialogue. And I'm often told I overuse dashes, hehe, so yay to you liking it anyway :)

I actually didn't really register the cyclical structure of the story, but now you mention it, as well as other reviewers, I so see that ;) As a matter of fact, I think it was because I was studying Of Mice and Men at the time, and that must have entered my subconscious while writing XD

Thank youuuuu for the lovely review. It means so much to me, Helena. And I hope you've forgiven me for taking a month to reply to you!

Soraya xxx

Name: Dragon_Lily (Signed) · Date: 04/10/12 6:32 · For: One And Only
I loved reading this so much! My little heart can't even stand it... too many emotions! First off, I absolutely adore this song so I knew that I had to read this story when I read the title. And secondly, I really enjoyed your Dora. She was loving while still remaining her feisty self. It was truly an enjoyable one-shot, and was exactly what I needed to read right now so I thank you.

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for the review.

I LOVE this song. It's one of my favourites of Adele's (and, on that note, if you like femmeslash, I have one up that's based mostly on Don't You Remember by Adele -- it's called Flicker and Fail). I'm also so pleased you liked my Tonks! I think she's quite a difficult character to get right, so it's nice to know you liked it :)

I'm really glad you liked my story, and again, thank you very much for your review. Much appreciated.


Name: Ithinkrabis2people (Signed) · Date: 01/30/12 14:57 · For: One And Only
I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to review this: I’ve only just found it, actually, and completely by chance… how embarrassing! Also, I really don’t care that you didn’t get all of my prompts, because they were so scattered that no single fic could have incorporated all of them “ thank you so much for what you have done, it’s fabulous!

I think your characterisation here was spot on, especially the dialogue: you captured the distinctive voices of Remus and Tonks perfectly. I also love how equally stubborn they are: that’s something that some writers seem to forget with these two. Even when Remus tries for a resolution at the end, it becomes another battle of wills (when she refuses to let him in, and he says he’s staying there all night then), possibly out of sheer habit? In any case, I do love their dynamic: again, I’ve read fics where it’s just one of them pressuring the other until they snap, but there’s pushing and pulling on both sides here, which I suspect to be far more accurate.

When I started reading this, I was wondering how you were going to relate it back to Christmas: I think their “drunken one night stand” was actually quite a good inclusion. It sort of validates her upset, because it seems to her like false hope in hindsight, and it just made him feel even more conflicted: I like these sorts of developments, ones that could fit into canon, and pull strands of canon together. I think there must have been some involvement between them prior to Tonks’ hospital wing outburst, and to make it something fleeting and “undefined” (ie, not quite a relationship, but clearly something) makes both of their feelings more understandable, and is, I think, important to their development to include.

The only thing I could possibly pull you up on is that Remus’ decision making (beginning “If he truly loved her...” and ending when he goes to her flat) feels a tiny bit rushed to me: however, I suppose that to capture it properly, you’d need to write an actual fic and go into a lot more detail, so considering the length of the piece overall, it’s about the right length, really.

Thank you again for my lovely Christmas present: it’s just what I wanted, and I will be favouriting!

Author's Response: Hi Alex! Firstly, don't feel bad about not reviewing sooner. The fact that you reviewed, regardless of when, means a lot, so thank you :)

I'm so glad you didn't hate this story. It features what I think is your OTP, and it's one of my all time favourite canon pairings, so I'm so glad you liked the characterisation of them both. And I like writing dialogue more than narrative, so I'm pleased you liked that too, especially their dynamic.

And I'm happy you didn't think their one-night stand was random or something, lol. That was definitely something I was worrying about. I agree -- I'm sure there was *something* between them to explain what happened in the hospital wing.

I totally agree with you regarding the rushed-ness of it. This was written in a rush, and I would really love to expand on it sometime. I hope to do so, because I don't think I did the pairing justice with the word limit. But thank you for understanding that there was indeed a word limit, and that kind of restricted how much of their story I could tell.

Thank you for such a wonderful review, Alex. Much appreciated.


Name: LoonyLupin (Signed) · Date: 01/04/12 19:08 · For: One And Only
I think this is exactly the kind of reaction both of them would have, and it's probably close to what J.K. Rowling was thinking. I just love how many different ways people can write about them in fan fiction (myself included, of course!), and you wrote about them very well :)

Author's Response:

Hiya! First, thank you so much for the review. This is definitely one of my more underreviewed stories >.>

I'm so glad you liked it :) This story gave me a lot of grief, mainly because it was Remus/Tonks and I had never written the pairing before despite having read quite a few stories featuring them. But I have wondered quite a bit as to what went on between them after the incident in the hospital wing, so I'm very flattered that you think it's possibly close to what JKR was thinking. I hope so, lol.

Thank you again for the review, and I hope to see you around!


Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 12/27/11 19:31 · For: One And Only
A very credible version of how they got together, Soraya. I like this. It's sort of how I imagine their relationship (I actually have a draught somewhere of a Christmas spent together - ha ha) and you dealt with the very 'adultness' of their relationship very well.

If I have a nit pick (and it's minor and really just my opinion), it's that I can't see Remus swearing much. Tonks, yes, she comes across as very 'earthy', but Remus is generally quite mild mannered. However ... he is in an extraordinary situation, and so I can imagine him using expletives on the odd occasion (Sirius' death is one of them). Um, that's not really a crit, it's just my interpretation.

Good story. Well Done. ~Carole~

Author's Response:

CAROLEEEEEE. Did I mention I love you? Seriously, thank you so much for the review.

This was originally going to be a lot longer, since I wanted to cover the, um, Christmas spent together too, hehe, but then I realised I couldn't because of the word limit of 1500 words, so it had to be pretty short. Thank you for saying I dealt with the adultness of it well -- it's not really something I write about very much, and I'm only a kid, lol.

Hmm, I get what you mean about Remus. I may go back and edit some of that out, though as you said, he was in a difficult situation, with Tonks, but also Dumbledore had just died so he was bound to be rather riled up.

Thank you so much for your review. Staring at that 0 for the past few days has been rather depressing, tbh, so thank you for such a wonderful review. <3

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